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10 Japanese weird and wonderful foodie experiences

We all know that one of the most important parts of any trip is trying the local cuisine. If your dream vacay is sussing out the area with your stomach, we reckon the culinary hot-spot Japan might just be the place for you. Where else could you get toilet-curry (bear with us) or Pokémon flavour Mcflurries?

We are soy into these bizarre but delicious Japanese eateries. No more Mr Rice Guy it’s time to get weird!

1. Catch flowing noodles in Kyoto – Hirobun

What makes a scrumptious bowl of somen noodles even better? Having to catch them with a pair of chopsticks as they zoom out of a bamboo waterfall. This gets our heart racing more than any bungee jump could!

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2. Have a Pokémon flavoured McFlurry – McDonald’s

Banana and chocolate Pikachu McFlurry? Ok, sounds pretty tame. How about broccoli ice-cream for Bulbasaur or habanero pepper for Charmander? Move aside matcha, there’s a new green drink in town!

3. Eat out of a toilet? – Modern Toilet

Don’t worry, not a literal toilet! This kitsch Taiwanese chain has made it on the Tokyo food scene, serving up curries, noodles and even swirling chocolate ice cream (dangerous) in miniature toilets.


4. Sip on a latte with a side of artistic genius – Loger Cafe

Like the intricate art produced in Japan, the coffee maestros here have taken latte designs to a whole new level. 3D cats, Hello Kitty, pandas and more can all be seen in your cup’s foam. Head to Loger café for an instagrammable latte that’s almost too adorable to drink.

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5. Indulge in the ultimate egg porn - Kichi Kichi

If slicing open a perfectly poached egg gets you going, then Omurice at Kichi Kichi will push you into egg-loving overload. No yolk! Sculpted fried rice is wrapped in the fluffiest of omelettes topped with a soy-ketchup sauce.


6. Get addicted to ‘Osaka soul food’ – Fukutaro

A savoury cabbage-based pancake that is cheap, filling and comes ‘okonomi’ – aka how you like. Watch the bonito fish flakes dance from the heat and ponder what makes the okonomiyaki sauce so incredibly tasty.

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7. Yakitori and cheap booze – Piss Alley

The name doesn’t exactly scream ‘eat here’ but Piss Alley has an interesting history that dates back to post-war Japan. What started out as an illegal drinking quarter feels like a trip back in time and is a prime spot for beers on a budget and a hearty Yakitori stew.

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8. Fill up on Ramen Tokyo-style – Harukiya Ogikubo Honten

This local favourite gave birth to Tokyo’s take on the traditional Ramen. With over sixty years of experience, you know this warming noodle soup broth is going to be delicious!

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9. Eat sushi for breakfast – Sushi Dai

Located right in the heart of the Tsukiji fish market, the sushi served here is as close to the source as it gets. Shake up your wake-up meal and try their famous sushi brekkie platter (warning the queues are longggg).


10. Veggies abroad– Raw 8 Café Osaka

Raw vegan and delicious is all we can say for this Osaka café serving up western dishes with a Japanese twist. Using traditional Japanese ingredients to make staples like cheesecake is as tasty as it sounds.


After eating all that, you might be feeling like a nice nap. Although we are fans of a nap, instead, we recommend combining over-eating with seeing the cultural (and non foody) sights of Japan. Get that Japan bucket list flowing with our tours and travel tips for this iconic country, by checking out our Japan travel guide.

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