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Ask the Experts: First time in Africa

Our Travel Experts are a bit like superheroes, really. They swoop in, red capes flowing, and rescue you from your pit of travel confusion, answering your travel related questions and coming up with perfect solutions just for you.

OK, so we may be making up the red capes bit, but the rest is all true. Our Travel Experts are here every week to be your very own super heroes, so email us with your travel questions, and we’ll put them here on the Blog for our Experts to answer.

This week’s damsel in distress is Gina from Windsor. She wants to head to Africa, but isn’t sure where to start. Gina, tell us more:

I’ve never been to Africa, and want to head there for 2 weeks in December. My question is, which area should I concentrate on? North, south, east, west? Help, Experts! Gina in Windsor

Can our Experts show Gina the path to take? Read on, and find out why East Africa is our Expert Jessica’s favourite place in the world, how you can meet a Masai tribe, and where to find the best oysters in South Africa…

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#RTW: The Jubilee

It turns out that our Travel Experts are a patriotic bunch. They were beavering away recently, planning amazing round the world itineraries, and they just couldn’t resist showing their appreciation for Queen and country.

The result? Our most patriotic round the world route yet. Citizens of Great Britain, I give you The Jubilee! Taking in a whopping 17 Commonwealth countries, if this trip doesn’t make you feel proud to be a part of it all, nothing will.

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22 Useful Tips We’ve Learned About Kenya

Kenya is one of those destinations that instantly brings to mind the classic Africa landscapes: beady eyes, and shaggy manes, padding across the khaki desert in search of the latest Canon zoom lens.

We’ve been satisfying travellers’ curiosity for travelling in Kenya for over 30 years, so when I put the call out for expert travel tips for travelling to East Africa’s I was swarmed with great ideas.

Coming up, are twenty two of the very best, from Victoria Two (STA Travel Reading), David Woodward (STA Travel Leicester), Mark Reynolds (STA Travel Belfast) and Daniel Painter (STA Travel Portsmouth).

If you’re interested in wildlife, then Kenya is the ideal place to visit. On paper, the National Parks are quite close together, but don’t be fooled — the landscapes are quite different, and as a result, the types of animals and birds that you see in each of them varies tremendously.

If you’re a traveller who seeks out amazing experiences, you’ll be right at home in Kenya.

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Ask the Experts: 2 weeks in Kenya

TFI Friday! Why? Because it’s time for Ask the Experts, of course! Our weekly feature that sees our panel of Travel Experts giving you a few ideas and bit of inspiration as they answer your travel questions.

Have you got a question for our Experts? Great stuff! Let us know what it is, and our Experts will tackle it right here on the STA Travel Blog.

This week’s questions comes courtesy of Sioned up in Chester. Sioned’s off to Kenya, and she’s after a few ideas…take it away, Sioned:

This summer I’m travelling in Kenya. I have 2 weeks between volunteering in an orphanage in Watamu and flying home from Nairobi where I haven’t got anything planned. I was wondering if you had any suggestions? Thanks! Sioned in Chester.

Quite a specific question, but that’s great – the more detail, the better our Experts can help you plan a perfect trip! So, let’s see what they’ve got up their collective sleeve…

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13 Tip Top Tea Spots

There are few things more fantastic than a mug of hot tea. As soon as you read that, your brain flicked over the image of a glossy white mug, filled with that familiar golden brown hue. Simple. Glorious. Aching to be introduced to your biscuit of choice.

Here in Britain, we’ve enjoyed traditional tea breaks for well over 200 years, it’s become a hero for Anglophiles around the world, and in true hero style, soon after it arrived on our foggy shores it achieved something quite extraordinary: it bumped ale, and then gin, into the sidelines, and became Britain’s best-loved beverage.

Three cheers for tea!

Is there anything more lovely, than this? | Image by KnitStorm

But where on earth can such an elegant drink come from? Although tea originated in China over 5000 years ago (I’ll spare you the war-torn history lesson), the modern truth is that it now comes from all over the place.

These places all have one thing in common: they are all beautiful places to visit. So in ode to this remarkable drink, we’ve rounded up no less than thirteen of the world’s best tea plantations for you to peruse.
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