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Daines’s Deal Reel: 6th May 2012

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s the month of May and it’s Bank Holiday weekend, so do you know what that means? MAYhem! when STA Travel hits MAYhem, our already brilliant hot travel deals get even more brilliant. Brilliant! Lets see what the Deal Reel spins up for us this week…

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Daines’s Deal Reel: 27th April 2012

To celebrate one year since the Royal nuptials, a well known tea supplier is offering couples named William and Kate a years worth of free teabags. We’d LOVE to offer a years worth of free travel to all the Wills and Kates out there….but it’s just not going to happen. Sorry guys!

BUT WAIT! We’ve still got unbeatable travel offers, and we don’t care what your name is! Show us what you got Deal Reel…

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“The landscapes are out of this world…”

We recently caught up with Stephanie Swail, the winner of our photography competition at the grand opening of our STA Travel store in Clapham, London.

Meet Stephanie Swail. She wins amazing competitions.

Stephanie landed herself return flights to New Zealand, for her and a friend, with the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most celebrated landscapes.

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Stephanie was in awe of the experiences on offer for her during her trip to New Zealand, noting that, “There’s no traffic in New Zealand!” when comparing it to her homeland!

If the idea of a road trip through New Zealand sounds like your kind of adventure, visit the travelling in New Zealand pages of our website, for the latest deals.

But first, let’s find out how Stephanie got on, when she took her first ever trip to the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’.
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13 Tip Top Tea Spots

There are few things more fantastic than a mug of hot tea. As soon as you read that, your brain flicked over the image of a glossy white mug, filled with that familiar golden brown hue. Simple. Glorious. Aching to be introduced to your biscuit of choice.

Here in Britain, we’ve enjoyed traditional tea breaks for well over 200 years, it’s become a hero for Anglophiles around the world, and in true hero style, soon after it arrived on our foggy shores it achieved something quite extraordinary: it bumped ale, and then gin, into the sidelines, and became Britain’s best-loved beverage.

Three cheers for tea!

Is there anything more lovely, than this? | Image by KnitStorm

But where on earth can such an elegant drink come from? Although tea originated in China over 5000 years ago (I’ll spare you the war-torn history lesson), the modern truth is that it now comes from all over the place.

These places all have one thing in common: they are all beautiful places to visit. So in ode to this remarkable drink, we’ve rounded up no less than thirteen of the world’s best tea plantations for you to peruse.
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High Five… New Zealand’s Beaches!

What do you think of when you think of New Zealand? Mountains? Beautiful green landscapes? Lord of the Rings? Let me stop you right there. There’s so much more to New Zealand than greenery and hobbits. Take the amazing beaches, for example.

Yeah, that’s right, beaches! In New Zealand! Not only are they plentiful, they’re also totally awesome. And they deserve a massive HIGH FIVE!

From hot and sandy on the North Island to those on the edge of a luscious forest in the South, we’re counting down five of our favourite beaches in the land next to the land Down Under.

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