By Catherine Atton

We Know Because We Go: New Zealand – South Island

Meet Sarah, an STA Travel Expert based in Glasgow, who this year got to check out the sights of New Zealand as part of her…

By Rachael Porter

How to spend 8 days in mainland Thailand

I’m Rachael, certified Netflix binger, beer pong fan, and one of the website guru’s at STA Travel. I recently got back from an Asia trip…

By Jemma Wilson

4 ways to get down with the locals in New Zealand

Want more than just a whistle-stop tour of New Zealand’s tourist attractions? Why not take your journey to a new level and get down with…

By Rachael Porter

Where to visit the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef – mother nature’s greatest masterpiece. When you picture it, you may just think of the Reef as part of Tropical North…

Latin America
By Alice Carter

The Galápagos Islands on a budget

I’m Alice, an STA Travel Marketing Exec. As a David Attenborough super fan and proud owner of all Planet earth boxsets, The Galápagos Islands was…

By Georgina Birch

48 hours in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok… a chaotic mismatch of old-world and modern metropolis serving up enticing markets, impressive temples and a wild night life to go…

By Guest Blogger

8 Things I did on Australia’s Nature Coast

Today’s post comes from Alison Nicholls from our Key Accounts team who travelled to Australia in October and spent 9 glorious days on the Nature…

By Guest Blogger

Slovenian slap hunting

Okay, first things first. A slap in Slovenia means waterfall, but how often have you read the term ‘waterfall chasing ’ within blog titles –…

By Guest Blogger

Beyond the beach: Northern Thailand lust-list

Sawasdee friends! I’m Sasha, an STA Travel intern and self-confessed southeast Asia obsessive, so naturally I just had to share a few of my fave spots…

By Laura Caveney

33 memes that accurately describe those 'going on holiday' feels

Is the first thing you do when you get back from holiday (after a nap of course), to look up how many days of annual…