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7 Reasons NOT to go to Australia!

Yes, we all know reasons why we should go to Australia, but nobody ever discusses reasons NOT to go. Soaking up views of sheer beauty, snorkelling with tropical fish, eating brunch to your heart’s content and partying the night away can have serious consequences on your well-being. Very serious. So we’re going to break it down for you.

WARNING: Do not go to Australia if you do not want the below to happen to you…

1. Views will no longer impress you



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#FeatureFriday Vivid Sydney 2016

The annual Vivid Sydney – Light, Music & Ideas festival has been lighting up the Sydney skyline over the past 3 weeks. And despite being  battered about by storms recently, Sydney, has still managed to put a twinkle in our eye. To get you inspired to check out the festival this long weekend before all the prettiness finishes on the 18 June, we’ve trolled through thousands of images on Instagram and picked our favourite 10 photos.

The Sails of the Sydney Opera House

Image by raffyhalim

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Light it up at Vivid Sydney 2016

The Sydney skyline looks pretty awesome on a normal night, and it will be lighting up again for the annual Vivid Sydney light and music festival. Each year Sydney is transformed by light and music installations throughout the entire city. So if you are travelling to Australia from 27 May – 18 June, make sure you stop by to see the city in a new light.

Vivid Sydney 2016
image: Destination NSW

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Fiji time or no time. A diary of our Fiji famil.

Today’s blog comes from the lovely Louise Jones a Travel Expert in our Goodge Street, London store. She’s talking all things Fiji, so sip that pina colada, lie back in your hammock and read on…

Last month 11 of STA Travels finest employees were lucky enough to jet off to the South Pacific nation of Fiji for 10 whole days. Now bear in mind here that travel time to Fiji from the UK is a good 25 hours – that left us with just 8 days to cram in as much as possible (and of course work on our tans!). The anticipation of what was in store for us was off the scale and the reality exceeded all of our expectations so with the few words we have I will try and walk you through the trip as if you were there. Cue the jealousy.

After a long and tiring journey for those coming from the Northern Hemisphere we arrive weary but delighted to have landed safely in the ‘home of happiness’ – their words not ours – could it be true? I for one couldn’t wait to find out! We are greeted with a warm welcome and head off to our first resort on mainland Fiji, excited to meet the rest of our group who had travelled from Germany, Austria, New Zealand and Australia.

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Cheap eats in Sydney!

If you’re someone who is more “live to eat”, rather than “eat to live”, the prospect of travelling to Sydney on a backpacker budget might be creating a feeling of unease in your insatiable stomach.

Yes, Sydney is glitzy and glamorous, with trendy new restaurants and bars opening up every weekend, but you don’t have to confine yourself to living off the free hostel brekkies and bags of Goon just because you’re on a budget.

How, you say? Read on, my hungry friend.

Budget burgers


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