23 reasons why Love Island is exactly like travelling

No need for an introduction. Other than to say, if you haven’t been glued to ITV2 this summer, YOU BASICALLY HAVEN’T BEEN LIVING.

Unless you’ve actually been away travelling, in which case you’re partially forgiven. Data roaming can be expensive.

p.s. Jack and Dani to win. You guys are just a bit of us.

1. Hanging out around the hostel pool every day, flirting furiously.


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2. Trying to sleep while people noisily hook up in dorm-beds next to you.


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3. Saying ‘I love you’ after two weeks, because you’ll DEFINITELY still be together when you get home.


4. Finding yourself! Or in Eyal’s case (‘I love green things’) discovering a love for nature and expressing it to anyone who’d listen.


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5. Trying to stay composed when the ‘one’ ditches you for the new hottie in the hostel. (Don’t worry Gee, we’ve got your back!)


6. Sleeping on a hammock under the stars feeling at one with the universe! That is, until the mossies get you.


7. Picking up other travellers’ accents and colloquialisms. Or in Love Island’s case, “mug”, “pied”, “sort”, “do bits”, “vibes” and “bantz”.


8. When you find out there’s extended happy hour at your new favourite watering hole.


9. “I got a text!”. Getting overly excitable about receiving a message from home. Although in the travel world, this is genuine alarm. Gen Z have no idea what a text message is.

10. Or knowing exactly what a text message is, and thus becoming earmarked as the token wise old backpacker of the group EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE NOT QUITE 30?


11. Rooting for your new travel buddy who’s finally plucked up the courage to speak to the girl they’ve been eyeing up for the duration of the tour.


12. Traveller bonds. Georgie and Danie can we be BFFs please?!


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13. The awkward moment your ex checks in to the hostel. Well, you know, that one from the last hostel. In travel terms, that’s a relationship.


14. There’s always that one person who eats all the food from the hostel fridge.


15. When you’ve yet to do laundry and have no clean clothes left, leaving you to resort to the outfit from the beach luau.


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16. Queuing for the hostel hair dryer/straightening station. Don’t judge us, flashpackers have feelings too.

17. Describing your type to your travel buddies when a new group of lads check in – let the dibs begin.


18. Teary Skype sessions home


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19. The lovable and hardworking backpacker that always gets friend-zoned. Sorry doc, we’re looking at you…


20. Coming home from a late night out, trying to get to your bed in stealth mode without disturbing your fellow dorm buddies.


21. That feeling you get when you book a shared dorm before an early morning flight, and realise you’ve got the room all to yourself.


22. Not being able to stop talking about your travels when you get home. Or in this case, not being able to stop talking about Love Island in all social, work and stranger situations. Sorry is it almost 9pm?


23. And basically, having the best SUMMER OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.


Think Love Island is good? Travelling’s better. And the islands are actual islands, like this one in Fiji.