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22 Reasons Why our Planet is Awesome!

There are so many places to travel, so many reasons to explore and so many things to leave you awestruck in the world that you will never be done – there’s just too much to see.

You’re definitely interested in travel. It’s the very reason you’re here reading this blog post right now, so there’s not really a more appropriate reason to count down a list of ways in which our planet is blooming awesome.

Keeping it to just 22 is going to prove tricky, which is where you come in…. Share your own examples below and let’s celebrate all the incredible sights out there and hopefully inspire others to experience some of your own recommendations.

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Spotlight On: STA Travel Reading

This week on the blog we’re introducing you to the lovely staff in another one of our UK stores, and this week is ladies week, as we meet the girls doing a sterling job of making travel dreams come true in Reading.

We’ve grilled them to find out their best travel tips, what they think of each other and what’s on their own their own travel ‘to do’ list. Oh, and we also found out a few, rather funny, secrets about them along the way.

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10 Furry Feel Good Factors that are Begging for a Cuddle

I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for a cute animal. I’m one of those people that will share a picture of a puppy or kitten on Facebook purely because it looks sweet.

Seeing a picture of a baby Labrador when I log on in the morning makes me smile, and provides a nice feeling to start the day – and that’s what’s inspired me to write this post.

Step away from the PC, here are some furry feel good factors you can actually experience for yourself around the world.

Walk between the trees and get up close and personal with the Orangutans in Borneo.

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Your 5 Step Plan For Taking A Sabbatical

“Exactly what is a sabbatical and how can I get myself one of those?” I hear you ask – and if you weren’t asking before – you probably are now…

Put simply, a sabbatical is an agreed, and unless you’re very lucky, usually unpaid, amount of time away from work.

If you manage to secure a sabbatical, it means that you are still technically employed by the company you work for, but are just enjoying a ‘career break’, giving you the opportunity to enjoy those experiences you’ve been dreaming about at your desk for the past few months or years.

I’m not going to lie, they aren’t necessarily easy to secure. Not all companies offer them, but some do, and if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to take advantage of unpaid (or paid) leave, you should grab it with both hands.

Here is a 5 step plan to making that happen.

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High Five… High Fives of 2012!

As we wave goodbye to 2012, it’s time to get a wee bit nostalgic. It’s been a great year here on the blog, especially for High Five, my personal favourite series of posts. So, as a New Year’s treat, I thought I’d take a look back at the best of the best, and count down my five favourite High Fives of 2012.

Over the past 12 months, High Five has swooped through Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, up mountains, along beaches, on epic road trips, to summer cities and winter hide outs.

High Five has shown us that every place on earth, no matter how big, small, well-travelled or off the beaten track, has five experiences that just can’t be missed. We’ve been dazzled by the best the world has to offer. Here, in no particular order, are the five blog posts that stood out for me. So grab your backpack and join me in a stroll down memory lane…

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