Hipster guide to spending one day in Vancouver

You’ve woken up in Vancouver itching to see what this city’s got to throw at you. But forget all those has-been chains of the world, this is Vancouver, a city made for hipsters. So, hold onto your beard, it’s going to be a wild ride…

9AM Your ankles are bare and your bow-tie is tight – time for caffeine

Kickstart the morning with the hipster’s favourite: a caffeine hit. Revolver is all about expertly brewed coffee and with a seasonal menu of world-class roasts, these guys know their Arabica from their Robusta. Whether you’re looking to brush up your espresso knowledge or just try an expertly crafted brew, this joint is your one-way ticket to coffee-lover heaven.

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The African Big Five

You might hear the word Africa and immediately think of Simba; a cute little lion cub in the vast Savannah plains. You might also think of the big five; lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalo and elephants, but Africa has more to boast about than just its epic safaris. Here’s our list of the top 5 African destinations you can’t miss.

1. Morocco

Morocco is full of beautiful towns and villages, but two to note for any Moroccan tourist has to be Fes and Marrakech. You’ll feel like you’re in Assassin’s Creed as you explore and barter in the markets and back streets! If you’ve got some time to spare, take a 4×4 into the Sahara for a night under the stars – or if you’d rather a more authentic form of transport, you can also go by camel! Don’t forget to try the food, just thinking about tagines is making us slobber.

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2. Mount Kilimanjaro

It’s Africa’s biggest mountain, we couldn’t not talk about it! If you want an active holiday then this is for you. Enjoy rainforest slopes, glaciers and a tower of lava as you hike to the summit. We would recommend a night hike on the final leg of the climb so you can see the sunrise from Stella Point. After all that, head back down to Moshi Camp for a celebratory (and much needed) hot shower and drink!

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3. South Africa

South Africa is a country of adventures where you can enjoy inland safaris, the beach life, forest exploration and wandering the Garden Route. Cape Town is a must for any visitor – especially if you’re an adrenaline junkie because out here you can try the world’s highest bridge bungee or abseil Table Mountain! For those less prone to jumping off things try a wine tour or visit the cute penguins at Boulder Beach. We can’t not mention Johannesburg where you can enjoy traditional Braai dinners followed by wildlife in the Kruger National Park. If you have time, head to Victoria Pools over the border in Zimbabwe for one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

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4. Madagascar

Africa’s largest island is full of wild landscapes, village culture, beaches and lemurs that like to move it move it – making this island is perfect for those looking for rustic charm and natural beauty.
Embrace local life in the rustic towns of Antananarivo and Ambalavao while enjoying the beach life in Ifaty, not forgetting the multiple national parks where you can see species of lemurs, chameleons and the rarely spotted blue boa. Must visits are the tombs of the Mahafaly and the extremely photogenic Baobab Alley.

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5. Zanzibar

The spice islands of Zanzibar are a whole different world. To fully understand the history of the island, we would suggest a guided tour of the spice plantations – get ready for an explosion of the senses! After that, head to the UNESCO world heritage site, Stone Town before heading to the beach capital of Nungwi for scuba diving, relaxing and even turtle conservation! If you’re looking to get on the water, cruise on a Swahili boat and soak up the best vantage points in Zanzibar via the Dhow safari.

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Has this left you wanting more? Fear not. Check out our roarsome Africa destination pageto see what you could explore now…


8 off the beaten track destinations in Australia

Looking to take the road less travelled in Australia? Ditch the same old tourist route, hop in a camper and do things your way. For a country that spans over 7 million kilometres there is an abundance of secret spots to uncover, here are a few of our favourites to get the ball rolling.

Kakadu National Park

Experience rich Aboriginal culture in all its glory with over 5000 aboriginal art sites across the park. A 2WD can cover the majority of the park, but make sure one of your stops is Ubirr for the ultimate in sunset goals.

Measuring in at the size of Slovenia, it’s a hard one to miss when in the Darwin area!

Big Bev getting all tropical in Kakadu. This photo was taken earlier this year, in the height of what was an epic wet season for the NT… The buildup is on us now and at this time of the year, a lot of visitors and locals alike flee the top end, chuck the tent in the shed, crank the a/c and bunker down for the wet. They will re-emerge in May exclaiming that they have seen their first dragon fly and it’s safe to start planning trips again. Although getting from A to B in the wet can be tricky, I reckon it’s during this period that I enjoy the waterways the most. The waterfalls are raging and the springs are bursting at their seams. Granted we have to remain 🐊wise and stay clear of hectic floodwaters, I plan to get amongst the all-season haunts as much as possible this year. . . #NTaustralia #topendnt #DoKakadu #kakadunationalpark #northernterritory #australiagram #SeeAustralia #exploringaustralia #weareexplorers

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Devil’s Marbles

Nearly 400 km north of Alice Springs, the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is definitely remote but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth making the effort to visit. Huge granite boulders scatter the valley so take a short self-guided walk to get amongst them or scramble from boulder to boulder. If you can, get there for sunset when it’s less toasty out and makes for even more spectacular photos.

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Coober Pedy

This place looks straight out of a movie – probs because it is! This opal mining town was the set for the 1985 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdrome and it’s this apocalyptic landscape that attracts people – plus the chance of finding their very own opal. Coober Pedy is hot hot hot and to survive the heat while digging for opals, the hardy people of the town decided to dig and live underground meaning you can enjoy underground hotels, churches and restaurants!

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Nullarbor Links

Do you like golf? Would you like over 1,000 kilometres of golf? Yep that’s right, the world’s longest golf course – an 18 hole-er with a par of a humungous 72 can be found in South West Australia. Running along the Eyre Highway, each hole is in a participating town or roadhouse, making it a great way to break up monotonous travel and is also plain good fun!

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Phillip Island, Victoria 

Phillip Island is only an hour and a half from Melbourne making it a great stopping point if you’re travelling through the East Coast. Especially if you love penguins. Get ready for cuteness overload as you watch the world’s smallest penguins come home after a long day fishing. Your admission also helps support the conservation of these little guys too -win win!

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Arnhem Land

Home of the digeridoo and the Yolngu people, this region of Australia is an incredible insight into aboriginal heritage and culture. You’ll need a permit to visit and we recommend joining an organised tour. Make sure you see Gunbalanya with its ancient rock art, listen to Dreamtime stories and find out how the Yolngu people live off the land.

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Karijini National Park

Head west for freshwater pools, unforgettable views and a natural spa. After a long day of walking across mighty gorges and swimming in spring-fed pools beneath Fortescue Falls, you’ll want nothing more than to sink into the heart-shaped spa pool at Hamersley Gorge.

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How do all these places sound? Like they belong on your bucket list?

There’s nothing worse than getting somewhere you love and having to jump to catch a scheduled flight or bus out of there. With the flexibility of a camper van, you can spend as little or as much time you like so you can explore every corner of Australia on your terms.

The six coolest back to nature stays in Asia

Heading to Asia? Why just hotel, when you can floatel? Whether you’re chilling on water or above the canopy of the trees, get back to nature in rustic accommodation bliss.

River Kwai Jungle Rafts Hotel

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33 memes that accurately describe those 'going on holiday' feels

Is the first thing you do when you get back from holiday (after a nap of course), to look up how many days of annual leave you have left and search for cheap flights to anywhere? Well, we don’t blame you. In fact, all of our holiday ‘feels’ can be summed up entirely in meme form. Look, we’ll prove it to you…

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Happy Results Day! Whether you scraped by, completely bombed it or are one of those secret geniuses who gets straight A’s and says they did bad (we hate you!), there are plenty of next steps for you to choose from.

When someone asks how Results Day went…

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