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Happy 1st Birthday To The Blog! Here are our best bits…

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to the amazingly, awesome, STA Travel Blo-og! Haaaaaappy birthday to us!

Yep that’s right, incase you didn’t quite catch on already; this month marks the 1st birthday of the STA Travel Blog; and what a year it’s been.

Myself, Ant and Emma love all things travel, and we love to write about travelling, but we have not done it by ourselves, not buy a long shot.

We’re lucky enough to have struck travel blog gold in the form of our knowledgeable Travel Experts. Between them there’s barely an area of the globe that hasn’t been explored and we’ve rinsed them for their best, most inspirational, stories, tips and advice to share with you in the hope that they might help to enrich your own experiences.

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The secret’s out! We reveal the cheapest days to fly.

As anyone who’s ever tried to book a flight knows, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a gamble. One day the fare is one price and then, just a few days later, boom, it rises or falls like a Grimsby tide.

It’s annoying, but unfortunately — believe it or not — there’s very little we (and when I say ‘we’, I mean STA Travel, and all agents) can do about it.

Our Travel Experts are trained to get you the best deal on your flights to suit your budget, so in the spirit of being open, I’ve gone to one of the our most knowledgeable STA Travel fare experts to squeeze the latest advice for bagging the cheapest airfares.

Stick with me, this could save you and your friends hundreds!

Hold on to your hats! Here's some top tips for bagging the cheapest flights out there

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What is Life Like as an STA Travel Apprentice?

We’ve been introducing you to our STA Travel apprentices for the past couple of weeks . So far you’ve met Mog and Alun, so who’s next? Step forward Rachel Carribine.

Rachel is 22 and works in our Liverpool store. She’s here to tell you why she decided to become an STA Travel apprentice, why she loves her job, and why she believes it could be the right thing for you too.

Here's Rachel hard at work in our Liverpool store

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High Five… Northern Lights!

Every year, the more adventurous travellers amongst us shun the sunshine, sea and sand of warmer climes and don their winter thermals instead. And they’re not heading to ski slopes. What they’re looking for is something much bigger than snow covered mountains. They’re going in search of nature’s ultimate phenomenon: the Northern Lights.

There’s nothing quite like witnessing the Aurora Borealis. Watching streaks, wisps, and whole curtains of colour light up the skies is simply mesmerising; there’s no better word for it. But it’s a fickle business, this Northern Lights lark. Only visible at high latitudes on dark nights, the spectacle can appear in all its bright, colourful, glowing glory one night, be firmly obscured by clouds the next, or remain mysteriously absent on others.

Now that's what I call a room with a view | Image courtesy of Jens Ottoson

But wait, don’t give up and pack away your long johns just yet. There’s good news: 2012/2013 is the best time in over a decade to witness the Lights. And as the northern hemisphere heads into the winter months, there’s basically never been a better time than right now to go in search of nature’s very own light show.

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How to Keep Your Skin in Top Condition While Travelling

As much fun as travelling is, it can play absolute havoc with your skin. Late night partying, excess sun exposure and dehydration are just 3 of the many things your skin has to endure while you’re off having all that awesome fun, and lets face it we all want to look our best during what will probably be the most epic time of our lives.

So, with this in mind, I called upon the superior knowledge of trusted skin care experts to share some advice for taking care of your skin while you’re travelling. Helen Ambrosen, Co-Founder, Product Inventor and all round skincare expert at Lush, is about to give you her top 10 tips for keeping your skin in top condition; yep that’s right, I’ve gone right to the very top on this one.

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