North America
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Top 6 things to see and do in Costa Rica

Want to experience ‘pura vida’ (the pure life) in Costa Rica? Check out these top tips from our #STATravelBlueTicket winners, after they toured Costa Rica’s…

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6 best beaches in Australia

Thought you were a diehard beach lover? Well, if you visited a new Australian beach every day, it would take over 27 years to see…

By Laura Caveney

8 reasons why travelling by bus is the best way to see New Zealand

So, you’ve journeyed to the other side of the world and saved up a small fortune for your trip. You’re desperate to explore the full…

Latin America
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7 things to do on your Colombia trip

Where do we start with Colombia? From Amazon rainforest and Caribbean beaches, to ancient archaeological ruins and cobbled colonial streets, Colombia is the full South…

By Hannah Jeffery

8 things you need to know about booking your next flight as early as possible

Check out these top insider tips on saving money on your next flight.

By Laura Caveney

8 places in New Zealand you can have all to yourself

Looking to do a gap year in New Zealand, but want to find some hidden spots on your tour to amp up your Insta? Kiwi…

By Anna Corbett

12 Reasons to add South Korea to your to do list

Separated from its infamous northern neighbour by the notorious DMZ, South Korea is for all intents and purposes an island nation; the only way to get…

By Guest Blogger

Fiji: authentic, awesome, and affordable

Introducing Laura: avid traveller, certified bookworm and first-time writer for STA Travel and Fiji obsessive… Laura, go!

By Laura Caveney

5 tips for the ultimate safari experience

Keeping your arms and legs inside the truck, not waving a fat steak around and staying inside your vehicle are perhaps the most obvious tips…

By Catherine Atton

6 Reasons to escape to Fiji NOW.

Bula! Are you looking to escape the 9-5 for a slice of bliss? Picture paradise and you’ll probably picture Fiji. Whether you’re a beach bum,…