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High Five… High Fives of 2013!

As the year draws to a close, join me as I take a look back through my choice of the best blogs from our High Five series in 2013. Our High Five series aims to give a short blast of inspiration about one specific destination of theme of experiences including tips and advice on how to make the most of your time in a destination.

This year we’ve had some absolute crackers (Christmas pun totally intentional), and next year our High Five series will be back better than ever – but in the mean time, here’s a recap of the very best articles from last year.


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High Five… South Pacific!

What springs to mind when you think of the South Pacific? Turqoise waters? Tick. Sandy white beaches? Tick. Drinking cocktails out of coconuts? It’s a big fat tick. The South Pacific islands are so picture perfect, they’re practically a desert island stereotype. But don’t let first impressions fool you. There’s more to each island that meets the eye, and they each have their own defining feature.

Tear yourself away from the sun lounger and you’ll find awesome landscapes just waiting to be explored, both above and below sea level: the Pacific islands are home to some of the best scuba diving in the world. Venture away from the resort and you’ll encounter some of the friendliest locals around, and the chance to immerse yourself in Polynesisan and Melanesian traditions.

Rapa Nui aka Easter Island is just one of the reasons we love the South Pacific

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13 Up and Coming Destinations You Do Not Want to Miss

The term ‘up and coming’ is used a lot. You want to hear about the up and coming musicians? Sure, why not. The up and coming actors and actresses? Of course! The up and coming fashion designers, comedians, TV chefs, photographers and artists etc? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes again.

Up and coming is unfamiliar, it’s unknown, it’s fun, it’s new, and there’s a glorious sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing about the next big thing before anyone else does.

So would you like to know the up and coming travel destinations that we think you can’t afford miss out on? Yep, we knew it. In no particular order, here they are…

The Temples of Bagan help Burma make the cut

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Which of these 5 Round the World routes is right for you?

A Round the World trip is The Dream. Ask anyone who’s ever thought about strapping on a backpack, and they’ll tell you that if they were handed a Round the World ticket, they’d be off in a flash. And it’s easy to see why.

A jaunt around the world is the ultimate journey; your opportunity to travel through countless countries, experience different cultures, and see what this big ol’ globe of ours has to offer.

It’s the kind of trip where you could be lazing on a beach in Thailand one week and trekking through the Amazon the next. You could find yourself munching on an In-N-Out burger in LA on Monday, and chowing down on nshima in Zambia on Thursday.

From deserts to mountains, beaches to backwaters, savannas to skyscrapers – a Round the World trip can pack them all in, and then some.

This could actually be you. Yep, you. Right there.

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14 Reasons to Visit Fiji Before You Die (Of Jealousy)

In 2011, I set off on an epic round the world trip that would take me through Egypt, Nepal, India, South East Asia, New Zealand, the USA and, most excitingly for me, Fiji.

Having worked at STA Travel for 2 and a half years before I decided to take a 6 month sabbatical, I was very aware of my options when it came to my own round the world trip and I had been inspired to include a 10 day stop in Fiji from the very beginning of the planning stage.

Constantly writing about the beautiful beaches, turquoise lagoons, and laid back vibe made me desperate to experience it for myself – I wanted to be as far away from London as I could – both geographically and metaphorically. So, Fiji was catapulted straight to the top of my sabbatical ‘hit list’ and I built the rest of my trip around my time there.

I’m a bit of a ‘doer’ at heart, so I was a little worried that 10 days might be too much if all I was going to be doing was sitting around on the beach all day (however stunning that beach may be). But I needn’t have worried, after 10 days, when the time came to head off to LA, I wasn’t ready to go! I wanted to stay longer and continue with the things I hadn’t had time to do yet!

Fiji’s a pretty incredible place, and while I have this blog at my disposal, I’m going to spend 5 minutes telling you why I loved Fiji – and why I think you have to have to go. So don’t be jealous – just be on your way…

Not a bad way to soothe my hangover on Fiji party island Beachcomber

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