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Let’s get digital! Travelling the globe with your laptop

You’re heading on a round the world trip and you’ve been told over and over by the travel pro’s to bring as little as possible. I repeat as little as possible. But how can you narrow down your DSLR, GoPro, phone and do we even think about packing a laptop? The struggle is real! Whilst we don’t want to look like a walking, neon flashing sign that reads ‘rob me, I’m a backpacker’ we also want to the best travel photos and the opportunity to share and back those photos up, just in case.

We’ve partnered up with HP and their selection of sleek, light laptops to help solve those digital dramas. I mean, with travel shots like these, you need to back them up ASAP! (Psssst keep your eyes peeled for a special discount at the end of the page!)

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1. Ton Sai Bay, Thailand, home to scenes of stunning beaches and lime stone caves.

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2. Imagine all the wonderful underwater shots to share of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia!

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3. We all need a cheesy tourist shot at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

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4. All the photos of coconuts, the sandy beaches and the glistening sea in the Philippines.

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  5. Feeling like Lara croft at the World heritage site Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

6. Because you can’t risk losing photos of a hike to Machu Picchu!

7. Snapping away at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia to create an iconic salt flat photo.

8. Tasting island life on a sailing trip through the San Blas Islands, Panama.


9. You’ll need to save memories of the icy hikes at the Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand.

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How good would a laptop be for chat sessions back home and movies to liven up those looong journeys?


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Maybe we’re just careless but too many phones and cameras have been lost to water damage or a cheeky pickpocket. And with it all our holiday memories – you think we’d have learnt our lesson by now? 

With HP’s wide laptop range, it’s now easier to pack a discreet and ultra thin laptop to back up those travel memories. Also perfect for when you return to the real world after a travelling stint (whyyyyyy?!), with loads of flexible designs and 4% off home Laptop and Desktop orders over £450 for a limited time **(Use code: CQ417HPAD02)** Get browsing >


West is best! Canada photo diary

I’m Rosie. A pink hair enthusiast, closet Come Dine With Me fan and Digital Designer at STA Travel’s head office in London. I recently got sent to Canada with eight other lucky STA-ers on an educational trip (otherwise known as a ‘don’t hate me because I work in travel’ trip). Here’s what happened.

Beautiful places make for beautiful pictures, and Canada’s West Coast gave me no shortage of insane photo opportunities.

Our first stop was Vancouver, one of North America’s most populated cities. British Colombia’s (BC) weather was thankfully on our side. As we headed from the airport to our hostel, the contrast of city and mountains was unmistakeable. It was a sunny Saturday as we headed into the suburbs, amidst community fairs and weekend soccer matches.

Arriving in Jericho, we definitely were not in Vancouver city anymore. Jericho’s coastal area is home to beautiful beaches where we enjoyed lunch at the Jericho Sailing Centre. As you can imagine, the fresh fish menu did not disappoint.

Jericho beach

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Why you should get out there and do it (whatever IT is)

Us travel junkies come in all shapes and forms: from the forever tanned yogi or the jet-setting city breaker in the office, to the on-the-road thrill seeker or trekking enthusiast. There is one thing we all have in common: we are passionate about starting adventures.

From the small things that push you out of your comfort zone to those epic around the world escapades, we’ll take them all!

A 2015 Jack Wills Young Brit winner, mentored by STA Travel’s very own CEO, tells us her story of why it’s necessary to get out there, face your fears and follow your dreams, wherever they may take you…

Georgia Shiels racing close-up

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Georgia. I’m 21, I am a racing driver. I have a love for travelling and I’m an engineering student. I’ll let that sink in for a second, as you may still be stuck on the bit about me being a racing driver.

At just 16 I was catapulted into a crazy world of racing, travelling and studying. Having grown up more interested in my school than in cars, this new lifestyle came as quite a shock. But it was then that I found my purpose, my passion and my love.

It’s possible to love a car, right? I don’t know if you’ve felt the same, but I had never really loved doing anything before. I had singing lessons, went swimming, joined every sports team and don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it all but I wasn’t passionate about any of it. I didn’t dream about it or feel that “buzz”.

“How do you know you’ve found your passion? It’s like finding the love of your life (apparently) you just know.”

In 2015, I was a good few years into my racing career and I had a big dream. My ultimate goal was (and still is) to become World Rallycross Champion. That year, out of hundreds of young talents, I won the Jack Wills Young Brit competition and was fortunate enough to work with STA Travel.

Travelling is a big part of motorsport and the higher up you go, the more exciting places you get to visit. Following a few tough years of struggling to afford to race, everything finally came together. I got accepted at Bolton University to study Motorsport Engineering, I made a switch from rallying to rallycross and became a LOCO Energy Drink athlete. STA Travel’s amazing creative team designed a new website for me and gave me a whole new brand. I made loads of new friends at Uni and I genuinely couldn’t have been happier.

“My Saturday nights are saved for a date with engineering mathematics”

It was (and is) all AMAZING… until I realised the university work load is insane and doing assignments while driving up and down the country was not feasible. I needed a plan.

Georgia Shiels STA motor race

Any spare time I get, I try to allocate it to doing my university work. I spend evenings in the library rather than with my friends and my Saturday nights are saved for a date with engineering mathematics. This is difficult at times, and right now I’m sat amongst papers, notes and library books attempting to complete two assignments this week. I still don’t have it all figured out. But I’m certainly a step further away from a nervous breakdown, than I was for my A-levels.

There is no exact formula to finding what makes you happy. And the hypocrisy is that your passion will not always make you feel good. I turned up to my first race at 16, with only four hours of experience behind the wheel of a car. You can imagine how that ended! But looking back, jumping in at the deep end was the best thing I ever did. I learned, perhaps, the most important thing anyone needs to get out into the world and get sh*t done: bravery. My strength and conditioning coach gave me a piece of advice I will keep with me forever. It was at the end of a race and I was giving myself a hard time. I was frustrated and disappointed.

He said: “Georgia… not everything in life is going to go well. So get a grip, get over it and keep moving forwards.” I couldn’t argue with that. He was right.

I’ve learned to be brave and get out into the world, say yes to every opportunity and see more. Australia, New York, LA, Belgium, Norway… every place I’ve visited is filled with inspiration, beauty and guess what… more bravery to capture. Chase those dreams across the countries because they’re not going to chase you!

Read more about Georgia by heading over to her twitter, facebook and instagram

High Five… Islands of Indonesia!

Welcome back to another edition of High Five. This week, it’s the beautiful islands of Indonesia that get the High Five treatment. When I asked my colleagues for their opinions, I was bowled over by suggestions for islands to include in this round up. It seems that everyone has their personal favourites when it comes to Indonesia.

It’s hardly surprising: a quick Google will tell you that anything between 8,500 and 18,000 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, while the official government figures estimate around 900 of those are inhabitable. Spoilt for choice, much?

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Hilarious travelling alter egos that YOU actually use!

The beauty of travelling is that you can be who you want to be…
And evidently, you guys don’t mind telling a few porkies to people who you have just met and will (hopefully) never see again!

Here are some of your funniest alter egos that YOU sent in! Keep up the good work, creating great memories and ridiculous stories!

One small step for man…
one giant LIE from Jim…


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