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What’s so great about the Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives. Hire a camper van, get out of Melbourne and see all that the Victoria coastline has to offer! Here’s a few reasons why we think it’s so great:

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Straight Outta Melbourne: Day Five – Secret beaches on the edge of Gippsland

“I’ve been excited to get here all week.”

Gippsland Insider and talented videographer Andrew Northover finally has STA Outsiders and Instagrammers Hannes Becker and Adam Partridge in his home patch.

The group are staying in the little-known beach town of Inverloch, on the edge of Gippsland and in between Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory on Victoria’s coastline.

For the all-important sunset shot on night five of their week-long “Straight Outta Melbourne” road trip, Andrew took the Instagrammers to one of his favourite secret beaches, The Oaks.

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Straight Outta Melbourne: Day One – Unlocking the secrets of Melbourne

How does the perfect day in Australia’s buzzing city of Melbourne begin?

It starts huddled around a table in Manchester Press. A Melbourne coffee institution hidden down Rankins Lane where a latte, flat white or expresso is made with the same level of care as open heart surgery.

It’s here that STA’s two Insiders and two Outsiders meet for the first time.

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Insider Tips Into The NZ Music Scene

How’s your knowledge of the NZ music scene? Not great? Thought so. Having grown up in New Zealand @AnnaCoddingtonMusic knows where to go to get off the beaten track. Read her New Zealand insider tips and what festivals you should be heading to this year:

What home grown Kiwi Anna Coddington thinks

Anna’s number one place has to be Raglan (her home town so maybe she’s a little biased). It has excellent surf spots, cute cafes, quirky shops and family-friendly black sand beaches. There’s a strong creative community for both music and visual arts. Sunday Sessions down at the Yotty Club are not to be missed!

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9 Amazing New Zealand Experiences

New Zealand is not a country that does things by halves. So much more than just a nice backdrop to Ian Mckellen’s horse riding antics, it’s a wild, seeking, joyful, seemingly limitless land stuffed full of adventures just for you. Which ones specifically? Read on for a glimpse into everything waiting for you when you turn left at Australia and go straight on till morning…

And while your on the road why not add some of our freshest unsigned musical talent from around the world to your playlist – with STA Travel Sounds. Check out the artists here

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