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Turn your stopover into a start-over

A necessary evil to fly for the best price, stopovers are often best forgotten. Unless you enjoy sleeping on the cold, hard floor of an airport waiting lounge of course. But why not treat it as an opportunity? With a little know-how, the humble stopover can become the start of something amazing.

Stopping over on the way to Australia offers a world of opportunities – from beautiful tropical islands, to buzzing cities, to jungle treks, there’s something for everyone. So break out of the airport and experience life beyond the runway – it’s easier and cheaper than you think.

Awesome detours en route to Oz

Relax in Dubai

Nowhere does it quite like Dubai. Flying into the place is an experience in itself – futuristic high rises pierce the cobalt blue sky over a buzzing metropolis, and of course, there’s that huge palm tree-shaped development (Atlantis The Palm) sprawling out into the ocean.

That huge palm tree-shaped development aka Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

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Ask the Experts: Where’s best for my next ‘Off the beaten track’ adventure?

Let’s get rid of the Monday blues with some top-notch advice; it’s Ask the Experts time! This week’s question is from Alex in Brighton, who wants to know where to go for his next ‘off the beaten track’ adventure…

Hi Experts, I’ve just come back from an amazing trip to Myanmar and already thinking about my next adventure…I like places that are a little ‘off the beaten track’ and not too ‘touristy’. Can you suggest anywhere you think I should consider going next?

Great question, Alex! This is something that gets asked a lot in store, so I’m sure they’ll be loads of you out there who are eager to see what our Experts have to say. Lucy from STA Travel Leeds is stepping up to offer some pearls of wisdom…

Can you guess where it is yet?

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13 Travel Expert Tips for an Amazing Campervan Experience

We’re big fans of campervans and the campervanning experience here at STA Travel. They so perfectly represent exactly what we’re about; flexible travel, finding your own way, getting an authentic and fulfilling travel experience, travelling with – and making new – friends.

There’s no freer and more satisfying feeling than packing your world belongings into a campervan and taking off on the long open road, with nothing but some good tunes, good mates and the winding road for company – stopping off where you want, when you want.

Australia and New Zealand are the best places in the world to travel in a campervan, with amazing and diverse scenery, and unlimited adventures to be discovered, this is time will probably prove to be some of the best in your life.

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Why Does Everyone Go to Morocco?

Ancient and bustling medinas, mysterious and lush mountains, desolate Saharan dunes, streets lined with snake charmers and story tellers, the constant aroma of spices tantalising your senses…

It all sounds so exotic, so inviting, so warm, and so appealing. Do you know what else it sounds like? It sounds a lot like Morocco. Yep, this North African land is getting a lot of love lately, and there’s quite a few reasons why. Do you fancy Rocking the Kasbah?

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9 Delicious Treats to Devour on Diwali this Sunday

For most of us, Indian food usually means one thing: curry. Hot and spicy Indian food is what we know and love, but for people on the Indian Subcontinent Indian food is so much more than just bhunas and dhals. With Diwali, the most famous and holy holiday in the Hindu calendar, coming up this Sunday 3rd November, there’s not better time to find out what else Indian food has to offer.

Diwali is one of the most significant religious celebrations in India and Nepal; Hindu families all over the world celebrate ‘the festival of lights’ which honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Diwali is a time for decorating houses and businesses with lamps, wearing new clothes, exchanging gifts and eating festive ‘Mithai’ with family and friends.

The food at Diwali is the centrepiece of the festival. Curries and heavier dishes take a back seat as ‘Mithai’ steps into the spotlight. Mithai are little sweets and snacks prepared for specially for Diwali and enjoyed all across India, Pakistan and Nepal during this time.

Here are 9 new things to eat during Diwali, to give you a real taste of a sweeter India… and not a bhaji in sight!

Indian Mithai

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