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11 Incredible Festivals in Asia

Mouthwatering food. Vibrant cultures. Unforgettable landscapes. As if Asia needed any more reasons to visit, it’s also the homeland of some of the world’s most thrilling festivals.

Many of the festivals you’re about to read about have been around for 100s of years, attracting visitors from miles around to take part in the important rituals and community spirit that rolls like a joyous crescendo through the foothills and valleys of the alluring continent.

Smile! We're about to uncover some wonderful festivals in Asia

Travelling to Asia has never been easier, with a string of cheap flights landing you right in the heart of the action, and a string of adventure tours getting you into the thick of the action.

The main question you need to ask yourself is: which one’s are for you?
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10 Masterful Martial Arts

According to my research, martial arts have been around since at least the 1984. One Daniel Larusso moved across the United States, from New Jersey to California and, along with a man named Mr Miyagi, they developed the art using nothing more than a pair of chopsticks and a fly.

Since then, the sport has gone global, spawning an inordinate number of spin offs, including one which I’m particularly keen to master: Drunkard’s Boxing. You’ll learn more — hiccup — about that in — hiccup — a moment. First up, let’s get you prepared with a short warm up, based on Miyagi’s very own ancient technique: wax on, wax off.

Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off. OK, stop. Now go the other way.

Bring your chop-chop this way, we’re taking a roundhouse to the world, with a look at some of the planet’s most kick-ass martial arts. I guess this is where we take a respectful bow?

High kick

Limber up, there are 10 Martial Arts coming up with a kick… | Photo by kaibara87

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Joe King with… The Middleton Sisters

Cor, you’ll never believe what (probably) happened to me this week. I was quietly beavering away, making travel dreams come true, when who should come in to my now star-studded branch? Only the Middleton sisters!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Philippa swept regally into STA Travel and quite literally lit up the room. I will admit I don’t really know what they said for the first few moments. I only know that when I snapped back into focus they were looking at me with some concern and a degree of nervousness.

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Ask the Experts: Is Sri Lanka safe?

It’s that time of week again, people! Our Travel Experts are ready and waiting to answer your travel questions. This week’s little beauty comes courtesy of Ian in Leeds, as he wants to know more about that island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. Take it away, Ian:

I’m hearing a lot of talk about Sri Lanka; what are the Expert’s thoughts? Is it safe; and how long should I visit for? Ian in Leeds

Ooh, a good question, Ian. If you’ve got a question to get our Experts scratching their heads, drop us an email.

So, can our Experts put Ian’s mind at ease and convince him that Sri Lanka is the island for him? There’s only one way to find out – over to you, Experts!

Sarah Jones at STA Travel Covent Garden says…

Those that have visited Sri Lanka will agree on one thing, Ian: it is one of the most stunning places on the planet.

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12 Irresistible Pancakes from Around the World

We love them with lemon and sugar; or a smear of Nutella. We lap them up with bananas, or golden syrup, or ice cream, or all three. I can only be talking about one thing, and that’s right, I’m talking about the humble pancake.

Flat. Round. Simple. Tasty. There can’t be that many way to reinvent the pancake, can there? Bring your frying pans this way, people, I’m about to take you on Pancake Day tour of batter-powered goodness, as we wade through a world of pancakes.

The world's tiniest pancake chef. | Original photo by jonathanb1989

Whatever you thought you knew about pancakes, scrub it. Whatever you thought you liked about pancakes, scoff it. Whatever you thought was your grandmother’s secret recipe for making the perfect pancake, scrap it. Because, coming up is a round up of pancakealicious pancakes, that will toss your perceptions of pancakes into the air.

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