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Interview With (Awesome) Oz Experience Driver Guide Jimmy

Note from the Editor: Since we published this blog post, Oz Experience have changed their direction. They no longer feature Driver Guides on their buses, but they still retain what they’re really famous for: providing an awesome way to travel Australia’s East Coast with incredible experiences along the way. Speak to your Travel Expert in store, or on the phone, for full details about how this might affect the Oz Experience product from now (March 2013) onwards.

There are a few things in life regarded as a ‘right of passage’ and an epic few months discovering all the fun to be had during a trip to Aus is definitely one of them.

Cruise around Australia is the ultimate gap trip experience – drinking, dancing, trying out exciting things you’ve never done before, meeting new people and maybe even finding the love of your life (or a holiday romance at least) as you go.

We’ve pinned down an Oz Experience driver guide Jimmy and got him to explain why he loves driving travellers around Australia and why he thinks you should get a piece of the action.

Grab your sunnies and your sense of adventure and delve head first into a taste of the crazy life of an Oz Experience driver guide…

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6 Things You Need To Know About Adventure Tours

Adventure tours rock my world – almost as much as Passionfruit Mojitos (almost).

And, sometimes they get a bit of a bad rep. The majority of us who have experienced life as part of a tour group wouldn’t look back, but some – rather unfairly – dismiss the idea of adventure touring right off the bat.

Common misconceptions include; ‘they’re so expensive’ and ‘you don’t get time to do your own thing’, and that’s exactly what they are – misconceptions. Whether you’ve ever thought about taking an adventure tour or not, it’s important that you read the rest of this blog.

Adventure tours offer a whole host of ways to experience an authentic taste of culture

Below are 6, very good, reasons why I think adventure touring is the ultimate way to travel, including some opinions from our ever vocal Twitter community thrown in for good measure.

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High Five… Mediterranean Europe!

We’re really quite lucky here in the UK, y’know. Not only can we lay claim to some of the best things this world has ever seen (I’m thinking Marmite, David Beckham and Eastenders, obvs), but we’re also a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean and some of the best coastlines on the planet.

There’s no better place to be in the blazing summer heat that on the cool coast on the Med. Often overlooked as just another package holiday destination, the sprawling region of southern Europe has so much to offer.

With beautiful beaches and buzzing cities full of history and culture, each area is so different from the last. And it’s not all about lazing by the sea for a week, either. In fact, if you look in the right places, the Med can be the beach holiday destination for people who don’t do beach holidays.

We’re giving Mediterranean Europe a massive High Five, and counting down five places that you just have to visit one summer.

Get ready to discover our favourite Mediterranean summer spots

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High Five… Summer Sailing!

Ahoy there, me hearties! We’ve got some news for all you landlubbers. Camping is so last year. Road trips? So 2011, people. And don’t even get us started on trekking, cycling, or elephant rides.

This summer, there’s a new travelling trend in town: say hello to the sailing adventure.

Swap wilting grass and grey tarmac for beautiful turquoise waters, and discover places you never knew existed in the way only a journey on a boat allows.

A sailing adventure is a truly unique experience, and one that we reckon everyone should do at least once in their lives. So, we’re giving it a big High Five, and counting down five of our favourite sailing trips to make in the summer.

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8 Beautiful Spots to go Sailing in Europe

For many people, travelling is the ultimate escape — a giant lunge from their merry-go life, into the wild realms of the unexpected. And nothing says freedom, like a bright white sailing yacht cruising atop a crisp blue ocean.

For the sailing fraternity, Europe offers some of the world’s premier marinas, which attract the crème de la crème of the sport.

The upside of that for you and other travellers, is that it results in some fantastic opportunities to try your hand at sailing, in some spellbinding settings.

Whether you’re aiming for your Skipper licence, or simply want to catch some rays on the open ocean, we’re about to give you a run down of some of Europe’s most fantastic waters.

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