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Do you want to WIN an epic Asia Adventure?

What’s the best cure for the Monday Blues? Winning a competition prize that will whisk you and a friend away from your wintry perch, to the heady heart of Southeast Asia! I’ve just launched the December edition of our flagship Facebook competition, Like It & Land It and this month’s prize is a treat for travel fanatics.

We’re sending one lucky winner and their mate all the way to Bangkok, courtesy of Jet Airways, to begin the 14-day journey, Roam Bangkok to Singapore, through some of the region’s most fast-paced and mellow spots, before arriving in Singapore.

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Ask the Experts: Best Safari in Africa?

This week, our Ask the Experts panellists have chosen a question from Ross in Portsmouth, on a subject close to their hearts: safari!

Travelling overland in Africa remains one of the world’s greatest journeys, bringing forth a wealth of amazing opportunities. From meeting some of the most enigmatic people on earth, to exploring awe-inspiring landscapes that play stage to some of the more famous cycles of life.

And it appears we’re not alone in being allured by Africa; let’s see what Ross in Portsmouth is asking our panellists…
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Shakedown, San Francisco

This week’s Shakedown shines a spotlight on the capital of Californian creativity, San Francisco. Expect a healthy blend of historic and hysteric, as we walk the streets of the city that were forged by the Gold Rush in the mid-19th century.

San Francisco is perhaps most famous for its hills, having been built upon no less than forty-three of them, and for having some of the most clearly defined neighbourhoods in urban history. The Italians occupy North Beach; The Haight (Haight and Ashbury) is the hippy hangout; The Castro is the gay district; Japantown and Chinatown hold their own; while the Mission District is where you’ll find the Latino flavour.

San Francisco: The Miniature City, by MINIMUS

Look out for street fairs and festivals throughout the year, which are a great way to get among the communities which dovetail San Francisco, and make it such a vibrant city.

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Ask the Experts: Coast ‘n’ Calcutta

This week, Emma from London challenges our experts to come up with a solution for her forthcoming trip to India.

If you would like to pose a question to our expert panellists, email social [at] statravel [dot] co [dot] uk, and they could pick your question for a future Ask the Experts.

Thanks to Emma for this week’s question, it’s over to the experts!
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10 Budget Bites in California

Travelling through California is one of the world’s greatest road trips. Aside from San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the intricate details which make these cities so unique, the state also welcomes almost 35 million visitors annually to its 25 national parks, including Yosemite, Death Valley, and the Mojave Desert.

So how do you fuel a road trip through California? With food, glorious food, of course. Gnom gnom gnom.

And what do you think of when you think of American food? Well, let’s just say it probably isn’t salad. So this week I’ve sniffed out some of California’s most-revered food, and served it up to you, right here on the STA Travel Blog in full-fat, gut-busting glory.

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