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Journey to the outback: Meet Henry Nathan

Northern Territory, Australia is a place like no other, even when you compare with the other states it is a truly unique must see place. From the rich aboriginal history to stunning views of the sunset in the outback there is never a dull moment. We are sending photographer’s Henry Nathan & Alex Stead to show you how impressive Northern Territory is. Before Henry heads off to capture the heart of the region we caught up with him to get to know him more and what he is excited about for the trip.

Hi, I’m Henry (@canon_photos) and will be travelling around Northern Territory, Australia for 10 days. I grew up in Sussex and started to get a passion for photography at school, from then on I have loved experimenting and learning new ways to approach it.

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Journey to the outback: Meet Alex Stead

Painted with a palette of earthy coppers and crimson sunsets, the Outback in Northern Territory is one of the most dramatic places on Earth. A picture is worth a thousand words so we are sending photographer’s Alex Stead & Henry Nathan over to Australia to capture the iconic sights. Before Alex packs his bags we caught up to find out more about him and what he is looking forward to the most on this trip.

Hi, I’m Alex (@nikon_photography) a travel and adventure photographer based in London and Cornwall. Since the age of 13, photography has been a big part of my life, studying it all the way through school and then University. Travel has always been a big part of my life and it’s something which I wanted to do more of…photography has really allowed me to do this.

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The Ultimate Guide to Darwin


The Northern Territory’s capital is very small compared to other Australian state capitals and with a population of only over 100,000, Darwin has a real charm to it. With a great nightlife, bustling street food markets, fun hostels, loads of work opportunities and close proximity to several stunning National Parks, Darwin is the perfect spot to start your Aussie Adventure. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit ASAP…

1. The Nightlife

Long weekend vibez in Darwin

Image: Instagram darwin_style

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Where can I catch the Lions games next year in NZ?

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora! It’s time for one of the BIGGEST events in the rugby calendar and it’s the Kiwi’s turn to host… say Kia Ora to the British & Irish Lions Tour 2017 in New Zealand! Kicking off in Whangarei on the North Island this 10 game “feast of rugby” spans almost six weeks taking in the best of the North and South Island. You guys get a choice of seven host cities to explore, with Wellington and Auckland being two awesome highlights. There’s PLENTY to do in between the matches and venues, with NZ being the adrenaline capital of the world, take your pick from sky-diving, bungy-jumping, white water rafting… the list goes on! Watch some incredible rugby and explore the thrilling country of New Zealand at the same time.

The Lions


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Western Australia Camper Adventure – Perth to Esperance

Fancy getting off the tourist trail and exploring some of Australia’s best beaches and untouched wilderness? Then head to Western Australia, the perfect place for a camper adventure! The next question is, do you go north to Broome or south to Esperance? For the most beautiful beaches in the world and for shorter driving times definitely go south! After asking many locals 9 out of 10 recommended this route – and WOW I am so glad we took their advice. So buckle up, and take a look at what you could do on your camper adventure…


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