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High 5… Fijian Islands!

A little drop of heaven on earth, yep, it may sound a little cheesy, but there’s no better way to describe the 333 islands that make up stunning Fiji.

Tropical lagoons, coconut palms, coral reefs, hidden caves, mighty sand dunes and some of the friendliest locals you could ever wish to meet; it’s everything Mother Nature dreamed it would be – and probably a whole lot more.

Get ready to throw western concepts of clock watching out of the window and prepare for life in the slow lane because everything here runs on ‘Fiji time’.

Say ‘Bula!’ to paradise as I give the islands of Fiji a massive high 5!

Fiji offers some of the world's most spectacular tropical islands

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8 Gold Medal Beaches

I’m not ashamed to admit that, against all my good intentions, I’ve got a wee bit caught up in the Olympics. It was David Beckham on a boat that finally did it for me. Now, I’m well and truly sucked in to every adrenaline-pumping, sweat-inducing, tear-jerking minute. All because of David Beckham and his dapper ways. That man has a lot to answer for.

So, in light of my and the country’s current obsession, I decided to award some medals of my own. Not to athletes, though – it’s been done, and, really, wouldn’t make a great post for a travel blog.

So instead, I’m giving gold medals to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. 8 of ‘em, in fact. It turns out that the world has some pretty spectacular beaches. Competition was fierce. The clearest waters, the softest sands, the best parties and the most picture perfect sunsets battled it out for a place on the podium.

The result? A dazzling display of nirvana-like coastlines that’ll have you packing the sunscreen and boarding a plane. Get ready to witness a medal ceremony like no other…

Byron Bay sunset 1

Keep reading to see which beaches made our winners' podium | Image by allspice1

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6 Things You Need To Know About Adventure Tours

Adventure tours rock my world – almost as much as Passionfruit Mojitos (almost).

And, sometimes they get a bit of a bad rep. The majority of us who have experienced life as part of a tour group wouldn’t look back, but some – rather unfairly – dismiss the idea of adventure touring right off the bat.

Common misconceptions include; ‘they’re so expensive’ and ‘you don’t get time to do your own thing’, and that’s exactly what they are – misconceptions. Whether you’ve ever thought about taking an adventure tour or not, it’s important that you read the rest of this blog.

Adventure tours offer a whole host of ways to experience an authentic taste of culture

Below are 6, very good, reasons why I think adventure touring is the ultimate way to travel, including some opinions from our ever vocal Twitter community thrown in for good measure.

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High Five… Beach Parties!

As Maria once sang in the Sound of Music (classic), these are a few of my favourite things: my Miu Miu sunglasses. Stodgy pizza. Going to the airport. And beach parties.

For the sake of this week’s High Five, let’s focus on that last one.

If you’ve ever partied on a beach, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite like drinking, dancing and having a right old time of it on the sand, several thousand miles from home, to make you feel really quite happy.

The sand under your feet, the feel of the cool breeze on you skin as the day gives way to night, and the sheer novelty of partying on the shore without the danger of the British summer time rocking up and spoiling all the fun.

I’m gonna say it: beach parties = awesome. So raise your hand and smack it passionately against the next hand you find, and join me in giving beach parties a massive High Five, as I count down five of the world’s best places to party beach-side.

Surfers Paradise

 Ain't no party like a beach party | Image by betsyweber

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Enjoy an entire year of sunshine!

There’s nothing more miserable than winter. Actually, there is. Winter in the UK. When it’s raining and cold and grey and everyone’s grumpy. Bah humbug, indeed.

So what if we told you there was a way to escape the winter months? Not just for a few weeks, oh no. We can get you a round the world ticket that’s valid for 12 months, so you could enjoy a whole year of summery goodness, my friend.

Yep, with a bit of careful planning, and a helping hand from our Travel Experts, eternal sunshine could all be yours.

So pack your sunnies and slap on the sun cream – we’re going to show you just how you can enjoy 12 months of summer lovin’.

You're 365 sunsets away from a year-long summer

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