North America
By Laura Caveney

Hipster guide to spending one day in Vancouver

You’ve woken up in Vancouver itching to see what this city’s got to throw at you. But forget all those has-been chains of the world,…

By Guest Blogger

5 spots to get your live music fix in Melbourne

Sydney may have the glamour and glitz of the Harbour and Bondi, and Brisbane may have endless sand and backpacker bar-crawl carnage but every Aussie…

By Georgina Birch

10 Japanese weird and wonderful foodie experiences

If like many a modern traveller, your ideal trip is sussing out the area with the use of your mouth and stomach, we reckon the…

By Kim Durbridge

Instagram Envy: nab yourself summer 2017’s biggest travel trends

At STA Travel HQ, Summer 2017 has been all about the endless excuses for drinks in the sun, attending festivals (and recovering from them) and…

By Guest Blogger

10 WTF food moments of 2017

Remember when a burger was literally just a burger? And you could go out for brunch without everything on the menu having some link to…

By Hannah Jeffery

The best Pride parades on the planet

It’s true, love really does make the world go round. That’s love, not money. And definitely not the conservation of angular momentum. Insert confused face…

By Guest Blogger

Five crazy Indian festivals worth planning your trip around

Anna Phipps is a travel blogger at Global Gallivanting who has been based in Goa for the last few years. Since she’s an expert on…

By Rachael Porter

7 awkward hostel moments every traveller can relate to

When you unwillingly become the object of some unwanted attention.     When the local cuisine doesn’t agree with your stomach, and you’re sharing a…

By Rachael Porter

10 most surprising places to celebrate St Paddy's

It’s time to get your bright green clothing out the back of your wardrobe, start training your taste buds for copious amounts of Guinness, and…

By Catherine Atton

Reasons why we’re packing our bags and moving to Melbourne – Food & Drink!

If you like a city that stands out, stays up and sleeps in, you’ve come to the right place. Mix it with locals and visitors…