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6 coolest back to nature stays in Asia

Why hotel when you can floatel? (floating hotel) Whether you’re floating on water or above the canopy of the trees, get back to nature in rustic accommodation bliss.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts Hotel

An eco-hideaway on Thailand’s Kwai Noi river, rooms are located in a floating bamboo lodge with lush jungle one side and the river on the other. Kick back in a hammock on a private balcony and breath in all that tropical jungle air.
Take me to floatel heaven! 

Photo credit: @littlemisswinney

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Khao Sok National Park Floating Bungalows

Just imagine opening your bedroom door in the morning and jumping headfirst into crystal clear water. Dreamy! Spend the night in one of these floating bungalows on Cheow Lan lake and that dream can be your reality. This national park in South Thailand is a must-visit. The park entrance is through the Cheow Lan lake, a manmade lake where you can spend your evening in a floating bungalow.
Sleep like a (water) baby here! 

Photo credit: @melcarrero_

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Khao Sok National Park Treehouses

If you feel more Tarzan than Ariel, then spend a night sleeping in the treetops. With rooms as high up as 15m, we hope you’re not afraid of heights as you look out of your jungle cabin across the dense forest.
Who needs a four poster canopy when you can have tree canopy instead!

Photo credit: @heatherkmajor

Japanese Ryokan

There are plenty of great places to shack up in Japan, but can you really beat the classic and traditional Ryokan? Experience authentic Japanese culture, traditions and food all in the comfort of your own (temporary!) home in the village of Hakone.
Swap your PJ’s for a kimono!

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Chinese-style Junk Boat

Nope, it’s not a boat made of junk, it’s an ancient Chinese sailing ship and you could stay on one! Sail the seven seas, or just the amazing Halong Bay, before hitting the hay below deck. Please promise us you won’t sing ‘What do you with a drunken sailor’?
The ultimate in Asian adventure! 

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Kerala Houseboat

Another day, another boat stay and this one’s a beauty! All aboard this Kerala house boat that meanders along the Malabar coast in India. Made of wood, bamboo and palm leaves, this rustic stay will see you drift slowly past forests as you munch on spicy fish curries.
Spice up your life for a night!

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All of the accommodation options above are available on our tours specifically for 18-35 year olds. So if you fancy resting your head somewhere a bit more exciting than a regular hotel or hostel on your trip to Asia, check out our tours.

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