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When to visit Iceland? Summer vs. Winter

What do you think of when you think of Iceland? Let me guess, ice? But there’s more to this icy nation than meets the eye with it’s epic waterfalls, abundance of wildlife, blue lagoons and quirky capital. This frozen land actually makes for an awesome all year round getaway. But when exactly should you visit? Well let’s break it down and weigh up the pros and cons of Summer vs. Winter in Iceland…

Summer in Iceland

Iceland’s summer runs from June through to August, you’ll expect to find average temperatures of around 10-13 degrees Celsius. On a really warm summer day temperatures can reach to about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. With the warm weather comes a lush, green landscape that sets the perfect backdrop for a summer road trip.
Hot pools Iceland
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A Parisian Foodie Agenda

The number one rule for a true Parisian is to know exactly where to find the perfect rendezvous spot. Paris’ dining culture is world renowned from the chic to the more simplistic. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most classic spots in the city to take your cherie.

So take note of this delicieux foodie agenda and get ready for the ultimate rendezvous…




Just a few minutes away from the Rue de Rennes and Gare Montparnasse, L’Atelier is a classic Parisian hangout. Open 24hours, you can grab a bite to eat any time of day! Whether you’re coming back from a night out or starting your day, head to L’Atelier for a delicious traditional French brunch. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, fresh juice, scrambled eggs with bacon or salmon on its beautiful terrace. When you’re finished, head towards the Jardin du Luxembourg to walk off some of those croissants!
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The very best of Southern Italy!

Italy has so much to offer a spirited traveller, just check out our blog on the very best of Northern Italy and you’ll see why. But the South of Italy is just bursting with gorgeous coastlines and historical gems all begging to be explored! Don’t believe us? See it for yourself, here are a few ideas to get your travel bug going.

Spend a day in Ancient Rome

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Madrid – Hotspots of the Spanish Capital

Spain’s capital city is a vibrant metropolis full of history, beautiful architecture, and exciting street culture in an around its endless plazas. A foodie’s heaven, there are incredible places to eat in Madrid, from olde-worlde tapas bars to gourmet restaurants. And if experiencing local nightlife is your thing, Madrid has one of the best scenes in the world with even the humblest of bars staying open until the early hours until it’s time for your morning café con leche again. Whether you’re a culture vulture or a hedonist, the Spanish capital is sure to get you hooked in no time!

Central Madrid

Plaza Mayor Madrid
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9 foods you HAVE to eat when in Germany!

Its not just about the sausage. Well, it is a lot about the sausage but not all. You’re about to get VERY hungry…


Kaesespaetzle der Klassiker


The German equivalent of mac ‘n’ cheese, made from soft egg noodles. Spatzle is the pasta part and the Kase is the BEST part aka the cheese. Yum.
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