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21 things you probably didn’t know about Colombia

If you haven’t been to Colombia yet, what’s stopping you? The stunning South American country really does have it all: sandy Caribbean beaches, lush jungles, awesome nightlife, amazing food… can I book my flight now?

But of course there’s more to Colombia than stunning scenery and parties, so we thought we’d give you the lowdown on the country’s history, culture, geography – everything, really – in a neat little list-shaped package.

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10 things you need to know about booking your next flight as early as possible

Everybody wants to pay as little as humanly possible for their trip. Why waste cash on expensive flights when you could spend it on, you know, actually travelling? But how can you make sure you’re getting the best deal? Fear not, we’re about to give you a few handy hints and insider info that could help you save a bundle on your next trip.


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What I Learned from Volunteering in Cambodia

STA Travel’s Tom Ringham, a Travel Expert in our Plymouth store, headed to Cambodia for an incredible week volunteering with local communities. He tells us why it changed his life.

Earlier this year, STA Travel offered me the opportunity to volunteer on their Teaching Children in Cambodia trip. My response? Uhhh…yes please!

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Insider secrets to improve your travel photography in a flash

We caught up with not one but two photography experts to find out everything you need to know to improve your travel photos. Joe Cornish, one of the world’s leading landscape photographers and author of First Light: A Landscape Photographer’s Art, talks about his experiences with the Sony Alpha 7R and his travels..

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The best of Barcelona on a budget

This blog post comes from Scarlett Robinson and Olivia Thurlow from Bournemouth, who are two of our many Student Travel Ambassadors across the country. They gave us the lowdown on painting Barcelona red on a modest budget.

The summer before university stole away our childhood friends (and our money), myself and six friends decided to make the most out of the ridiculously cheap flights available around Europe, and for a £70 return we were on our way for a 3 night adventure in Barcelona… Viva la fiesta!


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