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The Ultimate Guide to Darwin


The Northern Territory’s capital is very small compared to other Australian state capitals and with a population of only over 100,000, Darwin has a real charm to it. With a great nightlife, bustling street food markets, fun hostels, loads of work opportunities and close proximity to several stunning National Parks, Darwin is the perfect spot to start your Aussie Adventure. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit ASAP…

1. The Nightlife

Long weekend vibez in Darwin

Image: Instagram darwin_style

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Western Australia Camper Adventure – Perth to Esperance

Fancy getting off the tourist trail and exploring some of Australia’s best beaches and untouched wilderness? Then head to Western Australia, the perfect place for a camper adventure! The next question is, do you go north to Broome or south to Esperance? For the most beautiful beaches in the world and for shorter driving times definitely go south! After asking many locals 9 out of 10 recommended this route – and WOW I am so glad we took their advice. So buckle up, and take a look at what you could do on your camper adventure…


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Adventure guide to 48 hours in Cairns!

This week’s blog comes from traveller, explorer and blogger, Scotty Pass. He’s giving us the full lowdown on what to do in Cairns (especially if you’re tight on time)…

Planning a tropical getaway during the upcoming winter months but stuck on where to explore? Why not give North Queensland a visit the next time you’re thinking of travelling tropical? If you’re after an action packed weekend or just up for a bit of rest and relaxation Cairns has got you covered no matter what the occasion. On my recent journey to Tropical North Queensland I had the intention of participating in as much as possible, in what was possibly the shortest amount of time and most strict schedule imaginable. The plan – adventure, photograph and see as much of Cairns in less than 48 hours!
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You’ll never want to leave the Whitsundays!

Picture 74 islands slung across the Great Barrier Reef, these little islands are a showstopper on any East Coast trip! It’s safe to say once you’re there you’ll never want to leave. Our Aussie main man Adrian, is here to share with you his love for this jaw dropping bunch of islands.

I'm on a boat

I am in complete agreement with the boys from The Lonely Island when they’re singing about feeling like the “King of the world when you’re on a boat like Leo”, especially when that boat is cruising 5 knots on the Whitsunday passage, next stop Hayman Island!
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5 Dive Spots You Must Visit On The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a water baby’s haven, with the reef covering more than 3,000 square km there is plenty for you to explore and see. Depending on the season you visit this world heritage listed site you can dive with whales, sharks, hang with Crush and his family on the EAC dude (AKA sea turtles), glide with one of the giants of the ocean (AKA manta rays) and pretty much see all different species of fish under the sun.

But where should you go to see all these incredible creatures of the big blue? We’ve narrowed down our favourite spots. Check our favourites:

1.Osprey Reef

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