33 memes that accurately describe those 'going on holiday' feels

Is the first thing you do when you get back from holiday (after a nap of course), to look up how many days of annual leave you have left and search for cheap flights to anywhere? Well, we don’t blame you. In fact, all of our holiday ‘feels’ can be summed up entirely in meme form. Look, we’ll prove it to you…

  1. When everything is annoying you…
  2. So you resolve to be done with it all and go travelling instead
  3. But first, you gotta convince your friends to go travelling with you…
  4. When you FINALLY book your tickets
  5. But then you’ve got to sort the accommodation…
  6. It’s less than a week to go and you’re starting to lose your mind with the anticipation
  7. Checking yourself out in the mirror as you try on the clothes you want to pack
  8. The day before you leave and it’s 5pm – that means… no more responsibility!!!
  9. But… it’s time to pack your clothes, six pairs of shoes, a hairdryer, your cat, various pool items including a blow-up avocado and enough sun cream to last six months when you’re going away for a week…
  10. So you decide you’ll have to wear 30{8105bc8a7da0e4ee2985a05e217cd0e1bef95b551bf8bafd62a449e444182173} of your luggage instead
  11. Waking up the morning you leave for the airport!
  12.  On the way to the airport, you’re half asleep and delirious but you’re leaving!
  13. Waiting in security line while the person in front takes off their shoes… their belt… their watch… their jewellery, along with your will to live
  14. Staring down the boarding gate board, waiting for yours to be called
  15. Running to the gate once it’s up
  16. Now, it’s time to try to get comfy and recline (and stare into space for 4+ hours because what else is there to do?)
  17. But you’re sat in front of the DEVIL CHILD that kicks your chair
  18. Going to the toilet though you tried to hold it in
  19. Getting off the plane after you landed in a new country like…
  20. Your first drink of the trip
  21. Time for a beeeach partaaaaay
  22. Documenting the holiday so you can cry over it later
  23. First day at the pool
  24.  Trying the local cuisine
  25. Regretting trying some of the local cuisine
  26. Trying to speak the local language. Despite your best efforts on Google Translate, you don’t understand anything that’s happening
  27. When your friends message you to tell you how boring work is
  28. When your friends message you to tell you it’s raining at home
  29. When your mum calls to ask if you’re safe and that it’d be nice if you could message her once in a while
  30. Getting in full holiday mode and living life to the fullest…
  31. But now: it’s your last day
  32. You’re home and you’re carrying your souvenirs like the only thing that you ever loved, died
  33. So you book another trip to make the pain go away
EAT. SLEEP. BOOK A HOLIDAY. REPEAT. Repeat this process until you can retire…… Yep, we said it. Or until we convince you to do a working year abroad or a gap year. If you’re looking for your next escape so you can go through all this again, then check out our cheap flights!