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Ask the Experts: Which Asian City?

Once again, our Ask the Expert panellists have rocked up to the STA Travel Blog to field a question from our readers, and what a corker — this one would have completely stumped me.

Remember, if you have a travel question that you would like to pose to the panel, simply drop us an email.

Let’s take a look at one of the best questions from our inbox this week:

I absolutely love Bangkok, so much so I try and go back every couple of years. But I’m prepared to try somewhere new: is there anywhere comparable? Steph in Oxford

This is going to be an interesting rundown! Bangkok is one of Asia’s best-loved cities; a vibrant hub, that greets 10s of 1000s of travellers each year, with a unique instant identity that infuses them as soon as they step off the plane! So, Steph’s laid down her challenge, but can our Experts deliver? Let’s find out…
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Daines’s Deal Reel: Edition Four

It’s all getting rather festive over here in the STA Travel head office. We’ve got Quality Street, a mountain of mince pies, a heap of tinsel, non-stop so-bad-that-they’re-good Christmas tunes AND a ton of ‘hot off the press’ travel deals and discounts especially for you…(just the travel deals, not the mince pies, choc or tinsel – sorry!)

Travel Deals from Francoise

These deal reel deals are so real they're unreal!!

Here’s my absolute must-do, most awesome and most favourite deals for the week ahead…
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Ask the Experts: Best Safari in Africa?

This week, our Ask the Experts panellists have chosen a question from Ross in Portsmouth, on a subject close to their hearts: safari!

Travelling overland in Africa remains one of the world’s greatest journeys, bringing forth a wealth of amazing opportunities. From meeting some of the most enigmatic people on earth, to exploring awe-inspiring landscapes that play stage to some of the more famous cycles of life.

And it appears we’re not alone in being allured by Africa; let’s see what Ross in Portsmouth is asking our panellists…
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Daines’s Deal Reel: Edition Three

Kia Ora! I’m begrudgingly back from the Land of the Long White Cloud and yet again I find myself knee deep in amazing travel deals and discounts. Some things never change at good old STA Travel HQ.

Travel Deals from Francoise

Francoise is back, with her trusty Deal Reel! Where will it stop? Where will it stop?

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Ask the Experts: Coast ‘n’ Calcutta

This week, Emma from London challenges our experts to come up with a solution for her forthcoming trip to India.

If you would like to pose a question to our expert panellists, email social [at] statravel [dot] co [dot] uk, and they could pick your question for a future Ask the Experts.

Thanks to Emma for this week’s question, it’s over to the experts!
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