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Is This the Best Job in the World? What Life is Like as a Park Ranger In Queensland

Remember Australia’s Best Jobs in the World competition from last year? Of course you do, everyone does. 6 amazing job opportunities in 6 beautiful and diverse corners of Australia. Brit Rich Keam won the job as Taste Master in Western Aus, we’ve already bought you his story. Today, we catch up with 29 year old Elisa Detrez from France who bagged the job as Park Ranger in Queensland. Lucky her. (Understatement of the year).

Prior to winning one of the Best Jobs in the World, I was living in Paris and working as an online marketer for Club Mediterranee. Then, one day in March 2013, I decided to try and change my life and applied for the Best Jobs in the World competition. After securing one of the Best Jobs in June 2013, I started my incredible journey as a Park Ranger in August 2013 in Queensland.

Jungle Surfing. Image by Maxime Coquard.

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12 Up and Coming Travel Destinations to Visit in 2014

Nothing beats the rush of excitement that comes with discovering amazing new places, well new to ourselves anyway. That feeling of eye opening, heart pumping, skin tingling joy the type that you only get through travel.

So now imagine stepping away from the crowd and placing yourself somewhere really different, somewhere where the locals are as excited to meet you, as you are them. The destinations below are exactly that, 14 up and coming destinations where the travel track isn’t as well worn as some of the old favourites with something a little bit special to offer to travel lovers this year.

With our new destination brochures freshly delivered to stores, and available to download for free online now, who better to give advice on the next hot destination for 2014 than brochure writer, and former STA Travel Expert Hannah Jeffrey. Hannah is one of our most clued up experts, so I’ve asked her to share her tips for places to visit next year. Here’s what she said…

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10 Amazing Flash Sale Adventure Tours for only £399!

So, January has rolled around again, and while we’ve got a whole heap of amazing sale offers that are here for the entire month, we’ve decided, just ‘cause we like you so much, that we’re going to up the ante that bit more and offer some incredible – and totally unbeatable we might add – savings on a selection of some of our favourite adventure tours.

This flash sale, the cherry on the top of our January sale sundae, will be here every Friday in January, for just a few days and that’s it. So don’t wait around, jump on these offers before they’re gone, and someone else gets to have all the fun.

Chase the Big 5 in Africa.

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8 bus passes that will make your life easier when travelling

When you hear the word’s bus and pass, you’ll probably conjure unglamorous memories and images related to school, work, rain, and a lot of waiting. Well, scrap that, because here at STA Travel, our bus passes are a whirlwind of hop-on hop-off, fun, flexibility, people, sun, culture and convenience. Yep, bus passes just got cool.

Not only is your transport sorted, you’ll have a guaranteed good night’s sleep at our best hotels and hostels, and there’s a tonne of action packed day trips to choose from. So what are the top 8 bus passes that will make your life easier while travelling?

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High Five… Travel Resolutions for 2014!

Has your commitment to giving up sugar for life and forgoing all burgers begun to wane? Is your pledge to work out daily, read more, work harder and live on kale becoming a distant dream? Fear not! It’s not too late to make some magnificent travel resolutions for 2014 that will turn you into a superhuman!*

Here are 5 travel related resolutions that you’ll definitely want to keep way past the first 2 weeks of the year, resolutions that could actually have a very real and long lasting impact on your life. Plus, you’ll actually have one hell of a time keeping them!

Remember - quality over quantity when it comes to travel photos.

*Disclaimer – resolutions may not actually turn you into a superhuman – but they will help you make the most of your travels.

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