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Tales from a Tassie Wrangler! The Story of Graham’s Best Job in the World in Tasmania

It’s been nearly 7 months since Graham Freeman from South Africa, started working as a Tassie Wrangler in Tasmania, he’s currently starting his next adventure exploring the Aussie main land, but after a life changing 6 months working in what is without a doubt Australia’s best kept secret, it’s proving hard to tear himself away. Here’s his story about this time in one of the Best Jobs in the World…

“Forward Paddle!” bellowed our guide from the rear of the raft, struggling to catch his breath as we dipped in and out of the onslaught of rapids. We were nearing the end of our trip: 7 days, 100kms, the first people in this remote region of South Western Tasmania in more than 6 months.

Releasing Tasmanian Devils on Maria Island. Image credit Graham Michael Freeman.

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Competition winners Alix and Lorena share the story of their epic road trip through Miami and the USA’s Deep South

Last year Alix Thepot from France won a spot for her an a friend on one of 3 epic road trips across America after entering, and winning, a global STA Travel competition to join this one and a life time travel experience.

The journey would see her, and her chosen ‘plus one’ Lorena Sorrentino from Italy, as well as winner number 2 Christian and his friend Max from Germany, 2 camera crew from New Zealand and an STA Travel staff member (which, on this occasion, was little old me) visit some of the USA’s most iconic travel spots and experience an authentic and exciting taste of this part of what is undoubtedly a diverse and fascinating country.

The journey took in the beaches of Miami and Florida Key West, cowboy country Dallas, Memphis, the birth place of rock and roll and the unique French influence of legendary New Orleans.

I caught up with Alix and Lorena to reflect on their time on the road in the USA and find out exactly what stood out for them to make their trip unforgettable.

L-R: Alix, Christian, Max and Lorena.

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3 Music Students, 14 Days Round the World, 1 Goal – to Unite the World with Music. Introducing Their Incredible Journey

On Sunday 9th February, 3 London based music student set off on a round the world trip with no budget, no set plans of where to stay or what to do, but a whole heap of excitement and one clear goal – to connect the world via music in 14 days.

Max De Lucia (21), Sophie English (22), and Elliott Lyte (22), launched their Around the World in 14 Days site in December as an experiment to test the power of social media, crowd-sourcing and their own resourcefulness.

(L-R) Max, Sophie and Elliot.

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We Went Travelling, and got Engaged! 2 Blog Readers Share Their Romantic Proposal Stories Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love and travelling go together like, sausage and mash or Kat and Alfie. There’s just something about the freedom and happiness of travelling, that will bring out the best in some romantic souls, so what better time to go a bit gooey over some travel love stories than ‘V’ Day?

Last week, I took to Twitter to see if any of our followers had got engaged whist travelling, and asked them to tell me about it. Here are 2 of those stories, from Jenni-Lee and Siobhan about how an already amazing trip, suddenly became a moment in their lives that they would never forget.

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Tales from STA Travel Experts’ Big Trips: Josh’s Working Holiday in Australia

It’s no secret that we’re pretty crazy about travelling here at STA Travel, it would be a bit weird if we weren’t right?! But over the next few weeks, as part of our new Your Big Trip campaign, we’ve got a bit more overexcited than usual.

Huge discounts, tonnes of new inspiration (have you seen our new round the world pages of the website – they’re fancy) as well as a brand spanking new Your Big Trip brochure to boot.

Our travel experts will be talking about big trips even more than usual over the next few weeks, so what better time to grill them about their own first big travel experience.

Say 'cheesy!' Travel Expert Josh from London.

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