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Which of these 5 Round the World routes is right for you?

A Round the World trip is The Dream. Ask anyone who’s ever thought about strapping on a backpack, and they’ll tell you that if they were handed a Round the World ticket, they’d be off in a flash. And it’s easy to see why.

A jaunt around the world is the ultimate journey; your opportunity to travel through countless countries, experience different cultures, and see what this big ol’ globe of ours has to offer.

It’s the kind of trip where you could be lazing on a beach in Thailand one week and trekking through the Amazon the next. You could find yourself munching on an In-N-Out burger in LA on Monday, and chowing down on nshima in Zambia on Thursday.

From deserts to mountains, beaches to backwaters, savannas to skyscrapers – a Round the World trip can pack them all in, and then some.

This could actually be you. Yep, you. Right there.

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Ask the Experts: Where to Volunteer in Africa?

It’s question time again! No, not that boring show on BBC One with all the miserable people in suits – we’re talking about something much more interesting – travel!

This is the blog series where one of you, the STA Travel Blog readers, challenge our clued up Travel Experts to answer that question that has had you scratching your head for ages!

This week, Amy is here to suss out some super volunteer projects for a student at her school, sounds interesting. What’s your question Amy?

I am a career advisor at a school in Melksham and one of our current year 12’s is looking at taking a gap year. She hopes to go for the full year in Africa looking at areas of conservation and community projects. I have begun to do a little research for her but I wanted to know if you had any longer term projects available or if you could recommend any? Alternatively would there be any other possible projects that she could be involved in as well as in Africa to give her a chance to see other parts of the world? Amy, Wiltshire

Well Amy, we’ve got lots of love for volunteering projects here at STA Travel and offer a huge selection of opportunities for you to make a difference and travel at the same time – take a look at our Volunteer and Learn brochure for the full set of options. But before that, let’s see which particular projects our Expert Amy suggest for your student…

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10 Ways to be a More Responsible Traveller

Tourism brings prosperity to previously impoverished areas of the world and provides locals with a way to make money and provide for their families. However, as travellers, it’s responsible of us to be aware of how our presence effects the local communities we come into contact with.

The basis of responsible tourism is, very generally, concerned with respecting the places you visit, minimising the impact you have on the surroundings as you pass through, and giving something back to the local communities.

You can find out more about how we at STA Travel are doing our bit towards becoming a more responsible travel provider on our website.

Small considerations we make while travelling can make all the difference to the communities we encounter on our trips and to the local environment.

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21 Ways to Travel the World

Part of the fun of travelling the world is all the weird, wonderful, and completely random situations that you get yourself into.

One minute you’re saying a tearful goodbye to your mum at the airport (the tears are hers not yours of course) and then next you’re on a plane to some far flung destination, before hopping onto the back of a moped taxi, with all your worldly belongings strapped to your back; and that’s where the journey really begins…

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High Five…East Africa!

Africa. It’s the place life on earth began, no other continents’ have a claim to fame quite as impressive as that, and today it remains one of the most fascinating and naturally diverse areas in the world.

It’s a place full of juxtapositions; expansive, dry deserts vs dense, vivacious jungles, and tiny, ancient villages vs modern metropolis’. It offers a wealth of diversity, and a trip here won’t fail to make an serious impression.

We’re so captivated by this remarkable continent that we’ve already given a massive high five to North Africa and to the continent’s wildlife, so this week it’s the Eastern shore’s turn to step into the spotlight, as we explore the 5 most incredible experiences to be had in East Africa.

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