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6 must-visit destinations to celebrate Black Friday

In honour of Black Friday, we decided to turn the world black! Ok, not quite literally, we’ve just picked our must-see destinations that are, well… black. But if these places weren’t on your list before, we can bet they will be now!

Unwind on the sand

When you’re staring at your computer screen, imagining yourself on a lush beach, your first thought is golden sands, right? Well honey, we’ve got news for you! If you have never been to a black beach, you are missing out, especially when they’re as beautiful as Wai’anapanapa Black Sand Beach in Maui!

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15 things travellers are thankful for

This week, we’re taking a leaf out of our American neighbours’ book and counting our blessings for all things travel, in honour of Thanksgiving. Not just the the serious (and amazing) stuff like learning about other cultures, but also the little things we didn’t realise were so amazing until we set off on our travels…

Free wifi - oh you beautiful thing

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48 hour fling with… New York City

The Big Apple will always have the key to our hearts. You could spend a month in NYC and have loads left to see, but here are our top tips for enjoying New York in 2880 glorious minutes.

The dollar slice

Everyone loves pizza, and you can bet your bottom dollar that New Yorkers know how to do it best. Get yourself a slice of the good stuff from dollar slice vendors across the city. 2 Bros Pizza is a great shout for doughy goodness, but if you can spare more than one dollar for your dinner, then head to Joe’s – the institution in pizza magic.

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Seven active adventures for the sporty (and not so sporty) traveller!

Is this you?

An absolute fidget pants when attempting to sunbathe.
If there’s a tree or rock ahead it MUST be climbed.
And why walk when you can run?!

If it’s a solid or even an affirmative YES, there’s only one way for you to travel and that’s an active adventure. Travelling doesn’t have to be all meandering slowly around the streets, drinking beers and lounging in the sun (although that does sound great). Let’s raise the tempo and get exploring, no matter what your fitness level. Here are our favourite activities, worldwide, to get that pulse going.

Lace up those boots and get hiking the globe!

Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Get back to nature and work those quads as you hike through one of the most magical corners of the world. This 4-day ‘W’ Trek has got the ‘X’ factor that’s for sure. Reflective turquoise lagoons, immense glaciers and a contrast of grassy fields with impressive grey mountains? That’s a yes from us!


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Got a camper & a month+ in Australia? Here’s the ultimate roadtrip itinerary

Australia Campervan Hannes Becker

You may have caught our last post on the best East and West Coast Aussie roadtrip itineraries, which you can complete in two to three weeks.

Here’s one for you true adventurers who have longer on the road and want to see it all. It encompasses the best of the East Coast itinerary, plus the iconic Great Ocean Road and an epic trail through the outback to Uluru added on the end. If you’ve even longer (lucky thing), you can easily tag the West Coast on, too!

Australia in a month (Starts Cairns, ends Alice Springs)

(…/a month-6 weeks if you want to factor in more hammock-hanging and hangovers).

Road trip itinerary map Australia month long

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