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6 Great Ideas for your Gap Year

Gap years are the perfect opportunity to test the waters on a variety of levels. Whether its a way of working out your future career, or blasting holes in your bucket list, a gap year is the moment to grab life by the lug-holes and bellow into its face.

If that was a little melodramatic; try this… a gap year is the perfect time to do (almost) exactly what you want.

You shouldn’t be surprised that we’re talking about gap years today. Our travel experts meet with 1000s of travellers every year to discuss their plans for a variety of adventures during their gap year. Some are looking for a one-way ticket to a quiet island, some are looking for the ultimate round the world ticket that splices wild parties with the deeps of the jungles. With over 32 years experience in the business, we know a thing or two about finding the perfect blend.
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Spotlight: Morocco Kasbahs & Desert

Welcome to the Spotlight, a brand new feature to the STA Travel Blog that shines a light on the experience of joining one of the exciting group tours that we offer for destinations around the world. This week, Erin Rigg — a former tour leader turned STA Travel Round the World Expert at our Portsmouth Branch — is shining the Spotlight on an 8-day tour that hooks around Morocco, called Morocco Kasbahs & Desert.

We’ve got eight action-packed days to experience eight places, starting in Casablanca, the city made by famous by Hollywood, and finishing up mesmerised by the snake charmers of Djemma el Fna, Marrakech.

Chalked in the middle we’ve got camel riding to a Berber camp in the Sahara, trekking in the Todra Gorge, and shopping for metal storks, leather slippers and — if you’re like the guys on this trip — a marble kitchen sink.

Sweep through the urban allure to the magic of the Sahara along the Morocco Kasbahs & Desert

And then there’s the fun of negotiating the mazes of the 10,000 un-named streets of the Fez medina! We’ll feast on dates and figs, lamb and pigeon pastries, and drink more sweet and minty green tea then you think you can handle.

But you can handle it, and you can do all of the above, on this circle through the heart of Morocco.

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21 Amazing Travel Experiences

We’re not getting any younger. In the time it took you to read this opening couple of lines, you’re already two seconds older. Three, two, one. Now you’re five seconds older. In five seconds time, you’ll be ten seconds older, and in an hours time you’ll be one hour and eleven seconds older than you are right now (I added on a second in case you were a slow reader).

So, with life whizzing by at such a pace, it’s time to make some plans. The kind of plans that will act like rungs on a ladder, allowing you to clamber through the world with a kick in your step.
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High Five… Africa

Today’s High Five subject is the world’s second largest continent, and widely believed to be the oldest inhabited territory on planet Earth. These reasons are just some of a few that attract thousands of people each year to travelling to Africa.

Plus, it’s probably one of the most underrated destinations, and can offer you something a world away from the most well-trodden backpacker trails…

Summing up Africa in five easily digestible chunks of prose is going to be tricky… but I’ll give it a crack anyway. One thing I will say is, if David Attenborough’s been there so much, it’s got to be pretty damn amazing, right?
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Ask the Experts: Best Safari in Africa?

This week, our Ask the Experts panellists have chosen a question from Ross in Portsmouth, on a subject close to their hearts: safari!

Travelling overland in Africa remains one of the world’s greatest journeys, bringing forth a wealth of amazing opportunities. From meeting some of the most enigmatic people on earth, to exploring awe-inspiring landscapes that play stage to some of the more famous cycles of life.

And it appears we’re not alone in being allured by Africa; let’s see what Ross in Portsmouth is asking our panellists…
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