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Your 2013 Euro Music Festival Guide

Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care! With 2013 in full swing, it seems like the perfect time to turn our attentions to some of the most fun events to be enjoyed this year – music festivals!

The great thing about music is that, like you, it travels. It translates across all cultures, it unites us and brings people together, and there is no better example of this than a music festival.

Here in the UK we have some pretty amazing festivals, but there are some utterly epic experiences to be had further a field in Europe too. With that in mind, we’ve decided to share our countdown of the best European music festivals of the coming year.

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Ask The Experts: Somewhere Different to Holiday in Europe?

It’s time for another installment of our Ask the Experts blog series, the time of the week where our experts share their super knowleadge of all things travel with you, our faithful blog readers and answer your buring questions.

This week we have a question from Naimh from London. Take it away Niamh…

My friends and I want to go on holiday in Europe for a short break (a week or so), but we want to get away from the normal Spain/Portugal scene. Where can we go that has nice beaches, good nightlife and is relatively cheap? Niamh, London

So what will our experts suggest for Niamh? This week Amy and Sarah step up with their ideas for the perfect European girly .

Cruise the beautiful coastline of Croatia on a sailing trip

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22 Reasons Why our Planet is Awesome!

There are so many places to travel, so many reasons to explore and so many things to leave you awestruck in the world that you will never be done – there’s just too much to see.

You’re definitely interested in travel. It’s the very reason you’re here reading this blog post right now, so there’s not really a more appropriate reason to count down a list of ways in which our planet is blooming awesome.

Keeping it to just 22 is going to prove tricky, which is where you come in…. Share your own examples below and let’s celebrate all the incredible sights out there and hopefully inspire others to experience some of your own recommendations.

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Ask The Experts: Where’s Best to Spend A Romantic Weekend in Europe?

It’s Ask The Experts time of the week again, so prepare yourself for a dose of top travel tips and advice as our super Travel Experts aim to tackle a question sent from one of our perplexed blog readers.

If you’d like our experts to have a go at a question that’s been playing on your mind drop us an email and we’ll arrange for it to be answered, by them, right here on the blog very soon.

This week Liam from Weston-Super-Mare has his head in the cloud and his mind on a romantic weekend away for two.

I’m keen to book a romantic weekend away in Europe somewhere for me and my girlfriend early in the New Year. Where would you suggest and what could we do there? Liam, Weston-Super-Mare

Thanks for the question Liam, Here’s what our experts reckon…

Claire Whittington from STA Travel Brighton Says…

You have all the obvious Romantic places such as Rome, Venice and Paris but I would recommend Budapest. With historical “Buda” on one side of the river and the more modern “Pest” on the other, a boat trip along the river at night or sunset is such a romantic way to see this city.

The city of Budapest in Hungary is impossibly beautiful - and very romantic

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High Five… Local Living Experiences!

Tours are great. Personally I love them. You get to see all the best bits of a country or region while someone else take care of all the bits, such as transport and accommodation, which usually end up distracting you from the real reason you came – to explore and experience.

But sometimes, time can move a little too fast on a tour, it can feel like you’ve only just arrived when it’s already time to go, meaning it’s not really the perfect way of getting ‘under the skin’ of the place you’re visiting.

This is the very reason we’re introducing our new form of adventure tour; local living experiences. A perfect combination of the local knowledge and support provided by a tour, along with the ultimate freedom of really getting to know an area of the world in your own way, in your own time.

It’s the fast track way of living like a local; for those who don’t have time to live like a local.

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