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10 Amazing January Sale Deals That Will Help You Make 2014 Unforgettable!

If December is a party, then January is the hangover. We know this feeling far too well! But to take your minds off work, resolutions, diets and detoxes, STA Travel are making sure that there is plenty to be positive about this January.

When it’s cold and miserable outside, what better way to avoid the January blues than by booking your next trip? Start 2014 as you mean to go on, by doing what you really love: travelling.

Whether you’re making a big change with a round-the-world trip or you just want to tick another country off your bucket list, make sure you don’t get #STAFOMO and check out our top deals from our epic January Sale.

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High Five… Alternative Christmas Food from Around the World!

Does your Christmas feast look like the same (albeit delicious) collection of turkey, roasties and sprouts every year?

Why not mix it up a bit and take some inspiration from what others around the world will be chowing down on come 25th December.

Check out our High 5 Alternative Christmas food options form around the world.

Fried chicken is a favourite Christmas dinner in Japan.

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High Five… Greece!

So near, and yet, so far, exploring Greece can feel like you’ve travelled half way across the world on your three hour flight. In the news for all the wrong reasons recently, there’s a lot more to Greece than package holidays to party islands.

Scratch the surface and you’ll find incredible ruins, tiny mountain villages, fascinating wildlife and, yes, a party or seven. Hold on to your togas, here’s our Grecian High Five…

Athens has lots to discover...

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High Five… Germany!

The powerhouse of Europe with thousands of year of history, amazing cities, and some incredible landscapes – there’s so much more to Germany than beer and sausages (though there’s nothing wrong with that either).

Hold on to your stein as we take a stroll through the best that Germany has to offer…

The Magdeburg Christmas market.

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Get back to Nature! Where to Find the Very Best Hostels for Stunning Outdoor Scenery

One of the most fun things about travelling the world is getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something so different to your ‘normal’ life that it changes you a little bit.

We actively search for the type of experiences that offer us something a little different and in the spirit of that, I’ve decided to pool together a collection of my favourite hostels around the world where you can enjoy the very best of the great outdoors and get back to nature.

Staying in these hostels will add an extra dimension to your trip, and raise the bar when it comes to luxurious surroundings, at backpacker prices!

Bungalow Bay Koala Village.

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