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Instagramming around the Gold Coast

Eight Instagram images of the glorious Gold Coast.
We’re all guilty of spending our entire time at Wet’n'Wild going round the AquaLoop until we feel sick. But GC has so much cool stuff going on like, cute locals, ice cream that makes you skinnier* and rainbow waterfalls. Resist the ride and let Instagram show you the way…

*kind of.
1. Those beers

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10 things you probably didn’t know about New Zealand

Giant fjordlands, the mighty All Blacks, sauvignon blanc and this lost ring that everyone seems to be searching for… New Zealand’s charms are famous and plentiful. But what about the stuff you didn’t know?

1. New Zealand are the only country allowed to put hobbit imagery on their currency. LONG LIVE FRODO BAGGINS.

A world I could live and get lost in. #hobbiton #noadmittance #bagend #hobbit

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How to travel the East Coast of Oz for under £950

If you’re really keen to travel the East Coast of Australia but think it might cost you a literal arm and a leg, it doesn’t have to. One of our staff members, Rachael, had exactly the same predicament in her first year of working and travelling Australia. She’s here to tell you how she managed to travel the epic East Coast for under £950 (or $1,500AUD).
BODYSydney Harbour_ Australia

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How much do you need for 1 month in Oz?

Here at STA Travel we pride ourselves on the fact we “know because we go”, so instead of giving you a generic post about spending in Australia we thought we’d hand it over to Rachael, who can give you the lowdown on how much you should spend in Australia in one month– drawing on her own experiences.

I worked and travelled in Australia for exactly 2 years – I literally left one day before my visa ended because I loved it so much, so I’d like to think I know a fair amount about the place. If you’re off there for a month and want to know how much you’ll need then I’ll split it into four sections: transport, accommodation, food and spending. This is a general guide, as opposed to state focused, so please bear that in mind – and don’t hate me if you spend more than this. Let’s say you’re travelling all of Australia in that time…very ambitious, but let’s go with it.



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Top 10 budgeting tips for your trip to Australia

One of our staff members, Rachael, just got back from her two-year trip to Australia, so we asked her to compile a list of budgeting tips that she has collated from her time there.

BODYSydney_ Australia

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