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What to do if you fail your A Levels

Happy Results Day! Whether you scraped by, completely bombed it or are one of those secret geniuses who gets straight A’s and says they did bad (we hate you!), there are plenty of next steps for you to choose from.

When someone asks how Results Day went…

So dry your eyes mate and give these a gander.

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Five crazy Indian festivals worth planning your trip around

Little boy celebrating Holi in India

Anna Phipps is a travel blogger at Global Gallivanting who has been based in Goa for the last few years. Since she’s an expert on all things India, she’s shared the five most unmissable India festivals with us. Because who doesn’t love a bit of chaos, a lot of colour and a whole load of awesome celebration?

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Hopes vs Reality of a long haul flight

To see and explore new places far far away from home is one of the biggest and most exciting adventures life has to offer. You can’t wait to witness new sights, embrace the culture differences and leave all your worries MILES behind you. But to earn this pleasure, you must first defeat the LONG haul flight. You may psych yourself up with dreams of sleep, good films and delicious plane food… but there’s hope, and then there’s reality!

Hope… you’ll get a decent sleep

It’s a looooong flight and although you are tempted to set a film marathon World Record you know deep down that the sensible idea is to pace yourself. Plus, to avoid the dreaded jet lag you plan to get a solid few hours in to prepare your body for the new adventure ahead.
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Japan Cheat Sheet

Konichiwa and welcome to Japan! So you’ve decided to head to the land of contrasts where old meets new and east meets west. Where anime and modern technology sit side by side with Geisha and Samurais – good decision! But not sure what you should pack? Confused about when to visit and what to budget? We thought so! That’s why we’ve put together this handy cheat sheet for a rundown on all things Japanese. Listen up…

Number 1 tip: Learn a little bit of basic Japanese, it will come in handy and locals will appreciate it. Even if it’s just the phrase: 私日本語は話せません。(watashi-nihongo-wa-hanasemasen) ‘I can’t speak Japanese’. Bit of a mouthful but EXTREMELY useful.

Seasons and packing


Why you should break out of your comfort zone NOW

Your comfort zone is getting in the way of you experiencing new things and taking life by the horns. You shouldn’t accept sitting in the same traffic jam every day or doing a job you hate day in, day out. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you break out of it. All you need to do is make a few small changes to your daily routine in order to accomplish great things! We’re not saying become an adrenaline junkie but just gain a new perspective on the world. Let’s see how and why you should break out of your comfort zone NOW…

What is your comfort zone?

To put it simply, it’s where you stay doing the same thing to keep things comfortable. Like sitting in your favourite arm chair everyday – we’ve all done it! But being comfy is no good, because we don’t stretch ourselves, we follow the daily routine and don’t experience new things.

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