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Win a trip for two to China!

We don’t half like a competition here at STA Travel. For the past year, once a month, we’ve given away the holiday of a lifetime to one lucky member of our 112,000+ strong Facebook community.

From diving the Great Barrier Reef, to trekking the Amazon jungle, to seeing in the New Year in New Zealand, we’ve whisked you off to some of the best holiday destinations known to backpacker-kind.

And it’s not over yet.

To complete our 12-month prize giveaway, we’re topping it all off with one of our best ever prizes: an 18-day discovery of incredible China.

Want to know what you could win? Read on!
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Ask the Experts: How to make the most of Japan?

This week our panel of experts walked into a real corker! They’ve been tested by a great question about one of the world’s most enigmatic destinations.

Remember, if you want to pose a question to our experts, drop them an email and you might see your question answered by the panellists in the coming months!

First up, let’s roll out this week’s question from blog reader, Grant Smith…

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Shakedown, Beijing

Welcome back to the weekly Shakedown, the STA Travel Blog feature that rattles a destination until it gives up its inside story; including hints and tips on making the most of your time in the area, plus some diamond insights into the ways of life that make a place so unique.

This week, we’re taking a look at one of the world’s busiest cities, as famous for its clucking side streets as its iconic and historical landscape. If you have no idea about where we’re headed (you haven’t read the title) then buckle up, as we take Beijing through the Shakedown.


 Choice is something you'll never be stuck for in Beijing | Photo by ernop

You’ll discover more about the Chinese capital’s history-chomping sites, and discover how you can follow in the footsteps of dynasties gone by, while rubbing shoulders with the locals that make up the world’s fifth largest city by population.
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Five Alternative New Year’s Events

If you haven’t already achieved 89.5% of your 2011 New Year’s resolution, then today’s the day, because that’s exactly how far through the year we are. “Where’s the year gone?” I hear you say, for the tenth year in a row. “We haven’t even had summer!” You joke. We laugh. You cringe.

So, with little more than a month remaining until your big plans for celebrating New Year’s Eve fall apart at the mercy of a dozen text messages from unreliable friends*, it’s time to start making plans for the big night.

*Just me then?

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High Five… Asia!

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, and one of the most diverse continents on the planet. It spans across 17 million square miles, and supports 3.9 billion people in 48 spellbinding countries.

So what have I done today? I’ve gone deep into the STA Travelchives and heaved up five of the continent’s most memorific experiences.

Whether you have travelled in Asia, or the flights are on the tip of your fingers, you’ll realise what a daunting task it was to summarise this continent in such broad strokes.

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