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How would you travel round Europe?

As soon as the clocks go back, and the sun breaks free of the low wintry clouds, and our stores open up for the day; we are bowled over by a stream of travel-starved people, with one thing on their minds: summer. And in particularly: Europe.

They want to know everything: from the best known places, to the trendiest, the cheapest, the sunniest, and the best.

And we impart all of our travel expertise; and we hand over their itineraries; and we quite often hear from these people as they’re travelling around Europe, soaking up the cultures and vibes that ebb and flow through the cities and villages of the world’s boldest, and most visited continent. And they love it!

So to get a headstart, I had a chat with one of STA Travel’s very own Product Managers, Laura.

Laura’s part of a team who are responsible for sourcing the most exciting experiences in the places you want to visit. This is one of the many reasons we can offer you such a wide variety of adventures, in places all around the world. But where would Laura recommend? I caught up with her to find out.

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The Ultimate Set List for this Summer’s Music Festivals

Wave your phones in the air if you love getting into the thick of the live action at a massive music festival!

Music and travel are pretty much the perfect trouble, throw in food and we’ve got ourselves a tasty love triangle. Knowing that, we’ve turned our gaze towards this year’s incredible line up of music festivals, both across the UK, and further out to Europe.

This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are smaller festivals stamping their mark on the circuit, and gigs galore rolling through the UK.

To kick things off, and get you in the mood, flick on this playlist that you guys helped to pull together over on Facebook. It was themed on the best way to kick off your adventures, and it’s a firm favourite on the turntables at STA Travel Towers.

So, now you’re in the mood, let’s move on to the main stage, with a scoot through Europe’s best music festivals.
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Ask the Experts: The Trans-Siberian and Beyond

It’s FRIDAY! And here at STA Travel HQ, on Friday, we rejoice. Why? Well, for starters, it’s one day away from the weekend (duh). And secondly, it means it’s time to Ask the Experts!

Our Experts are here every week to answer your travel related queries. If you’ve got a travel itch that you just can’t scratch, let our Experts help! Email them with your questions.

Right, without further ado, let’s here it from this week’s questioner, Jason from Milton Keynes, who has a query about the mighty Trans-Siberian railway. Take it away, Jase:

A friend of mine recently journeyed along the Trans-Siberian Railway, and I’m sold! Are there any ideal ways to travel onwards, and back home? Jason in Milton Keynes

Ooh, it’s a mind-boggler, that one. Can the Experts rack their brains and put all of Jason’s options into a neat little bundle? There’s only one way to find out…

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12 Irresistible Pancakes from Around the World

We love them with lemon and sugar; or a smear of Nutella. We lap them up with bananas, or golden syrup, or ice cream, or all three. I can only be talking about one thing, and that’s right, I’m talking about the humble pancake.

Flat. Round. Simple. Tasty. There can’t be that many way to reinvent the pancake, can there? Bring your frying pans this way, people, I’m about to take you on Pancake Day tour of batter-powered goodness, as we wade through a world of pancakes.

The world's tiniest pancake chef. | Original photo by jonathanb1989

Whatever you thought you knew about pancakes, scrub it. Whatever you thought you liked about pancakes, scoff it. Whatever you thought was your grandmother’s secret recipe for making the perfect pancake, scrap it. Because, coming up is a round up of pancakealicious pancakes, that will toss your perceptions of pancakes into the air.

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10 European Festivals for your Diary

I know. You’ve always wanted to go to at least one major European festival. For years, you’ve been hounding our mates to head down to Spain for La Tomatina. Since you were a wee child, you’ve been begging people to join you at Up Helly Aa.

Are you going to a festival in Europe this year? These boys are waiting for you, at Up Helly Aa

Hopefully you’ve ticked one or two off your list already, but this is your year of travel. This is the year to take a long hard look at your travel ambitions and make a move.

No continent does cultural festivals on the scale that Europe does; and while some have been around for what seems like eternity, other festivals have made their way onto the radar of fun-loving travellers with great aplomb.
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