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8 of the UK’s best summer pop-ups

With a BYOB beach boasting sandy floors and pastel coloured huts, to an old school drive-in cinema, it’s clear that 2017 is the year of the pop-up. To ensure you’re acquainted with the UK’s top going-ons, we got in touch with DesignMyNight for their top summer picks.

neverland london pop up

Neverland, London

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ASOS Insider: Shope Delano in Croatia

Last summer we followed ASOS insider Shope Delano on her Croatia sailing trip and omg did she have the most sun-filled, blue-skied, blissful time EVER! Shope spent 8 days on a yacht sailing the Adriatic coast from Split to Dubrovnik, stopping off at hidden beaches, party islands and cultural cities. Does life really get much better than that?

Here’s a little rundown of her time spent sailing one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world…

Time for take off

“Should count my lucky stars as i’m leaving this dreary weather behind and am off to sail around Croatia with STA Travel” – Shope Delano
Time to take off
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Travel crush: 11 reasons to Greek island hop this summer

You never quite recover from a trip to Greece. It’s partly the ouzo flashbacks; but mostly that it’s one of the most easy going and beautiful places on the planet.

4,000 years of history, old dudes drinking coffee outside tavernas, meze and Mythos beer – it’s a feta-fuelled fantasy of a beach hair, €5 wine and laid-back island life.

Roll on summer 2017.

1. There’s scenery like this… everywhere.


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69 thoughts everyone has while touring around Europe

You haven’t lived until you have experienced a European tour. Who is ready to go down memory lane?

  1. I don’t want to travel by myself… I am going on a tour
  2. I hope I get a good group
  3. What if I hate everyone especially my room mates
  4. What if everyone hates me? Ah!
  5. I hope I meet a cute foreigner
  6. Where the loud Americans?!
  7. Looks like it’s just us Aussies!
  9. I need to take a picture of everything so I never forget
  10. Oooo the Eiffel Tower!
  11. The champs-elysees is a busy street, we getting down with everyone we meet!

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Croatia Cheat Sheet

Croatia is kind of like a mysterious superhero. You may not know that much about it, but you’ve heard a few magical stories and would love a glimpse for yourself!
The truth is, it’s one of Europe’s hidden treasures and has A LOT to offer. Amazing natural beauty, interesting architecture, bags of interesting history, Roman ruins and unspoiled national parks. Interested? We’ll give you a few other useful tips.

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