10 times backpacking actually sucks

Living out of a backpack just gets too much sometimes, and you promise that you’ll never take your wardrobe for granted again.

You feel like you’re constantly on a budget, saving for the next destination on your trip. Although is there a better kind of budget to be on?! Calculating complex daily allowances for beer, sleeping and 7/11 slurpies? We vote no.

Serious fear of missing out back home. You Skype and WhatsApp your friends and family, and realise just how much you’re missing out on. But can they tandem bungy jump with Sven from Ystad, or go for a 1am spontaneous fish pedicure? Well then.

Clothing choices. When did we stop opting for what looks good and start going for what will be comfortable? Grandma.

Living in a hostel… it reminds you of how much fun you had at university – drinking 24/7, hanging out with your friends and getting up to general shenanigans. But then you get woken up in the middle of the night by Darth Vader aka the dorm snorer.

Living off a diet of alcohol and pasta, but spending 90{8105bc8a7da0e4ee2985a05e217cd0e1bef95b551bf8bafd62a449e444182173} of your time in your swimwear. Oh cruel world.

Taking long ass bus journeys to save money. Cons: numb bum, many wasted hours, people’s stinky sandwiches (there’s always some wise guy that brings tuna/egg). Pros: some serious Netflix bingeing, an excuse to buy lots of snacky food, and extra spending money at your next stop off.

When you just want to be surrounded by English speakers. You’re fed up of writing everything down, you’ve basically made up your own language through hand gestures, and your language translation app is now the most used app on your phone.

Communal showers and toilets.

Sweating all the damn time. Where the frustration of sweating immediately after a cold shower makes you actually crave a bit of miserable, cold weather. Who knew one human could sweat SO MUCH? Although it is a great weight loss technique (great for when you’re living the pasta and alcohol diet).

These moments may suck at the time, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the great life of a backpacker, and once you’re back to reality, with the wardrobe, regular diet, and cold weather you’ll be desperate to go backpacking again – because the experience just cannot be beaten.