5 Festive Havens Where it's Possible to Escape Christmas

Do they know it’s Christmas time at all? Well yes, most probably. But ‘they’ would rather just chill out on the beach, play with elephants, or eat fried chicken. Sound good? Come join them!

If you’re sick of the sight of fairy lights, bored of hearing Christmas songs on the radio and have had enough of your nearest and dearest’s Christmas jumper, consider spending next year in a place where you can curl up, hide and let Christmas pass you by. Here are a selection of festive havens where it’s possible to forget that Christmas even exists at all!


Turn your stopover into a start-over

A necessary evil to fly for the best price, stopovers are often best forgotten. Unless you enjoy sleeping on the cold, hard floor of an airport waiting lounge of course. But why not treat it as an opportunity? With a little know-how, the humble stopover can become the start of something amazing.

Stopping over on the way to Australia offers a world of opportunities – from beautiful tropical islands, to buzzing cities, to jungle treks, there’s something for everyone. So break out of the airport and experience life beyond the runway – it’s easier and cheaper than you think.

Awesome detours en route to Oz

Relax in Dubai

Nowhere does it quite like Dubai. Flying into the place is an experience in itself – futuristic high rises pierce the cobalt blue sky over a buzzing metropolis, and of course, there’s that huge palm tree-shaped development (Atlantis The Palm) sprawling out into the ocean.

That huge palm tree-shaped development aka Atlantis The Palm in Dubai


20,000 People. 150,000 Tomatoes. 1 Hour. It Can Only Mean One Thing…

No one’s really sure how the massive tomato fight that is La Tomatina began. It may have been a political statement, an accidental lorry spillage, or a practical joke that got completely out of hand. However it started, it’s now grown to a 20,000-strong army throwing thousands upon thousands of tonnes of over-ripe tomatoes in the world’s biggest food fight.

For nearly 70 years, this crazy food fight has brought the sleepy town of Buñol to a complete standstill on the last Wednesday of August each year. Its part of a festival in honor of the town’s patron saints and crowds gather for an entire week to watch the parades, fireworks and performers, as well as the vitamin-fuelled carnage.

If you’ve come for the fight – be prepared. T-shirts will be ripped, hair dos will be ruined and pips will be sneezed out for days to come. Here are our top tomato tips so you’re not left playing ‘ketchup’.


20 Ways to Meet Interesting People on your Travels

For some making friends while travelling is one of the main niggling worries when paying off those flights, If you’re going alone then of course you’ll want to meet people and if you’re going with your other half or your mates then, again, of course you want to meet people!

Make friends for life (not just for Facebook) with these simple steps and you’ll become the most popular person on the road.


12 Places to Travel With Your Dad

Experiences are best shared with your nearest and dearest. So chuck out the pipe and slippers and take your dad on an awesome adventure. The daddy of all bucket lists – we’ve got some travel ideas that will really pamper pops.

Here, just in time for Father’s Day this Sunday, are 12 places to travel with your dad. Epic adventures and experiences that are, lets face it, not just fun for dad’s they’re pretty ace for everyone. Which one would you choose for a trip with your dad? Let us know in the comments box below…


High Five… Eastern Europe!

With as many different languages as there are types of beers (probably), this side of Europe is where the party’s at. Soak up the architecture and historic landmarks, explore pretty cobbled streets and squares, and dance until dawn on stunning beaches. What’s not to love?

This buzzing cluster of countries is all too often overlooked when travellers compile their European wishlists. But the region has plenty to offer, and is way more affordable than its neighbours to the west. Check out our tips for a top adventure…

Absorb the beauty of Lake Bohinj, Slovenia.