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Showcasing the winners of National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year.

Showcasing the winners of National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year.

You’ve taken 20 shots off the same landscape for the last 15 minutes, feverously try to make your best mates look like they are having fun, and appear to like each other. Throughout the constant smiles, pouting, peace-signing and eye-closing, you’ve settled on a group shot that everyone is relatively happy with, whacked on a filter and written a seemingly hilarious caption with an inside group joke as a hashtag. Budding photographer in the making hey? But before you expect a call from National Geographic – you might want to place your eyes on their winners of Travel Photographer of the Year, might put your holiday snaps to shame…

Grand Prize Winner, Photo by Anthony Lau, in Inner Mongolia.

Photo by Anthony Lau, in Inner Mongolia.
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The best views EVER from our Twitter followers!

A couple of weeks ago we asked you guys to #throwback to your favourite view from your travels and oh my, you didn’t disappoint! You lot have seen some seriously beautiful sights in your time and we thought they were simply too good not to share.

So here are some stunning travel #throwbacks from our twitter gang. Feast your eyes on these….


 Tegenungan waterfall, Gianyur in Bali

Image: @_DanielleWatson

Tegenungan waterfall, Gianyur in Bali

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69 thoughts everyone has while on a Contiki Tour!

You haven’t lived until you have experienced a Contiki tour. Who is ready to go down memory lane?
69 Thoughts on a Contiki Tour!

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The Ultimate 13-Day Campervan Trip: Rocky Mountain High Trail

Here’s the second blog instalment from our professional campervanner (that a thing?) Sophie Lott. She’s taking us on the road trip of a life time, so get ready to hit the Rocky Mountain high trail, no looking back…

Want to experience the freedom of America’s open roads, but fancy getting away from the East and West coast tourist trails? Well, we’ve found a route that is perfect for you! The Rocky Mountain High road trip allows you to immerse yourself in the rustic charms of the Native American soil, whilst plunging you into the fresh alpine landscapes of Colorado and New Mexico. This route offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of busy tourist attractions and offers you a more authentic experience of America’s environmental beauties.
Rocky Mountain Trail
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7 excuses that stop you from travelling!

We’ve probably heard every ill-conceived excuse under the sun as to why you ‘can’t go travelling’. Yet there are none more ridiculous than these 7. If you have used any of these in the past, we will forgive you just this once, but after reading our well thought out solutions, you won’t have any excuses left to use. Looks like it’s time to pack your bags and get on that flight!

1.“I don’t have the money”

Jump into travelling
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