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How To Use A Squat Toilet

This post contains that kind of unmissable, money can’t buy, travel advice that you wish someone had shared with you before you hit the road yourself…

If you’re travelling the globe chances are you’re going to have to get to grips with a squat toilet at some point – and so you should – it’s why we do what we do; those experiences of trying out different things, seeing how the other half (of the world) live.

But, giving it a go and getting it right are 2 different things altogether, and are the difference between a messy and slightly traumatic experience you’d rather forget and a dribble free, authentic taste of culture you think about with a smile on your face for years to come.

I’ve travelled far and wide through Nepal, India, China and Southeast Asia; prime ‘squat pot’ territory. After a few mishaps, including wet feet and damp leggings, I think I’ve just about got the technique nailed and I’m ready to (over) share.

Weird? Yes. Slightly inappropriate? Definitely. But this post might just help save you the embarrassment of walking around with that wet patch otherwise known as a toilet badge, and as a bit of extra back up I’ve called on our loyal twitter community to add their 2 pence worth.

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6 Things You Need To Know About Adventure Tours

Adventure tours rock my world – almost as much as Passionfruit Mojitos (almost).

And, sometimes they get a bit of a bad rep. The majority of us who have experienced life as part of a tour group wouldn’t look back, but some – rather unfairly – dismiss the idea of adventure touring right off the bat.

Common misconceptions include; ‘they’re so expensive’ and ‘you don’t get time to do your own thing’, and that’s exactly what they are – misconceptions. Whether you’ve ever thought about taking an adventure tour or not, it’s important that you read the rest of this blog.

Adventure tours offer a whole host of ways to experience an authentic taste of culture

Below are 6, very good, reasons why I think adventure touring is the ultimate way to travel, including some opinions from our ever vocal Twitter community thrown in for good measure.

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Enjoy an entire year of sunshine!

There’s nothing more miserable than winter. Actually, there is. Winter in the UK. When it’s raining and cold and grey and everyone’s grumpy. Bah humbug, indeed.

So what if we told you there was a way to escape the winter months? Not just for a few weeks, oh no. We can get you a round the world ticket that’s valid for 12 months, so you could enjoy a whole year of summery goodness, my friend.

Yep, with a bit of careful planning, and a helping hand from our Travel Experts, eternal sunshine could all be yours.

So pack your sunnies and slap on the sun cream – we’re going to show you just how you can enjoy 12 months of summer lovin’.

You're 365 sunsets away from a year-long summer

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Ask the Experts: 3 weeks in Central America

It’s shaping up to be a busy old week here at STA Travel HQ, but our Experts are never too busy to answer your questions. They’ve been hard at it, pulling their biggest travel tricks out the bag, and conjuring up some solutions to your travel queries.

They’re here every week, so if you’ve got a travel related question you just can’t get outta your head, let us know about it! Email us, and we’ll pass your question onto the Experts.

This week’s question comes courtesy of Lisa from Aberdeen. Take it away, Lisa:

Hi Experts! My boyfriend and I are flying to Mexico City this September and have 3 weeks in which we would like to see some of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Can you offer any advice on the best way to see all of these countries in the time that we have? Lisa, Aberdeen

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Costa Rica Adventure!

A little while ago, we made a phone call to a young lady named Laura Henley, and broke the news that she had won our competition prize of a 16-day trip to Costa Rica.

We caught up with her recently to find out how the trip went, and get a few juicy details about life in Central America.

Costa Rica is famously diverse; offering some of the most varied flora and fauna in the world, in breathtaking settings. On top of this, the country is also an adventure travellers paradise, with rushing rivers and towering volcanoes aplenty.

But don’t take our word for it, read our interview with Laura, about her journey along one of our most popular tours of the region, the Costa Rica Adventure.

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