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UK and USA Passenger Protection

Your guide to understanding the new enforced airline regulations.

As you may be aware, this week the UK and US governments introduced new aviation security procedures for travel to and from specific countries. We always want your trip to be enjoyable and stress-free, so please make sure that you are up-to-date and understand these new rules and regulations before you travel.

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Taiwan’s best hikes

Though relatively new on the backpacker trail, Taiwan is a country full of surprises. It boasts sensational food, an eclectic mix of cultures, incredibly hi-tech cities and ridiculously friendly locals.

Yet perhaps the biggest surprise here lies in its natural beauty. Known for centuries as ‘Ilha Formosa’ (Beautiful Island), Taiwan’s impressive scenery has an uncanny ability to win over travellers.

Think towering mountains, tropical forests, a whole host of alluring offshore islands and a staggering eight national parks to boot. Pretty darn impressive in a country just half the size of Ireland! The best way to soak in all this rather spectacular scenery is to strap on a pair of walking boots and get your hike on.

Taiwan has a vast network of trails to explore, and most can be undertaken without a guide. And the best part? Given that the country remains largely undiscovered, you’re unlikely to spot any other tourists along the way. So lace up, strap on that day pack and get cracking.

Yushan National Park (Jade Mountain)

Topping almost 4,000 metres, the imposing Yushan, or Jade Mountain as it’s otherwise known, is Taiwan’s highest peak and arguably one of the best places for hiking and climbing on the island.
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Thailand: Beyond Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to find bliss, but paradise isn’t always found diving head first into an infinity pool. You probably already know all about the beautiful beaches and the electric nightlife of Bangkok, so here are a few experiences to shake things up a bit and make your Thai adventure EVEN more memorable…

1. Caring for rescued elephants

elephant thailand
Whether you’re a volunteering veteran or a first timer, caring for rescued elephants will warm the coldest of hearts. The Thai Elephant Conservation project in Chiang Mai is home to around 30 rescued elephants who have sadly suffered a lifetime of abuse working in the tourist trade before they found their way to this little sanctuary. Help feed and take care of these glorious creatures, conserve their environment and be prepared to get a little wet when it comes to communal bath time!
Interested in this volunteering project? Get in touch with us here.
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150 reasons to visit Canada: part 3

Deep breaths… Here we have it. Part 3. The FINAL 50 reasons to visit Canada (sings ‘It’s the final countdown’ #TUNE)

101. The Hemloft is a treehouse in the woods of Whistler. Something all childhood dreams are made of…

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150 reasons to visit Canada: part 2

Hello lovely readers! Ready for the second part of this epic list of reasons to get to Canada? Read on …

51. You can go on the Gold Rush Trail route in BC – the largest left in Canada.

52. Imagine the birds-eye view of that stunning Canadian scenery while skydiving.

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