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The Complete List of ‘MOVE’ Destinations

You’ve read the narrative on Andy and his mates’ epic journey around the world, as they produced the smash hit travel movie, MOVE.

You’ve been inspired to pick up your backpack, and head off to explore the far reaches of our planet.

But there’s just one more thing. You’re stuck, thinking about where on earth Andy was half way through the video, just in between the red landscape and the city lights, of that place you know but just can’t quite think of. Where was he on the tenth frame, or the fortieth? Where did he jump out of the plane. I would go on, but I’ve got a massive list to fill in the gaps.

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The Destinations in ‘MOVE’

Fancy taking a walk? How about taking a walk through 10 countries in 44 days, covering 38,000 miles and soaring through the skies on no less than 18 flights. Throw in some manly arms, and some trendy sunglasses. Split it all up into 200 frames, lob on some catchy music and splice into one neat 60 second clip. You’re on the MOVE.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’ve managed to escape the brilliant piece of travel movie making that’s got everyone talking. Whether you’ve seen it or not, take a minute to watch our man, Andy, bring you up to speed.

Get a MOVE on, and get your #YearofTravel nailed!

MOVE pays homage to inspirational attributes of travel, the act of seizing the moment, by making 2012 your year of travel. We’re thrilled with the result, and we hope you like it, too.

Aside from the visual spectacle that is MOVE, let’s dig a little deeper into the creative and discover where exactly we sent Andy and his film crew, on their epic journey. Let me know in the comments which frames stood out for you, or if you’re inspired to visit any of the destinations featured.
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Shakedown, Los Angeles

What comes to mind when you think of Los Angeles? Amazing beaches? Glitz and glamour? Paris Hilton? The City of Angels and the surrounding county has it all, and then some.

This week, we’ll be shedding some light on where to go, where to stay, where to shop and what to do in California’s most sizzling city and beyond. Whiten those teeth and flash your best Hollywood smile – we’re shaking down Los Angeles!

The Fame Game in L.A.

What isn’t L.A. famous for? It’s the home of Hollywood, after all, which means it’s also home to trillions of movie locations. Stroll down Santa Monica Pier, and you might feel like you’re in Forrest Gump, or even that modern classic Beverly Hills Cop III.

Be Julia Roberts for a day and get kicked out of the very same posh clothes shop that she gets kicked out of in 1980s movie Pretty Women, over on Rodeo Drive. Bit of a celeb’ stalker? Jump on one of the touristy-but-oh-so-brilliant bus tours of the stars’ houses.

If you’re lucky, you might even spot an actual celebrity. When I did the tour, Dr Phil (yes, the Dr Phil!) came out of his mansion and waved at our tour bus. Best. Day. Ever.
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What are you doing on Australia Day?

Australia Day is our national day, and it unleashes the inner-Bogan in many a proud Australian. We’ll don our national colours, and drape a flag or two around our bronzed Aussie necks.

There are more Southern Cross tattoos (real or fake) going around on this day, than there are stars in a cloudless night sky.

Thong throwing competitions and woodcutting prowess, all topped off with a summer glow and twinkle of fireworks. This is our day to P.A.R.T… Y? Because we can!

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Spotlight: Morocco Kasbahs & Desert

Welcome to the Spotlight, a brand new feature to the STA Travel Blog that shines a light on the experience of joining one of the exciting group tours that we offer for destinations around the world. This week, Erin Rigg — a former tour leader turned STA Travel Round the World Expert at our Portsmouth Branch — is shining the Spotlight on an 8-day tour that hooks around Morocco, called Morocco Kasbahs & Desert.

We’ve got eight action-packed days to experience eight places, starting in Casablanca, the city made by famous by Hollywood, and finishing up mesmerised by the snake charmers of Djemma el Fna, Marrakech.

Chalked in the middle we’ve got camel riding to a Berber camp in the Sahara, trekking in the Todra Gorge, and shopping for metal storks, leather slippers and — if you’re like the guys on this trip — a marble kitchen sink.

Sweep through the urban allure to the magic of the Sahara along the Morocco Kasbahs & Desert

And then there’s the fun of negotiating the mazes of the 10,000 un-named streets of the Fez medina! We’ll feast on dates and figs, lamb and pigeon pastries, and drink more sweet and minty green tea then you think you can handle.

But you can handle it, and you can do all of the above, on this circle through the heart of Morocco.

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