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5 New Zealand Travel Myths Busted

New Zealand has been on the backpacker map since backpacking became a thing. Who knows why, probably something to do with landscapes out of a storybook, buzzing cities, ridiculously nice people and more adrenaline activities than you can shake a massive stick at.

However, just because lots of backpackers make the journey, doesn’t mean there aren’t still myths floating around about travelling in New Zealand. We don’t mean that old worry about whether you’ll meet Orlando Bloom hiding behind a tree on your forest trek (you won’t, we checked), but some slightly more sensible questions you may have about an antipodean adventure.

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60 Day Adventure Week 7: Quad Bikes & Sandboards

I arrived in Port Stephens for a Quad Bike & Sandboarding adventure. I typed in the address in the Sat Nav and it directed me to the middle of nowhere, where I was greeted by Tuc and Zac from Sand Dune Adventures who would be guiding our group. We got straight to it, helmets on and the safety talk began which basically boiled down to using your common sense and not being an idiot. Couldn’t agree more.

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10 Insider Tips for the Perfect New Zealand Trip

This year we launched STA Travel Sounds, a platform to discover unsigned singers, groups and DJs making waves around the world! We asked our latest artist Rei who hails from New Zealand to let us in on his top tips for exploring his home country.

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Top 10 destinations for travellers in 2016

It’s that time of year again, we look closely at booking trends, chat with our travel experts, brochure writers, customers and anyone else who will listen to us, and try to predict where the in-the-know traveller will be jetting off to in 2016.

This year’s list is a mix of the exotic, the adventurous, old favourites and “see before they’re gone” locations from all over the world. Wanderlust at the ready? Here we go…

top 10 destinations for 2016

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Why You Should Travel Australia By Campervan

Today’s blog comes from Kieran Sandhu and Hannah Sparkes who left the drizzly UK in February to follow their dreams of travelling the world!

We started planning our Australian road-trip in the UK and took the time to choose our camper carefully, it was going to be our home for 2 months after all!

After much thought we opted for the Mighty Jackpot, which sleeps 3 (we need our space!) and has a sink, fridge and a gas cooker. We decided to be daring and chose not to add in Sat-Nav. Well it’s just one long road right? How hard can driving nearly 7000km up the coast of Oz be?

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