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Top 9 Travel Movies to inspire your next adventure!

Great films have the power to motivate and influence your life (deep stuff right?). We have selected the Top 9 travel films based on your tweets to show you the importance of travel and hopefully inspire you to start your own adventure!

1. The Beach (2000)


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24 Hours in Burleigh on Queensland’s Gold Coast

Insider tips from Kelly Brown – Griffith University Gold Coast:

The Gold Coast, Australia is east of Brisbane and full of sun, surf and sand. Home to rainforest, beaches, and some of the best surf in all of the country, what better way to understand more about this city than an insider’s view on one of the Gold Coast’s quieter spots, Burleigh.

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The Queensland Working Holiday Survival Guide

Dreaming of sleeping under the Outback stars or getting plenty of time to swim in the Australian surf? Then why not consider travelling Down Under on a Working Holiday Visa, earn some dollars whilst you travel and get to experience more of the Aussie dream.
We couldn’t think of anywhere better to escape to than Queensland, from the Gold Cost to the Great Barrier Reef, sun soaked Queensland has got it going on from backpackers and working holiday hunters, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to take a working holiday, after all, you have your entire life to work a typical 9-5…
These tips will help you avoid the pitfalls and get more of the good stuff from beautiful Australia.

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Six myths about travelling solo

Cathy Winston is editor of 101 Singles Holidays, based in London but constantly plotting how to add to her tally of 60 countries. Her first solo trip was to Egypt 17 years ago when all her friends were too skint to come along. It turned out to be addictive…

Whether you’re planning a solo city break, eyeing up a singles beach holiday or have your heart set on going on a round-the-world trip, there’ll always be a few people to tell you solo travel is a bad idea. But despite all the myths about why you shouldn’t be travelling alone, especially single female travellers, here’s why they’re dead wrong.

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How To Say Thank You in 44 Languages!

As a traveller, one of the main reasons we love to get out there and visit far off places, is to indulge our desire to experience cultures. Honestly, not speaking the language, or generally having a clue what’s going on at all, is part of the fun!

Yes, you could just mutter “Thank You” in English but wouldn’t it be great if you could loudly and proudly converse, even just a little bit, with the locals? They’d definitely appreciate it that’s for sure.

To make that a bit easier, We’ve spent the past 6 hours on Google compiling this list of ways to say ‘thank you’ in 44 languages. Take a look, soak it up, and then take to the comments box below to share any useful phrases of your own with would be travellers.

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