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Our Top 5 Routes For An Epic 60 Day Gap Year

Who says an incredible gap year has to last a year? Not us, that’s for sure! You can squeeze so much into 60 days it’s (almost) unreal.

To prove it, I’ve enlisted the help of 5 well travelled STA Travel staffers, and we’ve each described our own version of the perfect 60 day gap year, or ‘snap year’ if you will. Now remember; this may be our own ideas of what constitutes a perfect trip, but the glory of a gap year, is that it can include pretty much, anything you like.

So, maybe you like one of our ideas, or maybe you like a little bit of a few of them, or maybe you think none of them are for you and you have your own, much better trip, already planned in your head.

Either way have a read and let us know what you think in the comments box below. In fact, leave your own version of the perfect 60 day gap year – maybe you’ll inspire someone…

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The Answers To 8 Frequently Asked Customer Service Questions

Our customer service team are a hard working bunch, they sit up at their desks in our Manchester office carefully and skillfully wading through requests, questions and feedback from our customers 7 days a week.

Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes people do have complaints to make, and our team are great at dealing with them quickly and efficiently, but, most of the time they are busy answering the many burning questions that come with planning an exciting trip overseas.

So, in the name of combating those niggling questions, our Customer Services team manager Nicola has provided us with the top questions asked to the customer services team by STA Travel customers and dished out the answers to help your trip run smoothly. Who knows maybe there an answer to a question you didn’t know you had yet?

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Ask the Experts: What’s the best route to take round the world?

It’s time to brighten up your Friday with some pearls of wisdom from our Travel Experts! Woohoo! They’re here every week to answer your travel questions. Got something to ask them? Just drop us an email and the Experts will get back to you right here on the STA Travel Blog. How’s that for service?!

This week’s question is from Chris, who’s planning a round the world trip. Organising such a big trip can be daunting at first; it’s no wonder that our Experts get loads of questions about round the world planning. Chris, share what’s on your mind:

I want to go round the world in October time, visiting Southeast Asia, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand, and possibly South America (money permitting). What is the best route to take and the best way to get the most from these places? Chris

There’s nothing our Experts love more than a bit of trip planning! This week, Jess from our store up in Leeds is here to come up with the goods. Jess, can you help Chris get his round the world trip off to a flying start?

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What Type Of Gapper Are You?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘gap trip’ before, I mean, here at STA Travel we don’t stop banging on about them, and for good reason; it’s our area of expertise, we love them and we believe that taking a gap trip can, without a doubt, change your life.

But what exactly is a gap trip? Without trying to sound patronising, it’s exactly what it sounds like; a ‘gap’ in your regular life, some space, a break from the norm, some time away.

There are so many variations of a gap trip it’s impossible to define them all individually. They come in a huge array of shapes and sizes and each person’s trip expectations are different. Some want to do nothing except chill and reflect, some want to party like it’s 1999 (again), some want to make a difference, some want to learn, some want to integrate, the list is endless.

Now, we’re not trying to box you in, but ‘gappers’ usually find them selves fitting into one of a few different categories. No 2 people’s gap trip is ever the same, even if you travel with a friend chances are you will both come away with different perspectives once you reflect on what you experienced and that’s something that should be celebrated – and embraced. Trips like this can make you realise things you never knew before, they can introduce you to different ways of thinking that will change your life forever; or you may come back exactly as you were before just a bit more tanned, a little grubbier but with memories of an effing good time.

So what type of ‘gapper’ are you? We’ve come up with a few options below, but can you think of anymore? Any that you think define you better? Let us know in the comments box below.

A gap trip can be exactly what you want it to be

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Popular Olympic Sports – From The Stadium To The Wider World

This is a great time to be in the UK, excitement is buzzing in the air and everyone’s well and truly hooked on sport; I’m finding myself emotionally invested in things you couldn’t have paid me to care about a month ago, (dressage any one?!)

But, the reality is, in a few weeks the games will be over, my motivation will have taken a bigger dive than Tom Daly on the 10m board, and I’ll go back to just having lots of good intentions.

So, in the spirit of keeping all my new found sporting dreams alive, I’ve chosen 6 of my new favourite sports from the past couple of weeks and considered where in the world I can carry on indulging my current passion, well after the medal madness has been forgotten, and all in a much more exotic environment than Stratford (which is, of course, lovely in its own way).

Here we go, this is my interpretation of how to bring those sports I’ve grown to love over the past few weeks out into the big wide world.
*Just for fun, in the comments box below, have a go at sharing the places you’d suggest for either my choice of sport below, or your own choices from the games.

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