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Down and Out in Denver? Up and at ‘em, More Like

Today’s blog post comes from Nick Chesterton, a Round the World Expert in our Manchester branch.

Don’t you wish you could find somewhere new and exciting to visit? Somewhere none of your mates have been to, where you can try new activities, eat and drink food from around the world and meet strange and wonderful people.. can this magical place really exist? Of course it can – it’s the good old US of A!

We’re not talking shopping in New York or having photos with that smiley mouse in Florida, or even snapping the celebs in California – although we don’t deny that those are pretty fun things to do. We’re talking getting off the beaten track, picking a city on the map and just exploring! America is the fourth largest country in the world and with almost 60 national parks dotted around there is plenty to choose from if want to get out and about in the wilderness.

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Who’s your Best of British? Make your choice now!

Back in March, we teamed up with Jack Wills to celebrate the talents of amazing young people in the UK, as part of the Young Brits 2014 competition. The response was incredible, and now you’ve only got a few days left to vote for your top 8 entrants. The nationwide search proudly salutes the best of the best in Britain, people doing extraordinary things, and the fantastic judging panel includes industry leaders from the V&A, Football Association, London Science Museum, Wired and STA Travel. But first, you’ve got to cast your vote and whittle the shortlist down to a truly impressive batch of Brits.

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Insider secrets to improve your travel photography in a flash

We caught up with not one but two photography experts to find out everything you need to know to improve your travel photos. Joe Cornish, one of the world’s leading landscape photographers and author of First Light: A Landscape Photographer’s Art, talks about his experiences with the Sony Alpha 7R and his travels..

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Why giving everything up to go travelling, was the best decision I ever made

Saxon Yuen is currently in Penang, Malaysia. 6 months ago, he gave up a job he loved on the STA Travel UK marketing team to follow his dream of making a living travelling and making films about travelling. He’s here to tell us how he made it happen, and why he has no regrets.

Leaving your job, home and life as you know it could turn out to be either an inspired jump into the unknown that really pays off or completely insane (or maybe a bit of both). I’ve just done it, and right now, I couldn’t really tell you which it is. Maybe after reading this, you can decide for yourself and let me know.

Image courtesy of Rat & Dragon Ltd.

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10 European festivals you need to show your face at

There’s no better way of getting to know the locals than by throwing tomatoes in their face. Or joining them as they celebrate their King and dress head to toe in orange. Or climbing a mountain and covering them in wine, before they then cover you in wine. Forget the small talk; this is making friends European style.

Orange is the New Black on King's Day, Netherlands.

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