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5 Thailand experiences your mates won’t have already done

So you’ve partied hard at the Full Moon, Black Moon, Blue Moon*, Jungle Moon, Half Moon, and you’re starting to think, well what else is there left to do in Thailand?

Well stop right there. We’ve found five Thai experiences that will make you put your neon paint into semi-retirement. We’ll guarantee you’ll meet locals like never before, work with remote hilltribes, become an expert tightrope walker and chef extraordinaire all at the same time.

*think this is actually a beer not a moon-related party.

1. Lend a helping hand to the hilltribes

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5 Reasons to drop everything and go to Vietnam

Do you like to eat mouth-watering food? Drink exquisite coffee? Explore UNESCO world heritage sites? You do! Well welcome to Vietnam. With its floating markets, world’s largest cave, delicious Pho dishes and incredible floating islands, it’s a truly unique country full of hidden treasures. The backpacker buffs here at STA Travel have put together 5 VERY important reasons why you should drop everything and head to Vietnam now. Read on wanderluster…

1. The Mekong Delta

Vietnam Cheat Sheet

From the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh, to the beautiful beaches of Mui Ne, Vietnam has something for everyone! Interested? Here’s a few useful tips to help plan your adventure.

When to visit

There’s no one season in particular to recommend as the ‘best’ time because Vietnam is beautiful all year round. Generally, Autumn months (September to December) and Spring (March and April) are the most favorable seasons if you plan on touring the whole country because the weather isn’t too cold or too hot.

The temperatures in the South will tend to stay balanced all year around, whereas the North has very distinctive seasons. It’s generally sunny and warm from October until December, followed by a cold winter up until March. In Summer temperatures will reach 40°C, but it’s also rainy season!

Packing tips

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Bali Cheat Sheet

Strapped for cash but want to be in paradise? Head to Bali and your problem will be solved. Home to beautiful temples, incredible beaches, picture perfect rice paddies and exotic wildlife, its peaceful and natural atmosphere is ideal for a getaway. It’s also a super budget-friendly place to go so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. It’s surprising to discover just how affordable a destination it is. To help you get the most out of your time here, we’ve put together this handy cheat sheet with packing and budgeting tips!

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Packing Tips

Make sure you pack…

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7 Reasons NOT to go to Bali

What do you think of when you picture Bali? Mesmerising sunsets, unique culture, awesome nightlife and delicious food? You’re not wrong. But all of these things can have a serious effect on your well-being. EXTREMELY serious. When in Bali you’re likely to experience feelings of sadness for plain white rice, embarrassment for other sunsets, high levels of relaxation and a strong desire to become a mermaid. Don’t put yourself through that.

Here are 7 reasons NOT to go to Bali…

1. Sunsets will never be the same again

Sunset swinging in Gili T

A photo posted by Jordan Hammond (@jordhammond) on

Yuck! That sunset it just too much. The Gili Islands are a stone’s throw from Bali, with white sandy palm-lined beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, ideal for snorkelling have some of the most OVER THE TOP sunsets. Seriously, how selfish of those Bali sunsets making all others look embarrassing and inferior.

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