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A Dummies Guide to Working in Canada

Here at STA Travel, along with help from our buddies at working holiday specialists BUNAC, we’ve been sending lots of eager young people to Canada for years; and between us, what we don’t know about Canada isn’t worth knowing. So we’ve invited Lizzie from BUNAC to put together this handy all-you-need-to-know guide to working holidays in Canada.

Have you had enough of the humdrum of life here in the UK? Do you want to be more than just a tourist and fully immerse yourself in a completely new country? Would you like to experience a land that is home to Ryan Gosling, Pamela Anderson and maple syrup? If you answered ‘yes’ to the following questions, then this blog will help turn your Canadian dreams into a reality.

If you’re considering a working holiday in Canada, or have already decided to take the plunge and go for it, this blog will help you with all those unanswered questions.

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High 5… Mountain Views!

Mountains stir something in all of us. The urge to push harder, climb higher, see the world from a new perspective and occasionally slide down a steep slope with sticks strapped to our legs squealing. From the tropical to the topical to the downright beautiful, here’s our choice of the high 5 mountain views.

The Swiss Alps.

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The Most Amazing Experiences to be Found on New Zealand’s South Island

As anyone who’s ever been to New Zealand’s South Island will tell you, you’ll struggle to find a more naturally beautiful part of the world.

Lakes so blue you’d think they’d been photoshopped, if you hadn’t seen them with your own eyes, mighty glaciers, thousands of year’s old, rolling green hills, snow capped mountains and rugged beaches where you can spot whales and dolphins playing between the waves.

If you like a bit of breathtaking beauty thrown in with your travel experiences then this could be your little slice of heaven. And the good thing is, there’s a lot more to this pocket of the world too – here’s out favourite ways to really absorb the very best from your time.

Watch the whales in the ocean off Kaikoura.

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High Five… Greece!

So near, and yet, so far, exploring Greece can feel like you’ve travelled half way across the world on your three hour flight. In the news for all the wrong reasons recently, there’s a lot more to Greece than package holidays to party islands.

Scratch the surface and you’ll find incredible ruins, tiny mountain villages, fascinating wildlife and, yes, a party or seven. Hold on to your togas, here’s our Grecian High Five…

Athens has lots to discover...

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Hazardous creatures of the deep; what marine life should you avoid when snorkelling and diving abroad.

As you are probably aware of by now, we’ve opened our very own set of STA Travel Clinics. Little hubs of travel health information where you can talk to trained medical professionals about anything related to your health when preparing to go travelling.

Over the past few months, trained nurse Michelle Sellors has been a regular contributor to the STA Travel Blog in our ‘from the travel clinic’ series where she’s talked about everything from Malaria to Diarrhoea, and she’s back! This week Michelle is going to be sharing some advice for snorkelling and diving, giving you tips on what to look out for in the water to avoid any painful mishaps with these critters of the sea.

Beware of Jellyfish!

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