By Georgina Birch

Sofa vs. Safari

Doing a safari in Africa is a bucket-list item for many people for sure (I know it’s on ours!). We promise you, it beats lying around on the sofa. Don’t believe us? Let’s see shall we?

Middle East
By Rachael Porter

24 hours in Khasab, Oman

Digital Marketing Exec, Rachael, spent a mesmerising 24 hours in Khasab on a traditional Dhow boat, sleeping under the stars. Read her blog to find out all about this incredible city.

By Kim Durbridge

The best places in the world to see elephants

Whether you’ve only ever watched them on a screen narrated by Attenborough, or you’ve seen them in captivity from the viewing platform of a nature park or…

By Guest Blogger

Scenic ways and Cape Town braais – 10 days on South Africa’s garden route

Today’s blog comes from Chris Newnham, the Assistant Manager in our Reading store  Incredible landscapes, stunning city views, poignant history, adrenaline activities galore and sparkling…

By Laura Caveney

The African Big Five

Explore Africa beyond the traditional safari. We discuss our top five destinations in Africa, or the big five, that you need to visit on your next trip.

By Dane Windley

South Africa Cheat Sheet

From the wildlife of Shamwari, to the beautiful views of the Winelands, South Africa has scenery to please everyone. If you prefer city hopping and…

By Catherine Atton

10 reasons why it’s time you went to South Africa

Incredible views, beaches, unforgettable safaris and PENGUINS! We countdown the top 10 reasons why it’s time you went to South Africa, you best go buy yourself swimmers and a safari hat…

Middle East
By Hannah Jeffery

Food trucks, avocado and grilled cheese: The best places to eat in Dubai

Hipsters, hold onto your beard trimmers, because Dubai is the new stopover destination for foodies! Knowing and loving Dubai’s fine dining and streetside shawarma reputation…

By Guest Blogger

A South African Safari in Kruger National Park!

When you’re looking right ahead at a pride of 12 lions resting after a kill, it’s easy to forget there’s no television screen separating you…..

By Catherine Atton

South Africa’s Best Music Festivals!

In honour of this month’s STA Travel Sounds artist @Jeremyloops hailing all the way from Cape Town, here are some of the best music festivals…