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Straight Outta Melbourne – Meet Hannes Becker

Capturing the beauty of nature in an image fascinates me again and again.

My name is Johannes Becker, a freelance outdoor and landscape photographer from Germany who is passionate about travelling. I have had an account on Instagram under the name @Hannes_Becker for the last 4 years and I share my impressions on this portal daily. With my photos, I try not to simply document my excursions in nature but to incorporate into the photography my personal interpretation of what I have experienced. In order to inspire the viewer and convey what has happened in as realistic a manner as possible. I place particular importance on the composition and mood in the image.

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Straight Outta Melbourne – Meet Adam Partridge

Hey, I’m Adam (@adampartridge), 28 from the South Coast of England. I love exploring my county whilst riding my bike and taking pictures of the amazing places I see. I come from Dorset which is known for the Jurassic Coast, it is an extraordinary stretch of coastline which is a good hundred million years old, There’s many natural rock formations to be found and also you can go fossil hunting on the beaches too. So I jumped at chance to visit the Great Ocean Road in particular as there many similarities to where I come from.

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What is Anna Coddington (cool Kiwi musician) listening to?

We asked our latest STA Travel Sounds artist Anna Coddington which local New Zealand artists she thinks are awesome – here are her top 3:

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STA Travel Sounds: Anna Coddington

After a brief hiatus following her critically acclaimed sophomore album ‘Cat & Bird’, Anna Coddington returned to push in a new direction with a string of bold singles: Bird In Hand, Make You Mine and The Runner. In 2015 she followed these with self-produced single Slate and a NZ tour with US-based Silver Scroll winner LIPS.

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Why we love Australia!

In honour of it being Australia Day, we thought we would acknowledge just how lucky Australian’s are and let our counterparts have the spotlight!

Here are our top 10 things they miss most about Australia when they are away from home exploring the world.

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