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Why Does Everyone Go to Morocco?

Ancient and bustling medinas, mysterious and lush mountains, desolate Saharan dunes, streets lined with snake charmers and story tellers, the constant aroma of spices tantalising your senses…

It all sounds so exotic, so inviting, so warm, and so appealing. Do you know what else it sounds like? It sounds a lot like Morocco. Yep, this North African land is getting a lot of love lately, and there’s quite a few reasons why. Do you fancy Rocking the Kasbah?

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9 Delicious Treats to Devour on Diwali this Sunday

For most of us, Indian food usually means one thing: curry. Hot and spicy Indian food is what we know and love, but for people on the Indian Subcontinent Indian food is so much more than just bhunas and dhals. With Diwali, the most famous and holy holiday in the Hindu calendar, coming up this Sunday 3rd November, there’s not better time to find out what else Indian food has to offer.

Diwali is one of the most significant religious celebrations in India and Nepal; Hindu families all over the world celebrate ‘the festival of lights’ which honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Diwali is a time for decorating houses and businesses with lamps, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts and eating festive ‘Mithai’ with family and friends.

The food at Diwali is the centrepiece of the festival. Curries and heavier dishes take a back seat as ‘Mithai’ steps into the spotlight. Mithai are little sweets and snacks prepared for specially for Diwali and enjoyed all across India, Pakistan and Nepal during this time.

Here are 9 new things to eat during Diwali, to give you a real taste of a sweeter India… and not a bhaji in sight!

Indian Mithai

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High Five… Baltic Europe!

The Baltic nations – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – sit isolated right up in the northern most part of mainland Europe, undiscovered by most of the world… or so it once was. These days the Baltics are a massive destination for city stays, stag dos, beach breaks and a cultural hub for traditional music and dance.

Five of our favourite things about the Baltics

Despite the growing tourist numbers there are still some out of the way gems and natural beauties to be discovered – and here’s our pick of five of the best.

Beautiful Riga

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How to Combine the Great Outdoors and a Trip to North America’s Biggest Cities

They maybe some of the biggest metropolis’ in the world but these North American cities are also either home to, or very close to, some pretty epic outdoor experiences. Meaning not only can you experience the very biggest, most hectic city lifestyles there is, you can combine that with the relaxing tranquillity of amazing nature, all in one pretty epic trip, giving you the best of both worlds.

Here are 6 cities in North America where nature is right on your doorstep, or a relatively small drive away…

Central Park.

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Ask the Experts: What Tours Would You Suggest for An Adventure Junkie?

It’s hard to say what we’re more excited about, the fact that it’s Friday or that it’s Ask the Experts time here on the blog again!

Every week we pit a travel question from one of our blog readers to our Travel Experts Claire and Lucy and see who can come up with the goods. This week Claire steps up to tackle a question about active adventure travel from David in Halifax. What’s your question David?

Hi I’m looking for an adventure that is really active and will get my blood pumping. I’ve been to Everest Base Camp and climbed Kilimanjaro, what do you suggest should be next for me? David, Halifax

Hmmm good question David! There’s a huge number of active adventure tours out there to choose from, the hard part is choosing just one! Claire it’s over to you…

Take Titicaca.

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