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22 Reasons Why our Planet is Awesome!

There are so many places to travel, so many reasons to explore and so many things to leave you awestruck in the world that you will never be done – there’s just too much to see.

You’re definitely interested in travel. It’s the very reason you’re here reading this blog post right now, so there’s not really a more appropriate reason to count down a list of ways in which our planet is blooming awesome.

Keeping it to just 22 is going to prove tricky, which is where you come in…. Share your own examples below and let’s celebrate all the incredible sights out there and hopefully inspire others to experience some of your own recommendations.

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10 Furry Feel Good Factors that are Begging for a Cuddle

I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for a cute animal. I’m one of those people that will share a picture of a puppy or kitten on Facebook purely because it looks sweet.

Seeing a picture of a baby Labrador when I log on in the morning makes me smile, and provides a nice feeling to start the day – and that’s what’s inspired me to write this post.

Step away from the PC, here are some furry feel good factors you can actually experience for yourself around the world.

Walk between the trees and get up close and personal with the Orangutans in Borneo.

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It’s 357 Days Until Christmas! What Are You Going To Do With Your Year?

Yes, yes, I know; the Christmas hangover hasn’t even worn off from last year yet, but it’s not too early to think about what you want to achieve in the next year – in fact I’d say there’s no better time.

The hope, enthusiasm and motivation provided by the dawn of a New Year makes it the perfect time to set those goals that will enhance and improve your life, and even if you’re already very happy with your lot – there’s always room for improvement no?

Improvements that are kind of like new years resolutions, but are a whole lot easier to keep – because they’re actually fun! Forget the usual ‘lose weight’ and ‘stop getting angry with people on public transport’ promises that are usually made, and if you’re anything like me, broken within the first 5 days, and think of things that will actually help to fulfil and benefit you; now that’s a resolution worth keeping right?

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59 Of Our Travel Expert’s Ideas For An Incredible Travel Experience In 2013

What are your travel plans for next year? If you’re still undecided, or are open to some extra inspiration, this post may just have the prefect timing.

STA Travel was built by travellers, for travellers, and we only employ the best, most knowledgeable, people to help you plan the trips that you will go on to remember and reminisce about forever. No one knows travel, and understands travellers, better than our Travel Experts.

So with that in mind, I’ve asked them for their top tips for travellers in 2013 and they’ve come up trumps. Below are 59 awesome ideas for some epic worldwide adventures, which ones inspire you?

59 Expert Travel Ideas For 2013

Andy, STA Travel Exeter

Next year is all about Colombia! An emerging tourism market means it’s still largely undiscovered. With its diverse range of landscapes, from the tropical paradise of the Caribbean coast, to the verdant rainforests, its a truly beautiful country. Combine that with a vibrant music scene and chilled lifestyle and Colombia has something for eveyone! If you fancy doing it your way but with some guidance, check out our Bamba bus pass or a small group trips if you want to make some new friends along the way.

Colombia, is South America's little secret - less travelled than the big hitters of Brazil, Argentina and Peru but equally as stunning

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Our Store Managers Predict The Must Visit Destinations for 2013

Here at STA Travel, we’re all very excited about 2013. A whole new year and a whole new set of amazing travel experiences to be had.

Last week, our Store Managers reviewed the year of travel that was 2012 and this week, they’re back to share their predictions for next year. If you’re keen to step away from the crowd, get off the beaten track and do something a little different next year, take a look at what our most experienced and knowledgeable staff think will be the must places to see and the things to experience in the 12 months ahead.

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