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Why Does Everyone Go to Morocco?

Ancient and bustling medinas, mysterious and lush mountains, desolate Saharan dunes, streets lined with snake charmers and story tellers, the constant aroma of spices tantalising your senses…

It all sounds so exotic, so inviting, so warm, and so appealing. Do you know what else it sounds like? It sounds a lot like Morocco. Yep, this North African land is getting a lot of love lately, and there’s quite a few reasons why. Do you fancy Rocking the Kasbah?

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Ask the Experts: Where Should I Go for Some Sun in November?

Ask the Experts is our weekly blog series where we encourage you, our loyal blog readers and travel fans, send us your questions for our clued up Travel Experts in store – and they’ll answer with loads of tips and advice right here on the blog.

This week’s question for our Experts is from Michael, take it away Michael.

I was thinking of going away for 10 days next month. I am already going to Thailand in December so am open to anywhere but there. I am looking for somewhere that is still warm at the beginning of November. Do you have any recommendations? Michael

Oh, we have some recommendations alright. Step forward Lucy from our Leeds Vicar Lane store…

Sahara Desert, Morocco.

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6 Great Value 2 Week Adventures

Unfortunately, as much as I’m sure we’d all love our lives to be one long travel adventure, for many, it’s all about cramming as much adventure and exploration into one two week holiday (stooopid work!).

If you can only stretch to a 2 week trip, then be sure to make the most of it, cram in as much as you can and see and do as much as possible. The best way to do this is on an adventure tour. A clued up local guide will take you to the very best local restaurants, show you the way to those ‘must see’s’ and make sure you get a very real taste of the area of the world you’re visiting.

So, if you’ve got the travel bug and a limited amount of time, you’ll be interested in our top tours for value for money. When you compare the cost of these trips to how much you actually see and do – it would be hard to disagree that they are 100% worth it. Here’s how to cram as much as possible into 2(ish) weeks…

Kenya and Gorilla Adventure.

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The Best, and Most Scoffable Sweet Treats from Around the World

It’s time to talk about one of my favourite things, food. More specifically, one of my favourite types of food – calorific, delicious, sickly sweet stuff.

One of the best things about travelling is getting to sample different food from around the world, things you may never have tried, or even heard of before, but also things that you may eat quite often here in the UK with either a different or more authentic spin.

With sweets and cakes being one such example. You can go to any shop round the corner from your house and buy something tasty and a little bit sickly, but there are so many more delicious varieties and concoctions out there waiting to be savoured.

To give you a bit of an introduction to some of the yummiest, here is a count down of our choice of the best, and most scoffable sweet treats from around the world.


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The STA Travel Clinic: 18 Facts You Need to Know About Yellow Fever

Every month on the STA Travel Blog, we invite our resident nurse, Michelle Sellors to bring you up to speed about everything you need to know about a particular subject, related to her favourite subject of travel health.

Michelle has 11 years experience in the industry, and now works closely with our teams in our STA Travel Clinics, in Liverpool and Manchester.

This week, she’s chosen to focus on one of the world’s most misunderstood diseases, yellow fever. These are the facts, as seen through the eyes and experience of Michelle, a professional nurse. Continue reading