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The Best, and Most Scoffable Sweet Treats from Around the World

It’s time to talk about one of my favourite things, food. More specifically, one of my favourite types of food – calorific, delicious, sickly sweet stuff.

One of the best things about travelling is getting to sample different food from around the world, things you may never have tried, or even heard of before, but also things that you may eat quite often here in the UK with either a different or more authentic spin.

With sweets and cakes being one such example. You can go to any shop round the corner from your house and buy something tasty and a little bit sickly, but there are so many more delicious varieties and concoctions out there waiting to be savoured.

To give you a bit of an introduction to some of the yummiest, here is a count down of our choice of the best, and most scoffable sweet treats from around the world.


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8 European Cities That Haven’t Been ‘Stagged’ Yet

You know the feeling, there you are, strolling through the character filled streets of a beautiful European city on your much anticipated weekend city break, when, all of a sudden, you’re faced with the unsightly view of a drunken stag, complete with Borat mankini, in all his, erm, ungroomed, masculine glory.

Kind of ruins the moment do you think? That’s why we’ve come up with a list of our favourite European cities that haven’t been ‘stagged’ yet. There will be no naked men tied to lamp posts or burping competitions here!


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Our Favourite 12, Super Affordable, 1 Week Adventures

‘I want a holiday’. How many times have you uttered that sentence so far this year? For me, it’s got to be around 26 times (yep I’m boring myself as well as everyone else).

If you’re in my position but your bank balance is out to spoil your fun, then you should find this list of affordable adventures pretty interesting.

Here are 12 of our best value, week long, adventures, meaning that you can get away on the kind of awesome experience you’ve been jealously hearing about from your friends for the past few months. Which one’s caught your eye?

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Ask the Experts: What’s the Best Route for Interrailing Through Europe?

Ever wondered how to Interrail through Europe? Yeah, so has Adam from Milton Keynes about to embark on his highly anticipated summer holiday. Here’s what he had to ask:

Hi, I’m thinking of taking a trip through Europe on the Interrail this summer in my break from uni, could you suggest a route that you think would be good? I will have about 4 weeks in total. Adam, Milton Keynes.

Fantastic question, so what do our Experts think? Let’s find out…

Explore Berlin

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High Five…Sailing Adventures!

You’ll be hard pressed to find an experience that comprises a mixture of adventure, relaxation, discovery and good old fashioned fun better than a sailing trip.

An opportunity to be as active (or as inactive) as you like, while flitting between sun drenched islands and swimming in the warm, glistening sea, sailing lets you combine the best of both holiday worlds. You can keep moving and discover the hidden nooks and crannies of the landscape, while enjoying the opportunity to snorkel right from the side of the boat or power tan from the deck.

Sailing enables you to see a place from a whole new perspective, and have the time of your life with some new like minded travel mates while you do it, so we just couldn’t resist counting down our favourites, here’s this weeks High Five… Sailing Advenutres!

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