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12 Places to Travel With Your Dad

Experiences are best shared with your nearest and dearest. So chuck out the pipe and slippers and take your dad on an awesome adventure. The daddy of all bucket lists – we’ve got some travel ideas that will really pamper pops.

Here, just in time for Father’s Day this Sunday, are 12 places to travel with your dad. Epic adventures and experiences that are, lets face it, not just fun for dad’s they’re pretty ace for everyone. Which one would you choose for a trip with your dad? Let us know in the comments box below…

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The STA Travel Clinic: 18 Facts You Need to Know About Yellow Fever

Every month on the STA Travel Blog, we invite our resident nurse, Michelle Sellors to bring you up to speed about everything you need to know about a particular subject, related to her favourite subject of travel health.

Michelle has 11 years experience in the industry, and now works closely with our teams in our STA Travel Clinics, in Liverpool and Manchester.

This week, she’s chosen to focus on one of the world’s most misunderstood diseases, yellow fever. These are the facts, as seen through the eyes and experience of Michelle, a professional nurse. Continue reading

High Five… Kenya!

It would be hard to find somewhere that encompasses the spirit of Africa in the same way as Kenya. It’s a very raw example of many of the things that make Africa so amazing.

You can expect huge, green plains, buzzing with life and nature, traditional African warriors hunting and spear fishing, and cities full of people, all buzzing through the busy, congested streets.

If you want to experience an interesting and all encompassing mix of rural, urban, traditional and modern Africa, then Kenya is the place to go.

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High Five… Tanzania!

Home to every element that makes Africa such a monumentally epic place to visit, including daunting trekking adventures through deserted landscapes, rural villages and some of the largest and most captivating wildlife to be found anywhere in the world. Tanzania is one of the continent’s most visited countries, and for good reason.

Whatever your idea of an amazing trip, Tanzania will make sure you’re not left disappointed. Pristine beaches meet some of the clearest most spectacular water you’re ever likely to see, huge, wild animals roam freely and local people live as simply as they did thousands of years ago. It’s a place that will grab you by the shoulders and shake you up, and you’ll love it!

The beaches of Zanzibar are some of the most pristine in the world.

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Ask the Experts: Where Should I Volunteer with Animals?

Our super Travel Experts Amy and Claire are here again this week to help another, slightly perplexed, blog reader out with their most head scratching travel question.

This week Abbie from Taunton has sent us this message asking for help choosing which amazing volunteering with animals experience our Experts would reccommend…

Hi Experts, I’m really interested in volunteering, I’m not leaning towards any particular country, all I know is that I’d love to work with animals but there are so many options! What would you do and why? Abbie, Taunton

If you’ve got a question for the Experts send it over now and we’ll pitch it to them as soon as we can to help you get things straight. But for now let’s see what advice Amy and Claire have up their sleeve for Abbie…

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