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6 of the Best Adventure Activities in Vietnam!

What do you think about when you think of Vietnam? Whatever it may be, chances are it’s probably not adventure activities.

But, as one of the world’s most picturesque landscapes, there are few better places to enjoy the atmosphere and surroundings while getting your blood pumping in a wide selection of adventures.

So, we’ve decided to count down just a few of our favourite activities in Vietnam to show that, as a country, great food, beautiful ancient temples and traditional rice paddies is not all it has to offer, there’s so much more…

Practice your paddleboardingskills in Mui Ne.

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Why everyone should take a working holiday in Australia

Earlier this year, we launched one of our biggest competitions ever. Together with Tourism Australia, we gave away six of the best jobs in world in one of our favourite places in the world, Australia.

The applications came in droves from all over the globe, and one of the lucky winners was the UK’s very own Rich Keam. Rich left Brighton in August for the sunny shores of Perth, WA, where he’s working as a Taste Master, sampling Western Australia’s finest cuisine for a living. Here, he tells us why he’s loving life Down Under, and why he reckons everyone should head there to work while they can. Take it away, Rich!

After seeing the Best Jobs in the World competition advertised online I decided to enter, because basically, why wouldn’t you? I travelled around Australia on a year’s working holiday visa about 15 years ago, and although it seems kind of like a dream now, I still get a pang in my stomach and a sense of jealousy when I hear someone down the pub saying they’re going to Australia. I still get a real sense of excitement when I hear people talking about their travels here.

Rich explores the Bungle Bungle range in WA's Purnululu National Park

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Ask the Experts: Where’s best for my next ‘Off the beaten track’ adventure?

Let’s get rid of the Monday blues with some top-notch advice; it’s Ask the Experts time! This week’s question is from Alex in Brighton, who wants to know where to go for his next ‘off the beaten track’ adventure…

Hi Experts, I’ve just come back from an amazing trip to Myanmar and already thinking about my next adventure…I like places that are a little ‘off the beaten track’ and not too ‘touristy’. Can you suggest anywhere you think I should consider going next?

Great question, Alex! This is something that gets asked a lot in store, so I’m sure they’ll be loads of you out there who are eager to see what our Experts have to say. Lucy from STA Travel Leeds is stepping up to offer some pearls of wisdom…

Can you guess where it is yet?

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Why Does Everyone Go to Morocco?

Ancient and bustling medinas, mysterious and lush mountains, desolate Saharan dunes, streets lined with snake charmers and story tellers, the constant aroma of spices tantalising your senses…

It all sounds so exotic, so inviting, so warm, and so appealing. Do you know what else it sounds like? It sounds a lot like Morocco. Yep, this North African land is getting a lot of love lately, and there’s quite a few reasons why. Do you fancy Rocking the Kasbah?

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Ask the Experts: What Tours Would You Suggest for An Adventure Junkie?

It’s hard to say what we’re more excited about, the fact that it’s Friday or that it’s Ask the Experts time here on the blog again!

Every week we pit a travel question from one of our blog readers to our Travel Experts Claire and Lucy and see who can come up with the goods. This week Claire steps up to tackle a question about active adventure travel from David in Halifax. What’s your question David?

Hi I’m looking for an adventure that is really active and will get my blood pumping. I’ve been to Everest Base Camp and climbed Kilimanjaro, what do you suggest should be next for me? David, Halifax

Hmmm good question David! There’s a huge number of active adventure tours out there to choose from, the hard part is choosing just one! Claire it’s over to you…

Take Titicaca.

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