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Thailand: Beyond Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to find bliss, but paradise isn’t always found diving head first into an infinity pool. You probably already know all about the beautiful beaches and the electric nightlife of Bangkok, so here are a few experiences to shake things up a bit and make your Thai adventure EVEN more memorable…

1. Caring for rescued elephants

elephant thailand
Whether you’re a volunteering veteran or a first timer, caring for rescued elephants will warm the coldest of hearts. The Thai Elephant Conservation project in Chiang Mai is home to around 30 rescued elephants who have sadly suffered a lifetime of abuse working in the tourist trade before they found their way to this little sanctuary. Help feed and take care of these glorious creatures, conserve their environment and be prepared to get a little wet when it comes to communal bath time!
Interested in this volunteering project? Get in touch with us here.
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5 Thailand experiences your mates won’t have already done

So you’ve partied hard at the Full Moon, Black Moon, Blue Moon*, Jungle Moon, Half Moon, and you’re starting to think, well what else is there left to do in Thailand?

Well stop right there. We’ve found five Thai experiences that will make you put your neon paint into semi-retirement. We’ll guarantee you’ll meet locals like never before, work with remote hilltribes, become an expert tightrope walker and chef extraordinaire all at the same time.

*think this is actually a beer not a moon-related party.

1. Lend a helping hand to the hilltribes

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Top 10 budgeting tips for Asia

You’re off to Asia and rumour has it, the country is one (if not THE) cheapest place to travel. We can confirm this rumour is true, but that still doesn’t mean you should go over there without a budgeting plan. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together our top 10 budgeting tips for your Asian adventure.

Don’t go crazy because everything is cheap

You’ll go to markets, restaurants, basically everywhere and be so bowled over by how cheap everything is that it’s extremely easy to just throw your money at anyone and everyone. “A bandanna for 10p? I don’t even need one but sure”. Classic anti-budgeting.

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Photoshooting the Philippines with Instagrammer Jordan Hammond

In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, it is safe to say more and more of the travel inspo we get comes from online platforms rather than old school brochures. Be it dreamy locations shot using drones or GoPros, the travelling game has become more aesthetic and visual – enabling us at home to dream, escape and plan our next destinations through others’ trips!

One of these dreamy locations is the Philippines. With a choice of 7,000 islands to visit, beautiful beaches, hikes and landscapes, it is a destination that has something for everyone with many ‘Insta worthy’ settings. I decided to catch up with one of STA Travel’s most reblogged Instagrammer with over 30k followers Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond), who is currently travelling around this wonderful bucket-list country with his girlfriend Sophia, and who’s content has really convinced me that life really must be ‘more fun in the Philippines’…

What inspired you to take a trip to the Philippines?

As you mentioned earlier, an increasing number of us are inspired to travel through the medium of social platforms. For me, Instagram was the main source of inspiration. So many incredible photos were being shared from the Philippines towards the end of last year, and from that I knew I had to make it my first trip of the new year.

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The creativity behind #PhilippinesUnplugged

By Tor White. Global Creative Director STA Travel
Last year, STA Travel and Tourism Philippines embarked upon a pioneering new project. Philippines Unplugged would document the journey of British band Skinny Living as they traveled through the island province of Palawan. Raw, unscripted and all-access, this film series would show the beauty and honesty of the Philippines. The footage and photography would capture a world of authentic people and unfamiliar places; and the lyrics would tell their story, with Skinny Living writing an exclusive track for us on the road.

Here are our highlights from behind the cameras and the music.
“Through each other’s eyes”

We’re never more alive than when we travel. And despite being far from home, sometimes we never feel so at home.

Part of our Philippines Unplugged adventure was for Skinny Living to write a song inspired by the country and their experiences, and for us to capture this creative journey for you in film. Travel for
musicians is like creativity on steroids. We had a lot of jeepney rides, boat trips, sunrises, sunsets and beers to think about why.

A break from the routine

When you change up your daily routine, you rewire your thinking – you have new stimulus and can tap into different parts of your brain. Combine this with the sensory overload that is Asia, and what you have the is the ultimate hotbed for new ideas and ways of thinking.

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