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How Greg is living his dream in one of the Best Jobs in the World, as a Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia

Welcome to the next installment from our Tourism Australia, Best Jobs in the World blog series. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been catching up with the lucky winners of the 6 Best Jobs in the World competition from last year, and this week, allow us to introduce you to Greg from Canada, who won the much sought after position of Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia. Here’s his story…

Six months ago I was on Copacabana Beach in Rio, trying to sort my life out. I never would have thought that come 2014 I would be swimming with Australian Sea Lions off Hopkins Island in 40 degree heat, in January! It is one of those moments when you think; wow is this for real, someone pinch me! When I applied for one of the Best Jobs in the World I honestly didn’t think I could ever win it, it was just fun to apply for, you know, in a ‘this would be cool’, ‘why not go for something crazy’ kind of way?

At the time, I was working as an adventure tour guide in South America. I led small group overland trips through Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Patagonia. It was a pretty awesome job and one I absolutely loved. That being said, it is full on, with no time off, no sick days, no down time. After 12 months this kind of lifestyle can becoming slightly draining. Getting paid to travel is awesome, but after 2 and half years it was time for a change. Enter Australia.

Shark Selfie! Image credit Greg Snell.

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Shakedown, Singapore

Expect sun, sea, sand and shopping… lots of it. This tiny country, found at the southernmost tip of Asia is jam-packed full of all the goodies. Get ready to Shakedown Singapore where you’ll find the ‘how to’ on everything from a boat tour through the bustling waterways, to throwing away the map and exploring Little Arabia, to shopping in the mall metropolis that is Orchard Road, and partying the night away in Clarke Quay.

The Singapore Skyline.

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Finding Luxury in Australia’s Wilderness

Few countries possess landmarks that are so easily recognisable as Australia’s. The soaring white sails of the Opera House, glowing red sides of Uluru and the surfboards of Bondi Beach are world-famous icons that instantly capture a lifestyle that is enviably and distinctly Australian, making an aspirational once- in-a-lifetime destination for many travellers. So, you probably don’t need us to convince you to travel here.

If we’re preaching to the converted, as we expect you are, we’d like to share instead some of the unique and far flung Australian corners that we fell in love with when putting together the new Bridge the World (plug) Australia brochure.

As part of the STA Travel group, we’ve been sending our customers to Australia for 35 years, many armed with working holiday visas and lured by the idea of endless sunsplashed summers working in flip flops. Alas, many a great traveller has returned tanned but somewhat shamefaced, having barely touched on this vast, diverse and breathtaking country. For us, this new brochure was about re-discovering those extraordinary extremes within Australia, finding new adventures and unique places to stay that will blow the stereotypes about what you thought Australia looked like out of its world-famous surf-filled waters.

Southern Ocean Lodge.

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Happy Chinese New Year! Celebrate the Year of the Horse, with One of These Horsey Adventures!

Happy Chinese New Year! Today is the start of the year of the horse and, depending on which report you choose to believe it’s going to be a year full of victories, health, ‘surprising’ romance (whatever that means), and an excellent year to travel! Not that we need the excuse of course, but if it’s written in the stars who are we to argue!

In the spirit of the day, here are 5 fantastic and (vaguely) horse related travel experiences you can enjoy in 2014.

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14 European music festivals you need to know about in 2014

Didn’t get a Glastonbury ticket? Bit bored of Bestival? Scared of the potential wash out at Field Day? There’s no doubt the UK knows how to put on a great music festival, but so do our good friends over in Europe. They do it really well. You’ll find the same great bands, the world’s top DJs, and a much higher chance of that big shiny yellow thing in the sky making an appearance.

Plus, it’s also the perfect opportunity to discover the festival’s home town and surrounding cities. I spent two days falling in love with Barcelona before the Sonar festival, and I quite fancy the idea of heading to Croatia’s Unknown via Venice and Slovenia…

So let’s see what’s out there, and take at look at 14 of Europe’s best music festivals in 2014.

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