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High Five… North America

North America is not what you would call a shy continent, is it? I was sitting, staring at the continent’s iconic silhouette, considering which five experiences I could plant on the mighty nations. Then it hit me. Go BIG!

So, this week, High Five North America is going to deal with some of the continent’s biggest, bestest, chunkiest experiences.


"Autumn's forgotten leaves" litter the USA's parks | Photo by *~Dawn~*

If you’ve visited Canada or the States, you’ll know how hard it is to cherry pick the best experiences, so help us out by adding your opinion to the comment thread below. Your ideas and advice will be seen by 1000s of travellers from around the world — make it count!

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Shakedown, Vancouver

This week in Shakedown, we’re taking a look at Canada’s largest port, Vancouver. The city’s fame was sent beyond the scale when the city hosted the 2010 Winter Games, and the appeal to travellers continues to echo beyond the Coast Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean that pin it to Canada’s fragmented West Coast, just 24 miles north of the Canada-US border.

Sonja Koehler, our Branch Manager at STA Travel Bristol, recently returned and claims, “Vancouver is one of my favourite cities in the world; it provides the perfect blend of modern city life, beside the Pacific Northwest.”

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Ask the Experts: Roadtrip & Ski Combo?

Have you ever woken up in the early hours of the morning, and wished that an STA Travel Expert was there to answer your burning questions? Well, now you can. Almost.

This is Ask the Experts. Granted, it’s not the most imaginative name for a feature. But I reckon you get the gist. You do the Ask part. We’ll do the Expert part.

We’ve lined up three of our finest travel experts from around the nation, to preside over your travel questions. In no particular order (unless you know your A-Zs) we have Heather from our Nottingham branch; Kim from STA Travel Dundee; and Mark from our branch in Belfast.

If you have a question that you would like to put to one of our resident experts, drop an email to social [at] statravel [dot] co [dot] uk, with the words ‘Ask the Experts’ in the subject line.

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