Sofa vs. Safari

We know where we’d rather be…

Africa is a huge, diverse continent with plenty of things to see and do. However, doing a safari in one of its nations is a bucket-list item for many people for sure (I know it’s on ours!). If you’re planning your next travel adventure, why not get out there and do something a little different? This one’s wild in a totally different way – you can actually show the pics to the grand kids someday.

We promise you, it beats lying around on the sofa. Don’t believe us? Let’s see shall we?


Everywhere you turn, you’ll see lush landscapes with eye-widening views. From kaleidoscope skies to vibrant orange sunsets, these mental images are some you’ll never forget – plus they look good in pics, too!

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You’ve seen the same four walls for 24 hours now, and you’re about to… fall…. a..zzzzzzz.


Wildlife is everywhere. Literally everywhere. From cute elephants to majestic cheetahs, you’re bound to catch a glimpse of unique animals. Just don’t get too close! You’re there to look (and snap), but not touch.

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You only get to see your dog or cat. They’re great and everything, but it’s not the same. That’s if you’re lucky enough to even have one!


Making pals comes naturally when you’re on safari. If you go on one of our Small Group Adventures, you’ll be put in a group with other like-minded individuals who’ll share your incredible experiences with you. They’ll be friends for life, honestly!

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When was the last time you made a friend sitting around on your sofa? And no, before you ask… Tinder really doesn’t count!


On safari, you’ll be well looked after, and you being there means you get to look after the park you’re visiting in return. The fees go towards all-important conservation work. And, on safari, you often cook for one another and help out, like a community. It’s all one big happy family!

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Uhhh… If you still live with your mum, you might be lucky to get her to bring you a cuppa from time to time. Otherwise, good luck with that. You’re on your own!


Endangered animals won’t be around forever. So when we say this might be a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity, we actually mean it. Animals such as the black rhino and the Grévy’s zebra might be the last of their kind. As heart-breaking as that is, you’ve got the opportunity – now – to see them and support those trying to stop this happening, before they’re confined to the history books.

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Your favourite shows will still be there for you when you get back. No, really. Yes, even if they take them off Netflix. You’ve seen the repeats a hundred times, anyway!

So there you have it. No more excuses. Sold? Clearly

Now to get off the sofa and make that dream a reality – head over to our website for deals on African safaris and experiences.

Eat, sleep, do… in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal

Ready for the next big thing?

You’ve weaved your way across Southeast Asia, South America holds a whole host of incredible memories, and Australia stole your heart but where next?

Roll in the Indian Subcontinent: India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. A region of ever-changing landscapes, unique wildlife, pulse-pounding cities, aromatic flavours and an intriguing, completely different way of life that is deeply ingrained in the culture (but a total shock to yours). It’s an area that will take you on a journey and leave you desperate to return over and over.

So, although we could write essays (well, novels) on each here’s a little snapshot of what to eat, where to sleep and what to do in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

India    |    Sri Lanka    |    Nepal



A foodie haven of endless curries, spiced veggies, aromatic chai tea, naans, chapatis, tangy chutneys, fresh seafood and, well you get the picture, India’s edible creations are expansive and vary from region to region.

Embrace the flavours of the south and lap up Keralan fish curry with roti.

Snack on chaat – a delish blend of chickpeas, chopped onion, tomatoes and those all-important spices, as you wander Jodhpur’s blue streets.

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Cool down with a creamy lassi topped with Rabri and rose essence in the holy city of Varanasi.

Develop an addiction to Paneer curry – keeping it vegetarian is highly appropriate in India. Cows are holy, so beef is off the menu, and chicken could send you rushing to the nearest bathroom. For days. But paneer = cheese. Cheese. Curry – it really works. Trust us!

Dig in to Jalebis, Indian sweets which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Get sharpening your sweet tooth.

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For a different sleeping experience and a unique way to take in India’s landscape, stay on board an Indian Sleeper Train from Delhi to Amristar.

If yoga’s your thang or you’re in need of a little TLC, head to Rishikesh and unwind on a 4-day yoga retreat with 2 daily sessions, relaxing spa massages, meditation and yum veggie food all included.

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Take to the waters

Marvel at the Ghats from the holy River Ganges in Varanasi as you cruise by boat at sunrise or sunset. Heading South? The backwaters of Kerala are not to be missed. Drift down stream on a traditional house boat passing slow grazing cows, kingfishers darting through the forests and locals climbing coconut trees *sighs*.

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Drop and give me zen

This is land that gave birth to Yoga. Embrace India’s spiritual side with all types of yoga sessions offered nationwide. In need of a few days to work out those travel kinks? Head on a retreat in the yogi-haven Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Don’t know your lizard pose from your downward facing dog? No worries. There’s heaps for beginners, and meditation is something all of us can benefit from. So, it doesn’t seem intimidating to normal folks who don’t go to yoga studios all the time.

Cities of colour

Ah India… a country that conjures up visions of vibrant colours, from the food and the clothing to the nature and buildings that surround you.

Explore the maze of streets in the Golden city of Jaisalmer that stands on a ridge of yellow sandstone. Spot indigo houses from the top of the Meheragarh Fort in Jodhpur.

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Next stop Jaipur, a city clothed in pink-stucco and home to the magnificent Palace of the Winds and the Amber Fort. See it from the skies in all its warm pink glory with a sunrise balloon ride.

Travelling at the beginning of March? See the cities and its people come alive with multi-coloured powder, music and dancing for Holi festival.

The Palace Quo

From the greatest monument to love ever built, the Taj Mahal, Udaipur’s romantic lakes and Raj-era palaces to Pushkar’s Hindu temples and so much more. India is crammed full of impressive architecture to ogle at every turn.

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Sri Lanka


Get ready to treat your taste buds to a tongue-tingling sensation. Much like Indian food Sri Lankan cuisine packs a punch.

Get your (sanitised) hands at the ready to scoop up fluffy rice, curry refills (seriously), fruity chutneys, coconut sambal and pillowy parathas to dip in fragrant dahl.

Make sure you try the lunchtime staple hoppers – a thin bowl shaped crispy pancake made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk served sweet or savoury depending on the fillings.

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Feeling a little hungover? There’s nothing a killer kottu and a cooling coconut can’t cure (often for as little as £1 too!). Listen to the rhythmic beat of the kottu vendor as they slice and dice roti and veggies with the option of egg, meat and cheese.

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Camp perched on stilted platforms directly over the Kelani River at Borderlands River Base Camp, Kitulgala.

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Stay in a rustic dorm lodge surrounded by Sri Lankan wildlife as part of the Elephant Conservation Project at Wasgamuwa National Park.

Sleep under the stars, right on the beach at Arugam bay’s many beachfront huts and lodges. Nothing beats falling asleep to the sound of rolling waves.

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Let’s get cultural

Set your sights on Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle. Visit the unique Dambulla Caves Rock Temple and spend the day wandering Polonnaruwa with its spectacular statues. Wake up early to avoid the heat and tackle the 1,200 steps to the top of the UNESCO-listed Sigiriya Rock Fortress and take in sweeping views of Sri Lanka’s tropical landscape.

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Go wild

Witness swarms of elephants gather in Minneriya National Park , enormous blue whales break the ocean’s surface off the coast of Mirissa, monkeys leaping across rooftops, wild peacocks in the grass and even spot leopards in Yalla National park (if you’re lucky). Sri Lanka is home to an abundance of exotic wildlife to discover – just be sure to check the season with our handy when to go guide.

Get off the rails

The journey from Nuwara Eliya to Ella is more than just a means of getting from A to B. Watch the Sri Lankan hills, spiralling tea plantations and lush jungle whizz by as you swing your feet from the doorway of a train carriage. Book your tickets ahead to get the very best view (we recommend 2nd class, left hand side).

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Cruise the coastline

Not only rich in culture and wildlife, Sri Lanka is equally a beach bum’s dream with its rugged coastlines, epic surf spots and buzzing beachfront bars where you can sip a cold one at sunset. Cruise the South Coast, beach hopping from Hikkaduwa, near Galle, all the way to Mirissa beach. For a slice of boho-beach heaven head west to the less crowded Arugam Bay for rolling waves, sunset yoga and fresh coconuts whilst swinging in a hammock. Ah, bliss.



Due to its mountainous location and consequential trade difficulties, Nepalese cuisine focuses on locally grown produce but is nonetheless inspired by neighbouring India, Tibet and China.

Dig into juicy steamed dumplings known as momos, the lentil soup staple dal bhat, masala lentil patties Maas ko Barra and even Nepalese pizza Keema chatamar.

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Fancy something sweet? Pick up some chaku stuffed yomari’s with a smooth, caramelly dip. With all those Himalayan hikes we reckon that allows for 5 meals a day, right?


Experience Local Living in Nepal whilst staying with a family in a farming village, steeped in culture and tradition. Share stories, learn about Nepalese customs and enjoy cooking demonstrations from your homestay hosts, all after working up your appetite by hiking though surrounding towns.

Relax overnight in teahouses nestled in the mighty Himalayas where you’ll reconnect with ancient ways long forgotten by the modern world.

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In need of a little luxury? Check in to the beautifully decorated Shambalang boutique hotel, one of Boudha’s first guesthouses used by Tibetan pilgrims.


City in the sky

The intriguing Nepalese capital, Kathmandu is the perfect spot to kickstart your Nepal journey. Mingle with locals and animals amid Durbar Square’s monuments, head up to the aptly named Monkey Temple and soak up the views or hit up the bars of the lively Thamel District. Take a visit to the G for Good Sisterhood of Survivors project, a grassroots organisation designed to help woman rescued from the trafficking trade and watch as they demonstrate how to make those all-too addictive momo’s.

It’s tiger time

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Chitwan National Park, renowned around the world for its concentration of rhinoceros and Bengal tigers (and a LOT of birds). If that isn’t epic enough watch out for elephants, leopards and bears as you set off in a 4WD and explore the lakes wetland area by canoe.

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Get your hike on

If you’re mad keen on your trekking or are simply looking for a challenge, Nepal is a hiker’s dream! Take in the Himalayan views of the Annapurna range as you pass thundering waterfalls of melted snow and treat yourself to a well earnt dip in natural hot springs. Go one step (or a fair few) further and complete a once in a life time achievement, following Sherpas through forest, towering glaciers and mountain villages to reach Everest base camp. The Himalayan peaks, Roof of the World view and clear starry skies are worth it, we promise.

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Envisioning yourself there already? We don’t blame you! Head on over to our Indian Subcontinent Travel guide for cheap flights, adventure tour deals and travel advice.

Which Interrail pass is best for you?

Seeking a European adventure? Then why not choose to see it by train – a reliable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly way to travel.

Whizzing across borders and discovering ever changing landscapes, jumping aboard in one country and hopping off wherever you should fancy. Smells like freedom to us, and this is exactly what an Interrail pass can offer.

But which one is right for you?

I want the lot!

Spoilt for choice or not short on time? Choose to see the lot, or at least get close to it, with the Interrail Global Pass. This allows travel into, out of and around 30 European countries (all the hotspots covered) is incredible value for money (from £474 for a youth standard class ticket with one-month of unlimited travel) and has an unrivalled level of flexibility – ideal for those who like to go with the flow.

Let’s get specific

As fussy with your Europe to do list as you are with your almond milk, double shot latte with a dash of hazelnut? Then traveller, the Interrail One-Country pass is the one for you! Each country has its own price level for 3-8 days travel within a one-month period, so you can mix and match or just stick to the one country depending on budget and interests.

Head here to do the maths and start planning your route.

The cherry on top

Not only will an Interrail pass unlock European escapades, it also gets you discount on extra journeys you may need to make (boat trips and ferries), can be used on the Eurostar AND for those plan-ahead type folks you can even book your pass up to 11 months before you travel.

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Now, need some inspo of where to go?

For the foodies…

This route is going to be jam-packed and freakin’ delicious! Get your stretchy pants at the ready and dig into indulgent pastries in Paris, Belgian truffles and craft beer in Bruges, cheese fondue in Vienna, fresh pasta in Rome and seafood paella washed down with a jug of Sangria in Barcelona.

Suggested route: Paris > Bruges > Amsterdam > Berlin > Vienna > Rome > Barcelona > Lisbon

15 continuous days of travel: Youth standard (12-28) £335 | Adult standard £402

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For the Island hoppers…

Is your idea of a holiday getting as much vitamin D and sea time as poss? We’ve got you covered. Take to the ocean and explore the islands and dreamy coastlines of the Mediterranean. Get the party started in Hvar, sip on cocktails in the white-washed vistas of cosmopolitan Mykonos and snorkel secretive coves in Turkey.

Suggested route: Croatia > Greece > Turkey

7 days travel within 1 month: Youth standard (12-28) £243 | Adult standard £306

(+boats in between islands)

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For the can’t stop won’t stop ravers…

We recommend a global pass. As let’s be honest, you need all the flexibility to allow for those spontaneous after-hours decisions. Get ready to stomp it out in Berlin’s warehouses, raise a glass in the cellar bars of Prague and dance til dawn to world-renowned dj’s in Reykjavik.

Suggested route: Reykjavik > Stockholm > Amsterdam > Berlin > Prague > Rome > Mykonos

22 continuous days of travel: Youth standard (12-28) £370 | Adult standard £470

(+travel to Iceland and in between Sweden)

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For the Nordic navigators…

Welcome to Scandinavia – filled with wow-factor fjords, towering forests, friendly (and seriously good-looking) locals and buzzing cities. Splash your krone in Oslo’s jazz clubs, cruise the expansive fjords from Bergen, soak up the Stockholm atmosphere in the old town and take a hike in Helsinki’s surrounding forests.

Suggested route: Oslo > Bergen > Stockholm > Helsinki

10 days travel within 1 month: Youth standard (12-28) £290 | Adult standard £364

(+overnight ferry to Finland, free or discounted with your pass)

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So go forth young traveller and see what Europe has to offer with your trusty Interrail pass in hand.

3 ultimate road trips in Canada

Just picture it now, cruising along with the wind in your hair, the tunes pumping, the open highway stretched out in front of you and the Canadian Rockies as your backdrop – life doesn’t get much better. Canada is one of the most spectacular countries in the world and the pinnacle road trip destination. But with so much incredible landscape to explore where do you even start? That’s where we come in my friend. We’ve hand-picked 3 of the best Canadian road trips out there, with beaches, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls for you to take your pick from!

So pack your bags and get ready to hit the road…

1. Beachin’ roadie – Vancouver to Tofino

Even the Canadians travel across the country for this roadie. If you fancy some big waves and laid-back vibes then this is the one for you.


Day 1: Start in Vancouver, head to Horseshoe Bay, take the ferry to Nanaimo, join onto the Pacific Rim Highway and  get ready to wind down those windows… you’ll make your way through mountains, lakes, skim along the coastline and pass through ancient rain forests. Jaw. Dropping.  Oh and keep your eyes peeled for grizzlies!

Along the way: Stops you HAVE hit include, Coombs Country Market for local souvenirs and spotting their infamous roof roaming goats and Cathedral Grove to check out 800 year old Douglas fir trees!
Tofino Surf

Day 2: Before you reach Tofino (Canada’s surfing capital – FYI) you’ll arrive at Ucluelet which also has some seriously big waves and is a heck of a lot cheaper, it’s worth spending a couple of days here. When you finally arrive at Tofino, grab your surf board and head straight for the world-famous Chesterman Beach. But if you’re not up for surfing; go whale watching, hiking, horse-riding, even storm watching (yeah, it’s a thing.)

OR just straight up chill, this roadie is for all you beach bums out there.

2. Go Lakeside – Calgary to Lake Louise & Banff Springs

You need at least 3 days for this lovely scenic roadie. Believe us your eyes are going to hurt by the end of it, the views are just TOO beautiful. No joke.


Day 1: Kick things off in Calgary, forget Toronto, say hello to one of Canada’s more understated cities! Calgary has the youngest population in the country with the average age around 35, so that means loads of awesome bars and a great nightlife. But it’s not all partying, Calgary is about 50 miles east of the Rockies, has wide open spaces and an incredibly laid-back atmosphere (known as ‘Cow Town’. Apparently). Spend the day exploring the city!

Along the way: Head out early morning to Lake Louise one of the most stunning spots in Canada and stop at Columbia Icefield to explore the Athabasca Glacier – a Canadian adventure must do.
kayak canada
Day 2: Once you reach Lake Louise take a stroll around its crystal-clear blue waters. Renowned for its beauty, it’s definitely worth hiring a canoe for a day, gently make your way round the lake and just take it all in. If you want to pick up the pace, hike through Banff National Park surrounding the lake. After all that exertion or relaxation, take a break and have a cuppa at Fairmont Chateau, one of Canada’s grand railway hotels. The views from there are FAB.


Day 3: Is all about pampering yourself, head up to Sulphur Mountain & Banff Springs for a day spent soaking yourself in the hot springs. Pack your swimwear, get the gondola up to the top of the mountain and enjoy all that the springs have to offer. You can even opt for a ghost tour if you fancy it! After all of that relaxation, you must be pretty tired, time to head back to Calgary.

3. The Sea to Sky Highway – British Columbia

You’re about to get sky high. You thought the other two road trips were magnificent, just wait until you hit the Sea to Sky Highway also known as Highway 99. This one could be done in a day – short but sweet!
Day 1: Hit the road from downtown Vancouver in the direction of Whistler, turn onto the open highway, take the roof down (romanticise with me here) and crank the radio up! This drive is said to be one of the most stunning in North America, you’ll be cruising through the Howe Sound, so give yourself time for essential Instagramming pit-stops.
Along the way: There are a few spots that you just CAN’T miss. Make sure you stop for a picnic at Shannon Falls or grab a bite at the Watershed grill where you can sit overlooking the Squamish River. If you fancy stretching your legs after being cooped up in the car, head to Tantalus Range Lookout and take some unbelievable panoramic shots.

There you have it 3 beautiful roadies that will take you into the heart of Canada. Feeling inspired? Check out all things Canadian here.

A beginner’s guide to the Islands of Hawaii

Dramatic landscapes, laid back vibes and doing the hula – it could only be Hawaii! This tropical cluster of islands is an all-year round destination with volcanic beaches, epic surf, lush rainforest and extremely friendly locals.

Not sure which island to head to or fancy the whole shabang?

No worries – It’s pretty easy and inexpensive to fly between the islands, each one possessing its own unique identity to win you over. Want to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs, get amongst Hawaii’s surf scene and more? Read on to find out which Hawaiian Island is your perfect match. Tropical shirt at the ready!


Known as The Garden Island, Kauai is made up of lush green jungle, impressive waterfalls and like a lot of Hawaii those oh-so-dreamy beaches. And with a tiny population of only 65,000, you really get that desirable ‘own slice of paradise’ sensation.

Kauii is home to one of the world’s most spectacular and unique coastlines, the Na Pali Coast, with towering sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls (seriously, Google it). To get up close and personal with this coastline, set off on a hike along the Kalalau Trail, take a sunset boat trip, or if you’re splashing the cash catch an open-door helicopter ride to experience a whole new perspective to this natural wonder.

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Maui is an addictive combo of jaw-dropping scenery, picture-perfect beaches and a vibrant food and drink scene. Kickstart your trip with a wander along the historic Front Street, grab a Pina Colada and dig into delicious food overlooking those rolling Hawaii waves.

Explore the dramatic black sand beach of Waianapanapa on a day trip along Hana Highway. A bit of an adventure junkie? Go cliff jumping at Waioka Pond (known as the Venus Pools) and take the scenic hiking trail that finishes at Twin Falls.

No Maui trip is complete without a visit to Haleakala National Park. This moon-like landscape genuinely feels like you’ve landed on a different planet. Head to the lookout point at sunrise for impressive panoramic views or if you’re feeling active, go hiking along the Sliding Sands Trail. Top tip – get there early to have the place to yourself!

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Oahu is the most populated Island of Hawaii and attracts the highest number of visitors each year. Indulge in a little glamour and lounge at Waikiki Beach before hitting up the area’s buzzing night scene. Walk off next day’s hazy head with a hike up the popular trail to Diamond Head and take in sweeping views of Honolulu.

For an easy-going chilled out atmosphere, drive up to the North Shore stopping off for a feast at one of the iconic shrimp trucks YUM. The North Shore is home to some of the best surf opportunities in the world – sit back and watch the pro’s as they hang ten or grab a board and have a surf lesson of your own!

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Big Island

The perfect destination for someone seeking adventure, active volcanoes, those all-important white sandy beaches and TURTLES! The big island is BIG, so you’ll need to spend more time here than other islands if you want to see it all.

A must see is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, an international biosphere reserve and World Heritage site. It’s a chaotic landscape of geological marvels and endangered ecosystems, all marshalled by gangs of feral pigs.

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Get to know the local marine life as you kayak with dolphins, join a night dive with majestic manta rays in Kona and see turtles in Kiholo bay.

Envisioning yourself in Hawaii paradise? We don’t blame you. Well until you book your flights, pack your bag and make that dream a reality, browse our Hawaii travel guide or see what the rest of the USA has to offer.

West is best! Why you should work abroad in Western Australia

Oh Western Australia with your expansive coastline, dreamy white beaches all to yourself, red rock gorges and cuddly quokkas. You’re beautiful it’s true, but what’s it gonna cost us? We can’t all galivant around the world without putting in some elbow grease so how do we earn money when we’re there?

Western Australia is full of opportunity, it’s a great place to work AND travel. You can earn enough pennies to check off everything on your WA bucket list while fully immersing yourself into the Aussie way of life and making some new friends along the way too.

Still need convincing? We caught up with travel addicts Lucie, Josh and Alex after they took on the ultimate working holiday in Western Australia…

What did you learn about Western Australia?

Josh – It’s difficult to put Western Australia into words. I couldn’t believe how incredibly big and diverse the place was. From the beaches and marine life, red rock formations to forests of giant trees. It literally blows your mind every day. You will never understand the scale until you go and experience it for yourself.

Alex – I learnt why a lot of my friends live in WA – there’s so much to do and the day is only getting started once you finish your job. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune, national parks, chilling on the beach and of course surfing are all normally free! Outside living at its best!

Lucie – Out of all of the places I’ve been so far WA has been my favourite, and I’m not just saying that! There are so many unique activities to do and the lifestyle is so different to the UK. I also didn’t realise the variety of work we could do. Organic farming, working with turtles and even a job in a chocolate factory – jobs that actually don’t feel like work at all.

western australia

Was there anything you didn’t expect or surprised you about Western Australia?

A – I never knew there was so much wildlife to see there. The Coral Coast is awesome for seeing turtles, dolphins, sting rays, whale sharks and so much more.

shark bay

L – Wow are the people nice! Every person you chat to or ask advice would be so welcoming and willing to help. We met some amazing people and great friends we will keep in contact with until next time for sure.

J – We never realised how hot it gets in the Lancelin desert! Also, how easy it is make friends in hostels and hotels there, there’s so many like-minded people in the same situation as you. Travelling is a contagious bug that seems to bring positive happy and interesting people together.

What were your favourite moments?

J – It’s hard to choose! A lot of my favourite memories were on the long road trips where we stopped to take in some insane views. I will never forget the night we stayed in a hot tub and sat star gazing in the middle of Cape Peron National Park until the early hours.

L- Thinking about the whole trip makes me want to cry with happiness as it was probably the best one in my whole life. Picking out my favourite moments is super hard! I’m a big animal lover so seeing all the cute quokkas on Rottnest Island was a highlight for sure. Also WA is a surfer’s dream with long, uncrowded stretches of beach and the waves are all yours. Conquering my fears and jumping out of a plane has got be up there too!

A –Waking up to beautiful weather every morning has got to be one! As experiences go, the highlight for me was the sunset helicopter tour over Perth and over to Rottnest. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the fascinating city from above.

rottnest island

And the worst/ funniest…?

A – It has to be the pinnacles. A beautiful spot that we returned to later in the trip, but so much went wrong the first-time round! The cameras were malfunctioning and we were misplacing our stuff left right and centre, some of us found it more funny than others (Lucie) however we got out alive and returned later for a WA staple – the sunset.

J – Running out of petrol miles and miles from Cervantes. It’s such a vast area you have to be so prepared. The funniest…. well that’d take forever, we had a month of constant fun! It was a joke! I want to do it all over again.

L – The worst part was I had to come home! WA was mind blowing and really wish I could have spent more time there exploring.

What advice would you give to someone else thinking about a working holiday in Western Australia?

L – Definitely plan your trip! Get a planner and write down all the experiences and places you want to visit then do some research and scope out a route. That way you’re more likely to make the most of this beautiful part of the world and get to see and do everything you’d dreamed of.

A – WA has so much to offer. There’s a job to suit anybody and a ridiculous amount of activities to do, whether you have some time off and travel the coast or just want something to do in the evening Western Australia has got you.

J – Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime! Australia is like no other and I am so happy and humbled to have experienced all it has to offer. I’d recommend it to anybody who fancies a change of scenery and to escape the gloomy British weather.

eagle bay

Feeling inspired? Find out more on how to work AND travel in Western Australia and the jobs Lucie, Josh and Alex tried and tested here >

The travel Yin and Yang of South America

What kind of a traveller are you?

If your idea of the perfect trip is a slow and easy ride, with time to think, chill out and disconnect a little, then South America is the ideal place to get in touch with that inner ‘Yin’.

Or if you’re more boots on, geared up to explore and why sleep when you can Latino dance until dawn, then this diverse continent is a dream destination for the ‘Yang’ adventurer and self-confessed night-owl.

So are you more yin or yang or a perfect mix of the two? Read on and find out…


Be at one with the Amazon, Ecuador

Get off the grid and into Quichua village life in the mighty Amazon. Swim in rainforest waterfalls, learn about healing medicinal plants, and glide by canoe to an animal rescue centre. Good travel karma, guaranteed.


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Take me to the jungle : Amazon tour 

Chase the sunset, Ilha Grande – Brazil

It’s hard not to move at speed zero when you’re on the pristine, no cars allowed island of Ilha Grande. Spend days snorkelling the Blue Lagoon, swinging in hostel hammocks and chilling on world-famous Lopes Mendes beach, with little to worry about other than whether you’ve chosen the right spot to watch the spectacular sunsets.


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Ready for speed zero?  Read more

Have a Nama-stay, Torres del Paine – Chile

Usually known for its wild weather and the hardcore 50 mile W Trek (W standing for windy. No, not really), Torres del Paine also has its fair share of Zzzzz moments. Strike an eagle pose in this Patagonian paradise, with daily yoga sessions, meditative lakes and breathtaking mountain tops. We’re feeling zen just thinking about it… ommmmm.


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Hang with the hippies, El Bolsón – Argentina

A hippie hangout since the 70s, this slice of bohemia nestled in Argentina’s Lake District is Yin heaven. Browse the artisan market, drop a beat in a drumming circle, and climb Piltriquitrón Mount to The Carved Forest – a magical outdoor gallery where local artists have carved wooden sculptures into the hillside.


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Sleep amongst the canopy, Manaus – Brazil

Get back in tune with you and nature as you travel by canoe deep into the jungle and uncover your new home, the eco-friendly Juma Amazon Lodge. Sleep in the treetops, spot endangered pink river dolphins, fish for piranhas and learn about the Amazon. Daily activities are arranged in small groups to have minimal impact on the forest as well as provide a truly personal experience.


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Avocado Beach! Capurganá – Colombia

Any island that names a beach after the mighty avo is a yes from us! Situated off Colombia’s Caribbean coast, seek relaxation on this tropical, remote gem of an island. Take a leisurely stroll through lush rainforest that opens onto views of blue ocean and those all-important white sandy beaches. Hungry? Pick up a handful of unique fish empanadas sold at local street stalls.


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Be an alternative adventurer, Machu Picchu – Peru

Get your adrenaline pumping and take on a different path to Machu Picchu than the traditional Inca Trail with the Jungle Trek. Trek through high mountain passes, cycle along ancient Inca pathways, zipline through the jungle canopy and raft along rapids. Yang heaven. Or Yin hell, depending on how brave you’re feeling.


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Shake it out, Rio Carnival – Brazil

Be absorbed by the infectious carnival fever as you dance day and night to the beats of Brazil. From lively street parties to the Sambadrome parade, this is something you won’t forget in a hurry (unless you had one too many caipirinhas, eek!)


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Swim with sharks, Galápagos Islands – Ecuador

Think the only way to see the Galápagos Islands is by boat? Think again. Get closer to the action as you camp in the thick of it. Hike to the summit of Sierra Negra volcano, explore lava tunnels and opt to swim with sharks and manta rays.


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Brave shark infested waters: See tour

Hike in Patagonian paradise – Chile

One of the greatest places to don your trusty walking boots and traverse the wilderness one step at a time. From hiking through the beauty of Torres del Paine with snowy peak views and an abundance of wildlife, to ice-trekking on the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier – Patagonia is nothing short of iconic.


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Surf’s up, bottoms up, Montanita – Ecuador

A party town in Ecuador with a surfing problem? This is THE place to go if you want to surf some of the best waves in South America and rave on the beach until the early hours. Every good night starts from the aptly named Cocktail Alley – a narrow street with just about every cocktail you could imagine.


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Biking Death Road, Coroico – Bolivia

Cheat death by cycling this epic trail. With impressive views across the Amazon (admittedly pretty hard to focus on because you’re cycling next to a 1,000 metre drop!) and 40 miles of downhill riding this adventure isn’t for the fain hearted. Just make sure you test those breaks work beforehand.


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No matter your travel type South America has got what it takes to leave you fully satisfied.  Find out more about what this incredible continent has to offer as well as some seriously tempting travel deals on our South America Travel guide

Behind the scenes with travel videographers 2018

A travel videographer. Could this be THE dream job?! Embarking on unknown adventures, exploring destinations and new ways of life with the ultimate challenge of capturing a place’s beauty through the lens. We caught up with Thibaud Lomenech, Lars Timmermann and Abigail Green, three independent videographers, to talk about their experience working with STA Travel and Visit The USA. The videographers got sent on three separate adventures to explore different regions of the State: Abigail to Texas, Thibaud to New York State and Lars to the Pacific Northwest. Check out their top tips and highlights below:

So let’s get the technical questions over and done with…

What equipment do you use to shoot your films?

Lars: I always chose my equipment to suit the project. For this film, it had to be easy to set up and light to carry as we were always on the go (Sony A7sii). However, my favourite cameras are made by ARRI.

Abigail: For this project and often in my profession I chose to use RED Raven cameras. It’s great for lightweight travel, handheld shooting and getting a nice RAW image with the RED look.

Do you prefer the actual filming or looking back and editing? Why?

Thibauld: It’s hard to say as both experiences are pretty different in terms of process and sensations. But if we HAD to decide, we would say filming is the best part. Everything’s still possible and everything is live, there’s a real sense of adrenaline in wanting to shoot the right angle at the right time.

L: I prefer filming because you constantly have to come up with solutions on the spot. It’s all about speed and being able to make well-informed and practical decisions quickly. That being said, I’m always amazed at what editors do with my footage in the editing room!

A: One of the most important parts of filmmaking is to understand every part of the process. It’s a lot of fun to be out there filming real people in real situations. But you can also learn a lot when you come back to the editing station and watch the footage without flashing lights, noise, dust and interruptions. Analyzing your own footage teaches you a lot for your next project. So both have their own charm.

If you had to choose one of your favorite pieces of work what would it be and why?

L: Probably my most recent work for AUDI China. It took a lot of effort and brainpower from all departments. 99% of what you see was shot on camera. The sets were all physically built and the film was shot by combining different techniques such as stop-motion animation, puppetry, remote-controlled cars and a special motion control camera system. Fun but very challenging.

Now on to the Travel aspect of filmmaking and how it inspires creativity…

What is it about travel that inspires your work?

T: What inspires me in every country or region I discover is that you rarely find the same thing twice. Whether it’s the light, the sky, the people, every place has its own visual identity. This is what I love about travel, the challenge of transcribing the atmosphere of the places I encounter through imagery.

L: Hearing new stories and meeting interesting people. The experiences I have travelling always end up in my work later somehow.

A: The changing environments, breathing in other countries air and talking to locals to help understand their way of life is very inspiring for me when creating films. Sometimes, it can be as simple as a visual response or being introduced to a new normal. As part of a relatively international filmmaking duo – I am a big believer in just packing a bag and turning up to a new destination and seeing where that takes me creatively.

What was your favourite location on the trip and why?

T: Ah that’s a tough one! But probably Lake Champlain. Even though we weren’t quite able to recreate the moment in the video, sailing across this huge peaceful lake lit up with the amazing natural light was magical. Our Guide helped make the experience truly unique by telling us about the history of the region and showing us all the hidden spots. Thanks Ben!

L: Visiting San Juan Island for sure! The island was beautiful and arriving there by seaplane in the morning was a once in a lifetime experience.

A: We travelled to so many locations it would be impossible to pinpoint just one. Two total opposite destinations we visited however would be: The Mayan ranch, Banderas and Austin. At the ranch we were surrounded by nature (zero internet too) and lived it up like cowboys with horse riding, line dancing, haybale riding and cowboy breakfasts. As for Austin, it’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for ages and the live music, ‘I love you so much’ wall, delicious food and friendly locals lived up to expectations. I’d love to go back again soon!

Did anything surprise you about the area of the US you explored and why?

T: What surprised us about the New York State is that it is so much more than just New York City! Don’t get me wrong, the city is truly mesmerizing. But I didn’t expect the diversity of landscapes, the generosity of the local people and all the activities we were able to do. From the City to Niagara Falls, Albany, Utica, Alexandra Bay, Thousands Islands and the Hudson River… All together, it was an astonishing journey across such a beautiful, welcoming state.

L: I was surprised at how versatile the Pacific North West was. The scenery was constantly changing as we drove along and it also felt incredibly undiscovered. I rarely encountered any tourists which made the experience feel more personal and authentic. I definitely felt like a true adventurer at times!

A: We were constantly pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone was. We met and spoke with so many different people; from cowboys or cowgirls, to travelling Floridian retirees, to gospel choir singers, to an amazing re-enactment group. Everyone was so excited that we were travelling around the state of Texas and wanted to tell us their story. The first thing we did when we got home was become a walking advertisement for Texas as a vacation destination. We had no idea that there is a vast amount of diversity within the state. One day we were staying on a Mayan ranch, riding horses to a cowboy breakfast accompanied by a guitar player in the forest, and the very next we would be sipping the best wine in a fancy vineyard just an hour down the road. Drive another two hours and you’re in the incredible city of Austin – which is always alive, always open, and always as friendly as can be in the most Texan way possible.

Now you’ve gone behind the scenes, it’s time to see the final cut! Head to our USA Travel guide for the videographers magic and more travel inspiration.

How to get fit, healthy AND explore the world in 2018

You’ve smashed your January health kick, you’re losing that running motivation or you’re keen to get fit but the thought of the gym gives you the heebie-jeebies? If that’s you then we’re here to answer all your health and fitness prayers by getting that pulse pumping combined with our fave hobby – exploring the world! So pack your bags, grab your yoga mat, running shoes and let’s get physical…

Yoga Retreats>      Fitness Bootcamps >        Surf>           Trek>

Yoga Retreats

Delhi, India

Practice your eagle pose whilst gazing upon the River Ganges at the Rishikesh Yoga Retreat. With two lessons a day, delicious veggie cuisine and relaxing massages, you’ll struggle to find a reason to leave! Once you’re all yogi-ed out raise the tempo on a white-water rafting trip from Shivpuri and take a wander around a local Himalayan village for the day.

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Koh Phangan, Thailand

Explore the spiritual side of Koh Phangan with a Yoga and Meditation retreat situated in the oh-so-fancy Sunset Hill Resort. Work on that flexibility and core strength with morning and evening yoga classes before truly unwinding with a meditation sesh. You’ll even get a ‘High Performance Life’ course with feel-good vibes to take away with you when the retreat sadly comes to an end (you can’t make us leaveeee).

Fitness Bootcamps

Mallorca, Spain

For those lacking motivation and encouragement, the Mallorca Fitness Bootcamp will whip you into shape, feel the burn and kickstart that healthy lifestyle! Enjoy unlimited access to an open- air rooftop gym, UF fitness app, bike rental, nature treks and beach volleyball all in a Spanish Island paradise. Hit it hard for one week or stay up to 8 weeks and experience a total fitness transformation. Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat!



The Mojosurf Flexi Adventure is a dream for those who get bored easy and want to try out the lot. Set in the tropical beach haven of Indonesia, choose to stay in Bali, Lombok or Nusa Lembongan where you’ll feel the motion of the ocean and learn to surf those rolling waves. Fancy changing it up? It’s all wavey baby! Swap your surf lesson for CrossFit, yoga classes, snorkeling with turtles and sunset massages to work out those kinks.

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Phuket, Thailand

Embrace the postcard-perfect beaches of Phuket with a side of high intensity training. The Thailand Fitness Bootcamp offers a range of activities and healthy meal program to get you well on the way to reaching those fitness #goals. Try out spinning, olympic lifting, CrossFit, assault courses and beach runs as well as all eyes on you PT sessions. And if that’s not enough why not give Muay Thai a go, zen out with some yoga and explore your surrounds.


Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

If you’re craving an adventure, an adventure is certainly what you’ll get if you scale Africa’s highest peak. By day, join fellow explorers and mountaineers as you hike through lush rainforests, alpine deserts and glaciers. By night, sleep closer to the stars than you ever have before.

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Hidden Costa Rica

This luscious land of tropical rainforest, mighty volcanos, hot springs and unique wildlife is a feast for the outdoor explorer. Encounter sloths and marvel at the Nauyaca waterfalls as you wander the Cloud Forest. Head to the Arenal Volcano and hike the many surrounding trails before rewarding yourself with a dip in the hot springs.

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Inca trail, Peru

You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve heard the stories now it’s time to experience this epic trail for yourself! The ancient Inca Trail leading towards Machu Picchu combines jaw-dropping scenery, lush cloudforest, the Amazon jungle, snowy Andes and a mix of Inca ruins. There’s even the chance to spot a Llama or two along the way! With a range of levels and options available, this bucket list destination can be enjoyed by all.

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So get zen, get toned, pick up a new skill or just have a freaking good time with like-minded people on one of our health and fitness retreats worldwide. No more excuses!

We know because we go: our favourite cultural hot spots in Thailand

Thailand… the destination that conjures up images of vivid blue waters, white sandy beaches and well Leonardo in the 90’s with his top off. But, whilst the beaches are next level on the beauty charts, there is so much more to this country than its idyllic southern islands. So, if you’re looking for a travel spot that’s got island hopping as well as jungle, incredible food, waterfalls, temples and then some? We think Thailand could be the one for you!

Still not convinced? Read on for some of the STA Travel crew’s favourite Thailand moments and memories that venture beyond beach bum living.

Kim Durbridge, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Two words. THE FOOD!

Mr Kai’s in Chiang Mai, which has to be the best restaurant in the whole of Thailand. There’s always a crowd outside, Tables and chairs are set around haphazardly making a super cosy atmosphere. Everything is £2 or less. Be sure to try the northern Thai speciality of Khao Soi – a steaming bowl of tangy red curry sauce full of chicken, veg and soft noodles, topped with naughty crispy noodles. Then head to a cooking class in the area for a chilled afternoon. You get to eat everything you make!

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If you can’t make it to Chiang Mai, head to Sukhumvit’s Soi 38 in Bangkok for the ultimate initiation to street food.

Everyone heads to Thailand for the beaches first off, but it’s the food and bustling market atmosphere that will keep you hooked and returning time and time again.

Shannon Hansen, Travel Expert Western Australia

I fell head over heels for Rawai Beach in the south of Phuket. The hospitality shown at the Rawai Palm Beach Hotel was next level and nearby Nai Hairn Beach was a beach lovers paradise. But beyond this, a must visit is the local market where the fisherman come in every evening to showcase their catch. You get to choose which fish you want, and they’ll cook it for you right there.

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From my month backpacking in Thailand – Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai were my faves. There’s so many colourful temples, delicious thai food and waterfalls to bask in. The Northern hill tribes trek was fantastic, and we got to try some seriously interesting local dishes (fern anyone??).


Katie Heward, Digital Designer

I went to Elephant Hills in Khao Sok National Park – where you got to feed & bathe the elephants! But to add to this, you stay right on the lake and can kayak straight off from the deck of your hut. A pretty amazing view to wake up to, or have a beer at sunset listening to the jungle I think you’ll agree?

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Georgie May Birch, Digital Marketing Executive

Daily sunsets washed down with Chang’s on the Thai islands never failed to please, but for me, it was Pai where I felt most at home.

By day, cruise the quiet roads on a moped (helmets please!) in search of the best waterfall to lounge at after stopping off for a big bowl of Thai curry and green papaya salad. By night, sip on fresh watermelon smoothies and listen to the locals rocking out Jazz and Blues. Mmmmm Perfection.

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Daniel Coleman, Store Manager Australia

Kanchanaburi is amazing! It’s a fantastic place to chill out for 3 days after visiting Bangkok.

Many locally owned and run guest houses are located directly alongside the River Kwai and it’s a great spot to try local dishes, rent bikes and explore the surrounding forest. The Erawan Waterfalls are beautiful too and perfect for a wake-up refreshing dip. It’s also close to the three pagodas pass.

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The town itself has a sad history from WW2 with strong Australian connections made famous by the book and film Bridge on the River Kwai. The WW2 museum with an international soldier cemetery is a somewhat sombre experience but provides insight into the history of the region when it was occupied by the Japanese.

Rachael Porter, Digital Marketing Executive

Definitely my first scooter ride to Pam Bok Waterfall & The Land Split in Pai!

Hire a scooter out in the main town, and follow the road signs to the outskirts – the scooter ride itself is a lot of fun (especially if it’s your first time like it was mine) head to Pam Bok Waterfall first which is on the same stretch of road as the Land Split. The waterfall is set in a canyon with a swimming hole below, and there’s some low ledges for cliff jumping. Just chill there for a while and soak up the peaceful nature vibes.

On the way back stop off at the Land Split, which stopped the owner of the land being able to properly farm when it occurred – but he made the site into a tourist attraction to explore and walk through all the nature. It’s the owner who makes the visit – he ushers you to sit down and piles up loads of homegrown goods and drinks and only asks for a small donation. Then you can just lounge around in the hammocks for a while. If you hadn’t realised I love Pai!

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Jessica Uhren, Creative Studio Manager

Sleeping in straw huts with views of the mountains in Pai was a big highlight for me!

But devouring everything in sight with the locals at Chiang Mai‘s forever bustling night markets, green Thai curry for breakfast (you will learn to love this) and snorkelling off the beaches of Koh Tao are pretty well up there on the best moment list too.

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Brendan Martin, Travel Expert Germany

It’s got to be Kanchanaburi for me too.

I spent a few months working there and often found myself in one of the many cool cafes. De’Tal has great smoothies, perfect for cooling down while walking around exploring and 10 O’Clock Cafe has the best cheesecake in all of Thailand! Vegetarians are also well looked after at On’s Thai Issan, a small vegetarian restaurant on the main backpacker strip. On also offers cooking classes with groups and teaches you how to make amazing veggie Thai curries.

There are some amazing temple complexes in the area so it’s worth hiring a Tuk-tuk driver for the day to take you around some of them. The most well-known is Wat Ban Tham, also known as Dragon Temple because the temple’s entrance is through a dragon’s mouth. My favourite temple complex in the area is the beautiful Wat Tham Sua (also sometimes seen as Wat Tum Seu and not be confused with another temple with a similar name in Krabi).

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Alexx Hayward, Global Marketing Executive

As much as I love the big city chaos of Bangkok and the dreamy Koh Tao beaches, my absolute favourite Thailand memory was volunteering with children in the Sangkhlaburi district. It’s pretty far off the beaten track (no Chang singlets to be seen!) and the local make up is super diverse – there’s a huge mix of Karen, Mon, Thai and Burmese ethnicities who all call this place home.

Our volunteer tasks included making bricks, working on a new water pipe and singing along (very badly) to nursery rhymes, and we spent our spare time exploring the huge Buddha statues dotted around the district, sans annoying backpackers with selfie sticks (except for ourselves, of course). Wandering the night market was another highlight, if not a bit tricky with hardly any English menus! Apparently, the desperation for banana roti with custard is something that transcends the boundaries of language. Sangkhlaburi isn’t your usual Thailand travel brochure destination, but for us it was eye-opening and incredibly fulfilling. Totally worth adding to your Southeast Asian adventure!

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So, soak up the tropical beach lifestyle of Thailand with a S­angsom bucket in hand for sure (we have and would do it all again) but don’t miss out on the culture, scenery and history this fascinating country has to throw at you too. Head to our Thailand Travel Guide for even more Thai goodness.