10 times backpacking actually sucks

Living out of a backpack just gets too much sometimes, and you promise that you’ll never take your wardrobe for granted again.

You feel like you’re constantly on a budget, saving for the next destination on your trip. Although is there a better kind of budget to be on?! Calculating complex daily allowances for beer, sleeping and 7/11 slurpies? We vote no.


7 awkward hostel moments every traveller can relate to

When you unwillingly become the object of some unwanted attention.



When the local cuisine doesn’t agree with your stomach, and you’re sharing a dorm ensuite.


When two people have decided to put on a night time show, unaware you’re still lying in bed… awake.


When you work on hostel reception, but there is also a hostel bar on the same floor. And drunk people keep making song requests to you thinking you’re the DJ.


When the guy with the guitar suddenly sits down with the group and starts ‘jamming’.


When you haven’t made friends with anyone in the hostel yet and you’re forced to sit on your own.

When you’re a guy picking up your washing from the machines and somehow end up with someone else’s frilly pants, and you can’t explain how they got there…


Think you can beat our awkward hostel moments? Send them over to us via email. We’re dying to hear them!

A sneak peek into hidden Queensland

Sure, you’ve probably heard of Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Cairns and Brisbane – the ‘iconic’ Queensland. But this state is huge… up to seven times the size of the UK in fact, so there’s plenty hidden away that travellers will often miss out on.

Carnarvon Gorge

The perfect way to spend your long weekend

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25 tweets all backpackers can relate to

When you become an absolute pro at packing


5 places in Nevada that will scare your backpacks off

Waking up after a crazy night in Vegas without your shoes and credit card, actually seeing yourself in the mirror after said night out, and coincidentally having a heart attack when you check your bank account… all these are scary experiences you may be familiar with. But what about the genuinely freaky stuff? If you’re one of those people that enjoy being scared, you might want to check out these places:

Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah

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8 alternative activities in Las Vegas

When we say ‘Vegas’, what do you think of? Neon lights, all-you-can-eat shrimp buffets, casinos and frozen margaritas? All wonderful things, but what if we told you that Vegas wasn’t just about booze and betting? We’ve compiled a list of cool stuff that you can do when you want to take a break from the madness (and these experiences harbour zero regret the following morning).

Las vegas

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Nevada: a playground for the outdoorsy type

If feeling the wind in your hair and a backpack on your back is where you feel most at home, then we have just the place for you my friend: Nevada. It’s a state that’s often left undiscovered as travellers fly in and out of Vegas nursing their seven day hangovers, but you need to wander further than the strip. After all, what are travellers really about, if not for getting off the beaten path?

1. Nevada is all about the national parks

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Lake Mead with its canyons and kayaking, Great Basin National Park with its incredible night skies, and Death Valley (thankfully not named for the reason you might think – although it actually has some impressive salt mounds named Devil’s Golf Course, and who wouldn’t want to check that out?). Time to lace up those hiking boots!

10 things you probably didn’t know about New Zealand

Giant fjordlands, the mighty All Blacks, sauvignon blanc and this lost ring that everyone seems to be searching for… New Zealand’s charms are famous and plentiful. But what about the stuff you didn’t know?

1. New Zealand are the only country allowed to put hobbit imagery on their currency. LONG LIVE FRODO BAGGINS.

A world I could live and get lost in. #hobbiton #noadmittance #bagend #hobbit

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Top 6 things to do in Taiwan

It’s time we all learned a little more about Taiwan, and what better way to do that than with a list of the best things to do while you’re there?

Drink tea

Tea service at the top of a spiraling mountain road in Jiufen.

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You’re in Taiwan, and tea houses are a big deal here. You’ve got so many to choose from, so where do you start? Head to Taichung (which birthed bubble tea, if you’re familiar with it), or Jiufen if you’d like to drink your tea while looking out over the mountains and ocean.


150 reasons to visit Canada: part 3

Deep breaths… Here we have it. Part 3. The FINAL 50 reasons to visit Canada (sings ‘It’s the final countdown’ #TUNE)

101. The Hemloft is a treehouse in the woods of Whistler. Something all childhood dreams are made of…

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